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Questions by Michael Philpy

1. Having a delicate system, he is unable to hold his liquor and when he drinks he sometimes ends up drunk at his assistant’s apartment yelling at her cat. He graduated cum laude from Harvard and was a Fulbright scholar, and worked for several years as a Congressional staffer before joining the Bartlet campaign, and is now Deputy Chief of Staff and the President’s enforcer. FTP, identify this West Wing character, played by Bradley Whitford.

Answer: Josh Lyman (accept either name)
2. Instead of the world, a map of Europe is used, with six empires and three neutral regions. Cards such as the Marshall, General, and Admiral change the dice ratios or allow a player to attack by sea, while the Diplomat can be used to force a truce for a turn. Every player has a capital territory that can only be attacked with two dice, but when this region is captured, the player is knocked out of the game. FTP, name this Risk version which pits the English, French, German, Russian, Austrian, and Ottoman empires against each other.

Answer: Castle Risk

3. The Steve Miller Band’s “Abracadabra,” Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” , “Do Ya Think I'm Sexy” by Rod Stewart, “Jump” by Van Halen, “Owner of a Lonely Heart” by Yes, “Harlem Shuffle” by The Rolling Stones, “Say, Say, Say” by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, and “The Best of Times” by Styx. Put together by Denis DeYoung Enterprises, FTP, these are all included on what fictional SNL collection defined as the songs that signalled the beginning of the end for many previously cool artists?

Answer: Songs That Ruined Everything

4. In addition to new characters like Raphael, Talim, and Cassandra, the home versions of this game introduce new characters specific to each console: Heihachi for the PlayStation 2, Spawn for the Xbox, and Link for the GameCube. Winner of the 2003 E3 award for “Best Fighting Game,” the story picks up four years after its prequel ended with the destruction of Soul Edge, with the characters now seeking to either reconstruct the sword or destroy it again. Featuring characters such as Mitsurugi, Nightmare, Xianghua ("shang-wa"), and Kilik, FTP, name this 3-dimensional weapons-based fighting game.

Answer: Soul Calibur 2 (do not prompt on "Soul Calibur")

5. He had a scintillating first season in 2001-2002 with his new team, leading them to their first playoff appearance in 7 years, but a bad second season there, and an ankle injury caused a decline in stats to a career worst in goals-against average and save percentage resulting in a midseason trade. He has done better this year, with a 1.85 GAA and a .928 save percentage. One of the four active goalies to have taken a team to the Stanley Cup, FTP identify this starting goalie for the St. Louis Blues.

Answer: Chris Osgood

6. Rich Lowry, editor of the "National Review," recently accepted a challenge for a "Fight Club"-style fistfight from this man, though Lowry has changed the nature of the fight to a battle of the books. Other recent targets have included Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly, whose fake Peabody was exposed at the L.A. Book Expo. A start toward political commentary outside "Saturday Night Live" came in 1996, when he was tapped to host "Strange Bedfellows" with Arianna Huffington for "Politcally Incorrect." FTP, name this author of "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them," who hasn't yet had time to write the sequel "Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat Drug Addict."

Answer: Al Franken

7. His first film was 1976's “The Passover Plot” after he had acted one year on the soap opera “Ryan's Hope.” A one time junior high school teacher, he's appeared in supporting roles in such films as “Joe Versus the Volcano,” “Blood Simple,” “Clueless,” “The Crew,” “Swimfan,” and “Nixon,” the last of which proved to be somewhat prophetic. FTP, name this actor whose looks are often described as "distrustful" and who played Carla's ex-husband on “Cheers” and Richard Nixon in “Dick.”

Answer: Dan Hedaya

8. Born on January 24, 1941 in Brooklyn, NY, this artist began songwriting as a teenager. Attending high school with Neil Sedaka and Bobby Feldman of the Strangeloves, he had his first commercial success writing “Sunday And Me” for Jay and the Americans. He penned both “A Little Bit Me” and “I’m a Believer” for the Monkees and broke out as a singer with his first hit “Solitary Man” in 1967. FTP Name this star of the ‘70's film “The Jazz Singer” who no longer brings Barbra Streisand flowers anymore?

