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Earth Science ! – Competitiveness – Heg

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Earth Science ! – Competitiveness – Heg

Competitiveness is key to hegemony- new technologies and industries need to be created
Martino 7 (Rocco, Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, 7/3/11) HD

Much of the foreign policy discussion in the United States today is focused upon the dilemma posed by the Iraq War and the threat posed by Islamist terrorism. These problems are, of course, both immediate and important. However, America also faces other challenges to its physical security and economic prosperity, and these are more long-term and probably more profound. There is, first, the threat posed by our declining competitiveness in the global economy, a threat most obviously represented by such rising economic powers as China and India.1 There is, second, the threat posed by our increasing dependence on oil imports from the Middle East. Moreover, these two threats are increasingly connected, as China and India themselves are greatly increasing their demand for Middle East oil.2 The United States of course faced great challenges to its security and economy in the past, most obviously from Germany and Japan in the first half of the twentieth century and from the Soviet Union in the second half. Crucial to America’s ability to prevail over these past challenges was our technological and industrial leadership, and especially our ability to continuously recreate it. Indeed, the United States has been unique among great powers in its ability to keep on creating and recreating new technologies and new industries, generation after generation. Perpetual innovation and technological leadership might even be said to be the American way of maintaining primacy in world affairs. They are almost certainly what America will have to pursue in order to prevail over the contemporary challenges involving economic competitiveness and energy dependence. There is therefore an urgent need for America to resume its historic emphasis on innovation. The United States needs a national strategy focused upon developing new technologies and creating new industries. Every successful strategy must define an objective or mission, determine a solution, and assemble the means of execution. In this case, the objective is economic superiority; the solution is new industries which build upon the contemporary revolution in information technology; and the means of execution will have to include a partnership of industry, government, and people.

Competitiveness is key to leadership- technological developments and education
Office of the Press Secretary 6 (The White House Fact Sheet: The American Competitiveness Initiative: A Commitment to Education, Research and Innovation, Office of the Press Secretary, May 19, 7/3/11) HD

Keeping our competitive edge in the world economy requires focused policies that lay the groundwork for continued leadership in innovation, exploration, and ingenuity. America's economic strength and global leadership depend in large measure on our Nation’s ability to generate and harness the latest in scientific and technological developments and to apply these developments to real world applications. These applications are fueled by: scientific research, which produces new ideas and new tools that can become the foundation for tomorrow’s products, services, and ways of doing business; a strong education system that equips our workforce with the skills necessary to transform those ideas into goods and services that improve our lives and provide our Nation with the researchers of the future; and an environment that encourages entrepreneurship, risk taking, and innovative thinking. By giving citizens the tools necessary to realize their greatest potential, the American Competitiveness Initiative (ACI) will help ensure future generations have an even brighter future.
Global leadership stems from innovation and a competitive economy
Office of the Press Secretary 6 (The White House Fact Sheet: The American Competitiveness Initiative: A Commitment to Education, Research and Innovation, Office of the Press Secretary, May 19, 7/3/11) HD

Our prosperity is no accident. It is the product of risk-takers, innovators, and visionaries. We owe our global leadership in large measure to our willingness to build an economy and culture that welcomes and encourages innovation and flexible, open markets. By increasing U.S. innovation capacity through the bolstering of our world-class R&D enterprise and through investments in our education and information infrastructure, we have achieved new discoveries and breakthroughs that drive productivity, grow the economy, and solve important societal problems.

Earth Science ! – Natural Disasters

Earth science is key to prevent multiple natural disasters

House Committee SSTD 11 (House Committee on Science, Space, and Tech Democrats, 2011, JPG

Contrary to the Majority’s position on Earth Science, Democratic members have been supportive of the higher funding accorded this area in last year’s request.  NASA has indicated that reduced out-year funding for Earth Sciences will necessitate delaying the start of two missions, CLARREO and DESDynI.  While this is unfortunate, Democratic members acknowledge the budgetary challenges facing NASA’s Science program.  However, we are concerned that delays in initiating these missions could lead to higher development costs and also delay the collection of data.  This data would provide significant utility in observing, understanding, and addressing key environmental challenges including complete El Nino/ La Nina cycles, reflected solar radiation and Earth thermal radiation, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides as well as new observational information for monitoring forests, agricultural resources, and mountain glaciers.
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