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INTERNET This is a virtual world provided by networks of computers with multi-users. It is an international network of networks of computers linking different types of users Academic, Industries, Government, Health Institutions, military, individuals, etc, for the purpose of sharing information. As a communication network among computers, the internet allows you to locate and retrieve information on other computers linked to the internet as well as send messages electronically to and from other people elsewhere on the internet. Whenever Internet software application is used, the client software will either be on your personal computer, the computer you log onto for access to the internet (your host, or yet another computer to which you connect in other to use client software you may not have on your computer. As you navigate through the Internet, you will find yourself logged onto different host computers, sometimes gaining access to different client programs and also accessing different servers it can be complicated. Fortunately, the purpose of advanced Internet software is to hide these complexities from users so as to achieve success.

13 The internet has six application protocols Electronic mail (Email, World Wide Web (Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP, Gopher, Telnet, File Transfer Protocol (FTP, Each of these application protocol has special client software, and many web browsers, such as Netscape from communication and internet Explorer from Microsoft, which are capable of reading and displaying data from all the applications.
(a) Downloading of information b) Advertisement c) Accessing newspapers, magazines and academic journals d) Online banking
(e) Accessing international media (CNN, BBC, VOA)
The World Wide Webb ib(WWW):

What is the WWW

WWW stands for the World Wide Web The World Wide Web is most often called the Web The Web is a network of computers all over the world All the computers in the Web can communicate with each

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