Answer: Neil Diamond

9. He is a founder of the Diogenes Club, in which no member is permitted to speak or take the slightest notice of any other member, and goes nowhere but there, his office in Whitehall and his rooms in Pall Mall. He is sometimes consulted by his younger brother when the brother cannot solve a difficult problem, but though his mind is sharper he lacks his brother’s drive and ability to work out practicalities. FTP, identify this older, smarter brother of Sherlock Holmes.

Answer: Mycroft Holmes

10. The protagonist in this work arrives at the title locale in a Daimler-Chrysler product with large wheels. His intention is to let you know exactly where he is and that although he has suffered some gunshot wounds he does not walk with a limp. He mentions his collaborators from Los Angeles and Detroit, respectfully, and that he has champagne and illicit drugs if the listener wishes to have some. More importantly he is into having sex and not into making love. FTP name this ditty where a vertically challenged person may or may not be having a birthday party by 50 Cent.

Answer: In Da Club

11. Asked at a recent forum who he was looking for in a mate, this man responded, "I certainly want a dynamic, outspoken woman who was fearless in her desire for peace in the world and for a universal single-payer health care and a full employment economy." As a result, has begun taking personal ads to find a mate for this man, agreeing to fly one person to New Hampshire and treat the couple to dinner. FTP, name this 2004 Democratic Presidential candidate, bachelor, and Congressman from Ohio.

Answer: Dennis Kucinich

12. This school's official athletic website has a timer counting down to the 100th competition against rival Maryland on April 17th, 2004. Its football team has been ranked as high as 13th nationally, going undefeated until an October 25th loss to Muhlenberg. FTP, name this university, nicknamed the Blue Jays, who has won 7 national championships in its only NCAA Division 1 sport, lacrosse.

Answer: Johns Hopkins University

13. He has a beautiful house, a limo driver, and a kid in college, and he made his fortune turning his fathers tailor shop into a chain of retail stores. His passion for diving was born when he opened for the diving horse in New Jersey, and when his son Jason was ready to drop out of school, he came to the rescue. FTP, name the oldest freshman to ever give a graduating address, the owner of the Tall and Fat stores, and the only man ever to successfully complete a triple lindy in intercollegiate competition.

Answer: Thornton Mellin

14. Reaching number one on both the Billboard 200 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop album charts, it won a Grammy for album of the year in 1988. The last song is "A Last Request," part three of the the trio with the last two songs on side one. Although self-produced, the album includes a Shep Pettibone remix of "Hard Day," in addition to such other songs as "One More Try" and "Monkey." FTP, name this George Michael solo album, which achieved success with "I Want Your Sex," "Father Figure," and the title track.

Answer: Faith

15. The gag site reported his suicide after he threw one of his boomerang crosses and let it hit him in the head. Feeling depressed recently over a change in diet for less werewolf, the villagers mocked him for wearing a metal skirt and a headband. Also suffering from Repetitive Stress Injury in his whipping hand, he was mourned by his friends, (Town Priest and Female Townsperson) and his enemies (Merman, Giant Bat, and Dracula) alike. FTP, identify this character, hero of the original Castlevania series.

Answer: Simon Belmont

16. Featuring Kristen Scott Thomas' screen debut as a rich heiress, this film was shot in color but released in black and white. The film follows the adventures of Miami gigolos Christopher Tracy and 'Tricky' as they hustle their way on the French Riviera. Negative press began soon after filming began when the star replaced director Mary Lambert with himself, and the film never came close to the success of "Purple Rain." FTP, name this 1986 Prince movie, whose soundtrack "Parade" features the hit "Kiss."

Answer: Under the Cherry Moon

17. First created in 1842, it was developed by a collective brewery in its namesake town using new techniques of bottom fermenting yeast and a colder fermenting temperature. It was soon shipped to nearby cities such as Prague and the style was soon widespread, prompting the original brewery to stick the word “Urquell” after its name, German for “original source.” FTP, name this type of golden lager beer, of which Miller Lite is not a “true” example.

Answer: pilsner (accept “Pilsner Urquell” on an early buzz)

18. As the head of the Military Armaments Research Syndicate he came into contact with the organization he is most identified with. His most recognized feature was a punishment given to an ancestor by the Cromwell’s Roundheads for selling to both sides of English Civil War, and it is now worn by all heads of his family. FTP identify this steel-masked villain, the second in command of C.O.B.R.A.

Answer: Destro

19. Whoopi Goldberg as Deborah Samson, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Baron Von Steuben, Dustin Hoffman as Benedict Arnold, Billy Crystal as John Adams, Ben Stiller as Thomas Jefferson, Sylvester Stallone as Paul Revere and Walter Cronkite as Benjamin Franklin are some of the starring roles in this TV show; well at least their voices are. FTP, name

this PBS cartoon show starring LNN reporters Sarah, Henri (“on-ree”), and James that teaches

children about early American history.

Answer: Liberty's Kids

20. He was largely unsuccessful as a coach, going 52-76-3 in his nine years as head coach of the team for which he played a team record 196 games. A 17th round pick out of Alabama, he played 9 games in his first season before passing for 1489 yards in his second season in 1957. The namesake of the annual Athletes in Action award and 1966 NFL MVP, FTP, name this quarterback who was named MVP of Super Bowls I and II as the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.

Answer: Bart Starr

21. All the male members of the protagonist’s family in this film are cursed when his great-great-grandfather forgets to carry Madame Zironi up the mountain. Since that day, there has not been a lucky or happy Stanley Yelnats. The first Stanley Yelnats lost all of his money in a heist by Kissin’ Kate Barlow. Stanley Yelnats II lives in the same Texas apartment as Stanley Yelnats III who is trying to find a cure for foot odor. Finally, Stanley Yelnats IV is unluckily hit in the head by a pair of baseball cleats worn by the great Clyde “Sweetfeet” Singleton, convicted of stealing them, and is sent to a boy’s detention center called Camp Greenlake, which of course, is in the middle of the desert. FTP, name this Disney film where Shia LeBeouf digs the titular objects, based on a book by Louis Sachar.

Answer: Holes

22. Following its 1947 defeat, the United States has been split into the Pacific States of America, occupied by Japan, a rump U.S.A. occupied by Germany, and the Rocky Mountain States, a buffer zone. The plot takes place in 1962 America, where slavery is still legal, people turn to the "I Ching" for guidance, and a man named Abendsen has written "The Grasshopper Lies Heavy," an alternate history about the Allies winning World War II. FTP, this describes the plot of which Hugo Award-winning book, written by Philip K. Dick?

Answer: The Man in the High Castle

23. Newport Beach appears to be an idyllic community, but intrigue follows as idealistic pro-bono attorney Sandy Cohen brings home a juvenile delinquent. His wife, a real-estate heiress Kirsten is none too pleased, but his awkward son Seth is happy to have someone to talk to. The next door neighbors, the Coopers, are having troubles of their own as Jimmy is caught embezzling his client’s money and Julie divorces him. Ryan, the juvenile delinquent immediately falls for Marissa Cooper and tries to comfort her as her parents struggle with the divorce. FTP, name this Fox television show.

Answer: The O.C.

24. A security guard escapes from a biological warfare laboratory after he has been infected. He and his family sicken and die, and infect the residents of the Texas town where they stop. The government takes desperate measures to prevent the spread, but 99% of the world’s population dies. Those left over have to fight an evil demon, who also appears in other works of the author's. FTP, identify this Steven King novel about the outbreak and consequences of the superflu.

Answer: The Stand

25. He's one of the few public figures Garry Trudeau has drawn, when he hired Joanie to do Greek murals for him, and quipped "Give those nymphs some hooters!" In Bloom County, his brain was placed in the body of Bill the Cat after his own body was accidentally crushed by an anchor from his yacht. In later Doonesbury's he hired Elvis to sing after Uncle Duke rediscovered him, only to find out that Elvis only sings John Denver songs now. FTP, name this billionaire

real estate mogul.

Answer: Donald Trump


Questions by Michael Philpy
1. Identify the following Rolling Stones albums from cover art, FTPE.

A. A below the waist shot of a person wearing a tight pair of jeans. Original versions have an actual zipper.

Answer: Sticky Fingers

B. A toilet next to a pipe in a rather filthy bathroom with graffiti painted across the facing wall.

Answer: Beggars Banquet

C. An advertisement from a woman’s magazine for various wigs, some of which are named for the albums songs.

Answer: Some Girls
2. Name these people who have recently had furniture collections named after them, FTPE.

A. In April of 2002, Vaughan Bassett furniture announced their intention to release a furniture collection named after this man, which includes a Burning Love heart-shaped mirror and Love Me Tender bed.

Answer: Elvis Presley (accept either)

B. Advertised heavily on television, Thomasville industries released this collection which is "inspired by the style and elegance of Hollywood's most romantic era" and named for this actor who typified it.

Answer: Humphrey Bogart

C. Boyd Furniture is offering the Camargue collection designed by this man and his wife, Sam. We don't recall designing furniture as one of Hercules's labors, but apparently it’s been adapted as such.

Answer: Kevin Sorbo
3. This last World Cup, the USA came close to defeating the stinking Huns and advancing to the semifinals. FTPE, identify the following teams that actually did beat Germany to win World Cup.

A. In 1966, this team defeated West Germany 4-2 for their only World Cup win.

Answer: England

B. In 1982, this perennially overrated snooze machine actually lived up to expectations for once and beat West Germany 3-1 in the final.

Answer: Italy

C. The 2002 World Cup was notable for its many upsets, but the final was a traditional affair as Germany lost to this only nation with more Finals appearances 2-0.

Answer: Brazil
4. Work sucks. FTPE, answer these questions about the movie "Office Space."

A. Mike Judge plays the manager at this chain restaurant, where dishes include the "Ultimate Fajitas" and workers must wear at least fifteen "Pieces of Flair."

Answer: Chotchkie's

B. This coworker of Peter's is laid off by Initech, but receives a large settlement after being hit by a drunk driver. He eventually builds a prototype of his one great idea, the "Jump to Conclusions" mat.

Answer: Tom Smykowski (accept either)

C. Peter, Michael, and Samir's plan to compound the rounded-off interest on bank transactions is not new, as Peter admits that it was already done in this 1983 movie.

Answer: Superman III
5. Video game fans should mourn the 2003 bankruptcy of Data East. Answer these related questions FTPE.

A. Among Data East's most beloved creations was this bald, shirtless, fire-breathing Russian. He recently starred in his own "Dance Dance" Flash game at

Answer: Karnov

B. Karnov made a cameo as a level boss in this side-scrolling beat-em-up. Subtitled "Vs. Dragon Ninja," the game appeared in a scene of the 1989 movie "Parenthood," with Steve Martin's character extolling his son not to mess with the title characters.

Answer: Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja

C. In 1994, Data East released "Fighter's History Dynamite," also known as "Karnov's Revenge," for this video game system. The original "Fighter's History" was so similar to "Street Fighter II" that it prompted Capcom to file an unsuccessful copyright lawsuit against Data East.

Answer: Neo Geo

6. Are you ready kids? Aye, aye Captain! Answer these questions about Spongebob Squarepants FTPE.

A. This is the underwater city in which Spongebob’s pineapple under the sea resides:

Answer: Bikini Bottom

B. Spongebob works in this eatery famous for its Crabby Patties;

Answer: The Krusty Krab

C. Mr. Krab forced Spongebob to go to the senior prom with her, his whale of a daughter:

Answer: Pearl

7. It happens every May at Binions Horse Shoe Casino. It is then run repeatedly on ESPN for the rest of the summer. Yup, it’s the World Series of Poker. FTP each name these winners of the event, from their description.

A. This 2003 winner with a remarkably apt surname won the richest prize in poker history of over 2.5 million. He entered an online satellite tournament at Poker for $40 to earn the $10,000 buy in.

Answer: Chris Moneymaker

B. He is called the “Grandfather of Texas Hold'em”. They called him “Texas Dolly” when he won back to back titles in 1976, and 77. He also knocked Matt Damon out of the '98 World Series while Damon was researching for the movie “Rounders.”

Answer: Doyle Brunson

C. This Vietnamese born player is loud, wacky, cocky and is one of the only championship players to drink while he played. He won the 1998 World Series.

Answer: Scotty Nguyen
8. Identify the following regarding Calvin and Hobbes, FTPE:

A. Calvin’s masked superhero alter-ego, to become him Calvin dons a red sheet and wages a never-ending war against his arch-nemesis Mom-Lady.

Answer: Stupendous Man

B. Calvin and Hobbes often play this game, whose only rule is that it can never be played the same way twice.

Answer: calvinball

C. In this treehouse club, Calvin is Supreme-Dictator-for-Life and Hobbes is President and First Tiger.

Answer: G.R.O.S.S. (Get Rid Of Slimy girlS)
9. Identify these films reviewed by Jay Sherman on “The Critic,” FTPE.

A. The new musical from Francis Ford Coppola, helicopter noises lead to Marlon Brando singing and doing a hula dance in this clunker.

Answer: Apocalypse Wow!

B. What do you get when you replace Rick Moranis with Hannibal Lector? Lunch

of Timmy, Becky, and Alex with "fava beans and a nice chianti" in this faux film.

Answer: Honey, I Ate the Kids

C. Jerry Lewis attempts a dramatic role like Tom Hanks in Philadelphia, but can't coherently answer trial questions in this titular New York city.

Answer: Schenectady

10. Identify these people who had strange finishes in the AL MVP voting this year, FTPE.

A. He received 36 total points and one first place vote despite batting .250 for the year and leading the American League in Strikeouts. Admittedly, he did have 41 home runs and 107 RBI's.

Answer: Jason Giambi

B. Ninth in batting, 8th in RBI's, 9th in home runs, and 5th in hits, this third baseman-turned-outfielder got only one 9th place and two 10th place votes. Perhaps that’s because he's a Devil Ray and therefore no one saw him.

Answer: Aubrey Huff

C. This Rangers 2nd baseman was 3rd in the American League in hits, 11th in batting average, and 9th in runs, but did not receive a single vote.

Answer: Michael Young
11. Identify the following casualties of the East Side/ West Side rap wars, FTSNOP:

A. F5P, some speculate that this rapper was smoked because of his song “Hit ‘em Up,” in which he claimed to have slept with Faith Evans, the wife of a rival.

Answer: Tupac Shakur (accept either)

B. F5P, the rival was of course, this man, who was in turn killed in a drive by shooting six months later.

Answer: The Notorious BIG or Biggie Smalls or Biggie or Christopher Wallace

C. FTPE, the “war” began with the rivalry between these two labels, headed by Sean “Puffy” Combs and Suge Knight.

Answer: Bad Boy Entertainment and Death Row Records
12. Identify the following characters from Law & Order based on how they were written out of the show, FTPE.

A. Resigned when a witness he forced to testify was whacked by the Mob.

Answer: EADA Ben Stone (accept either name)

B. Punched a city councilman and was demoted to patrolman, he shows up later in one of the movies

Answer: Det. Mike Logan

C. The second of Logan’s partners to get shot, he survives and winds up in a desk job.

Answer: Det. Phil Cerreta
13. Identify the following characters from the recent sequels to Ender’s Game, FTPE.

A. The sequels center around this friend of Ender, who was a better strategist but not as gifted a leader.

Answer: Bean Delphiki

B. Bean winds up helping this brother of Ender in his bid to take over the world.

Answer: Peter Wiggin

C. The other major character from Ender’s Game, she was a soldier under Ender and winds up marrying Bean.

Answer: Petra Arkanian
14.In honor of their recent 25th anniversary tour, answer these questions about everyone's favorite boy band, Duran Duran.

A. This 1983 album was the last full studio album recorded by all five original members. Though the title track was eventually cut, the album featured such songs as "Union of the Snake," "New Moon on Monday," and "The Reflex."

Answer: Seven and the Ragged Tiger

B. This 2000 album was the last studio album recorded before the 2003 reunion, with only Simon LeBon and Nick Rhodes remaining from the original lineup. A commercial failure, songs on the album include "Someone Else, Not Me," "Playing with Uranium," and "Lady Xanax."

Answer: Pop Trash

C. This former Missing Persons guitarist became a permanent member of the band, first appearing on 1986's "Notorious." He left the band on amicable terms in 2003 to reunite his former outfit.

Answer: Warren Cuccurullo
15. You all may know Treat Williams as Dr. Andy Brown on the WB’s Everwood. But before he was a life saving brain surgeon, he was an ass kicking mercenary. Treat Williams starred in all three of the “Substitute” sequels. Yes, there were three sequels. FTPE, identify these “Substitute” sequels as 2, 3, 4 or none of the above.

NOTE TO MODERATOR: do not give answers until all questions are asked.

A. The daughter of a comrade-in-arms is beaten down by thugs and the Substitute goes back to college to avenge her assault. While at the school he discovers rampant steroid use amongst the football team. The muscle bound thugs are involved in organized crime and it’s up to the Substitute to take 'em down.

Answer: Substitute 3

B. A rogue military school platoon is terrorizing minority owned businesses and projects. The Substitute is sent in as a military history professor to stop the abuse of power by the white supremacist commendant.

Answer: Substitute 4

C. The worst students in Miami’s worst high school, are taken from their PE class and forced to learn Martial Arts, which should help build character. Instead, the instructor trains his own private army to loot pillage and plunder the streets of South Beach. The substitute has been promoted to principal to help put a stop to the new Lincoln High crime wave.

Answer: none of the above [equivalents OK]

16. Pass the Courvoisier and answer these questions about brandy FTSNOP.

A. F5P, Courvoisier is this popular type of grape brandy, named after its region and city of origin. Other brands include Hennessy, Martell, and Remy Martin, with common age designations of V.S., V.S.O.P., and X.O.

Answer: cognac

B. F10P, a close relative of Cognac, this brandy is also named after its region of origin in soutwestern France. It was touted as "the next vodka" in an episode of the "The Sopranos," when Tony bankrolled an import scheme for Artie Bucco.

Answer: armagnac ("ar-man-yak")

C. F15P, this strong apple brandy hails from an eponymous département on the Normandy coast. The name is said to derive from the name survivors of a Spanish armada shipwreck gave the French coastal region where they landed.

Answer: calvados
17. FTPE, name these golfers who finished on top of statistical categories for 2003.

A. He led the tournament in scoring average for the fifth straight year with a 68.41 average in 61 rounds played.

Answer: Tiger Woods

B. He repeated as champion in driving accuracy percentage, but this former golf coach at Maryland didn't record a win on the year, but only had one 2nd place finish compared to his 4 in 2002.

Answer: Fred Funk

C. He led the tour in putting average and bounce back and finished second in birdie average, but this 42-year-old's only win was at the Southern Farm Bureau Classic.

Answer: John Huston

18. Has everybody got an ocean? Well not really, but the Beach Boys didn’t care identify these Beach Boys songs from lyrics for FTPE.

A. “You took your daddy’s car and cruised to the hamburger stand now. Forgot about the library like to told your old man now.”

Answer: Fun, Fun, Fun

B. “I may not always love but as long as there are stars above you you’ll never need to doubt it, I’ll make you so sure about it.”

Answer: God Only Knows

C. “I love the colorful clothes she wears, and the way the sunlight smiles upon her hair. I hear the sound of her gentle walk or the way the wind whiffs her perfume through the air.”

Answer: Good Vibrations

19. Some filmmakers do strange things for money, publicity or both. Answer these questions about them FTSNOP.

A. F5P, film director Kevin Smith sold his comic book collection and maxed out his credit cards to fund this 1994 film.

Answer: Clerks

B. FTP, the online Hollywood Stock Exchange offered traders the chance to exchange $1 million HSX dollars for a prorated share of a $50,000 bonus should this 2001 film starring Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston make $75 million dollars in its first four weeks. The film tanked as total gross in the U.S. ended up less than $17 million.

Answer: Rock Star

C. $875 gets you 100 shares of a 900,000 share, 2003 Initial Public Offering by Civilian Capital intended to fund a new movie based on a 1998 book by Lisa Reardon. 10 points for one answer, 15 for both, name the movie's title and its announced male star.

Answer: Billy Dead, Ethan Hawke
20. FTPE, answer these questions about Stephen King's fantasy series, "The Dark Tower."

A. The "Dark Tower" series revolves around this last gunslinger, a descendant of Arthur Eld and the last survivor of Gilead. He begins "The Gunslinger" chasing the man in black across the desert.

Answer: Roland Deschain

B. Roland and his companions encounter this homicidal A.I. in the city of Lud. A ride on the monorail controlled by it ends in an alternate version of Topeka, Kansas, decimated by the superflu from "The Stand."

Answer: Blaine the mono

C. This fifth book of the series appeared in November 2003. Roland and his "ka-tet" come upon a town in which marauders known as "Wolves" steal children from the border towns of the Outer Arc. It also features Father Callahan from "Salem's Lot."

Answer: Wolves of the Calla

21. Given a set of films, identify the only actress to appear in all three of them, FTP each.

Bad Girls, Donnie Darko, Everyone Says I Love You

Answer: Drew Barrymore

Payback, Chicago, Shanghai Noon

Answer: Lucy Liu

Any Given Sunday, The Curse of the Jade Scorpion, Cover Story

Answer: Elizabeth Berkley

22. Answers these questions about Crank Yankers FTPE:

A. Name the mentally challenged puppet that is so excited about going to Hawaii.

Answer: Special Ed

B This is the name of the company that produces Crank Yankers as well as The Man Show.

Answer: Jackhole Productions

C. This band wrote the theme song for Crank Yankers and has a friend named Stacey whose mom really has it going on.

Answer: Fountains of Wayne
23. One hit wonders are common, especially in rap culture. FTPE, name the artist who did these one-hit rap tunes.

A. “Knockin' Boots”

Answer: Candyman

B. “I Wish”

Answer: Skee-lo

C. “Informer”

Answer: Snow
24. Even though there has been some trouble at CBS, it has maintained high ratings for November. Answer these related questions FTSNOP.

A. F5P, CBS pulled this entertainer's music special after child molestation allegations surfaced. CBS has said it may reschedule after the legal system has run its course.

Answer: Michael Jackson

B. F5P, CBS also pulled this miniseries after howls of protest from conservative groups. There were concerns that Barbra Streisand, wife of star James Brolin, was influencing the politics of the piece.

Answer: The Reagans

C. F10P, this chairman of CBS defended the decision to pull "The Reagans" as "a moral decision, not an economic or political one." He denied influence from Viacom CEO Sumner Redstone or president Mel Karmazin.

Answer: Leslie Moonves

D. F10P, "The Reagans" was shifted over to this Viacom-owned cable channel where it will air on November 30. A panel discussion will be aired the following night.

Answer: Showtime
25. On a 5-10-20-30 basis, given a city, identify whether it has a Planet Hollywood, a Hard Rock Cafe, both, or neither.

A. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Answer: both

B. Milwaukee

Answer: neither

C. St. Louis

Answer: both

D. Salt Lake City

Answer: Hard Rock Cafe

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