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Tim’s Bootleg List
[title of show] (10/12/08) Broadway

Pep Rally Edition; Final Broadway Performance

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Demos
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (05/04/1976) Broadway

Opening Night - Patricia Routledge (Wife), Ken Howard (President), Gilbert Price (Lud), Emily Yancey (Seena), Guy Costley (Little Lud), Bruce A Hubbard (Rev. Brushrod), Randolph Riscol (Royal Visitor), Howard Ross (Secretary of Senate), Reid Shelton (Cockburn/Senator Roscoe Conklin), Edwin Steffe (James Hoban/Judge), David E Thomas (Narrator), Lee Winston (Auctioneer/Mr Henry/Babcock)- Very clear audio, sounds almost like a soundboard recording.
9 to 5 Demos

Sung by Dolly Parton

Abyssinia (1995) North Shore Music Theatre

Carol Dennis, Pamela Harley, Jennifer Leigh Warren, Virginia Woodruff, Mary Bond Davis, Kimberly Harris, LaDonna

Mabry, Brian Evaret Chandler, Stanly Earl Harrison, Clayton Lawrence, Keith Lee, Jesse Means II, Mark Anthony Taylor
ACE: the Musical Demo Recording
The Addams Family (8/11/11) Broadway

Roger Rees (Gomez), Brooke Shields (Morticia), Heidi Blickenstaff (Alice), Adam Grupper (Mal), Jackie Hoffman (Grandma), Zachary James (Lurch), Brad Oscar (Uncle Fester), Rachel Potter (Wednesday), Adam Riegler (Pugsley), Jesse Swenson (Lucas)

The Addams Family (12/19/12) National Tour, Costa Mesa

Douglas Sills (Gomez), Sara Gettelfinger (Morticia), Cortney Wolfson (Wednesday), Matthew Schmidt* (Lucas), Martin Vidnovic (Mal), Gaelen Gilliland (Alice), Blake Hammond (Uncle Fester), Pippa Pearthree (Grandma), Tom Corbeil (Lurch), Patrick D. Kennedy (Pugsley), Jonathan Ritter* (Ancestor).

The Addams Family (12/29/12) National Tour, Costa Mesa

Douglas Sills (Gomez), Sara Gettelfinger (Morticia), Cortney Wolfson (Wednesday), Jonathan Ritter* (Lucas), Martin Vidnovic (Mal), Gaelen Gilliland (Alice), Blake Hammond (Uncle Fester), Pippa Pearthree (Grandma), Tom Corbeil (Lurch), Patrick D. Kennedy (Pugsley), Lauryn Ciardullo* (Ancestor).

Aida (7/26/06) Sacramento Music Circus

Montego Glover (Aida), Michael Hunsaker (Radames), Kelli Provart (Amneris)
Aladdin (June 26 (Act 1) & July 20, 2011 (Act 2)) Seattle, WA
Adam Jacobs (Aladdin), Courtney Reed (Jasmine), James Monroe Iglehart (Genie), Jonathan Freeman (Jafar), - Don Darryl Rivera (Iago), Andrew Keenan Bolger (Omar), Brian Gonzales (Babkak), Brandon O'Neill (Kassim)
Aladdin (4/8/14) Broadway

Adam Jacobs (Aladdin), Courtney Reed (Jasmine), James Monroe Iglehart (Genie), Jonathan Freeman (Jafar), Clifton David (Sultan), Don Darryl Rivera (Iago), Brian Gonzales (Babkak), Brandon O'Neill (Kassim), Jonathan Scwartz (Omar).

*Includes BC/EFA speech by James Monroe Iglehart.
American Idiot (3/14/12) Tour, Opening Night, LA

Van Hughes (Johnny), Jake Epstein (Will), Scott J. Campbell (Tunny), Leslie McDonel (Heather), Gabrielle McClinton (Whatsername), Joshua Kobak (St. Jimmy), Nicci Claspel (The Extraordinary Girl).

Amerian Idiot (12/5/12) London
American Idiot (12/7/12) London
American Idiot (2/14/13) National Tour, Philadephia, PA
Alex Nee (Johnny), Caset O'Farrell (Will), Thomas Hettrick (Tunny), Kennedy Caughell (Heather), Alyssa DiPalma (Whatsername), Trent Saunders (St Jimmy), Jenna Rubaii (The Extraordinary Girl), Ensemble: Aure Ceylon, Carson Higgings, Daniel C. Jackson, Brarndon Kalm, John Krause, Jamal Shuriah, Dustin Harris Smith, Ashley Tobias
Chelsea Turbin, Jared Young. A
American Idiot (4/27/14; Evening) US Tour in Cleveland, OH

Jared Neptune (Johnny), Casey O'Farrell (Will), Dan Tracy (Tunny), Mariah MacFarlane (Heather), Olivia Puckett (Whatsername), Carson Higgins (St. Jimmy), Taylor Jones (The Extraordinary Girl), Antwaun Holley (u/s Zieg Heil / Too Much Too Soon Guy), Eric Presnall (u/s in Antwaun Holley's roles), Alex Boniello, Liam Fennecken, Sean Garner, Andrew Humann, Alison Morooney, Michael Pilato, Turner Rouse, Jr., Josephine Spada, Chelsea Turbin.
An American in Paris (4/11/15; Matinee) Broadway

Robert Fairchild (Jerry Mulligan), Leanne Cope (Lise Dassin), Veanne Cox (Madame Baurel), Jill Paice (Milo Davenport), Brandon Uranowitz (Adam Hochberg), Max von Essen (Henri Baurel). Preview

American Psycho (12/23/14) London

Matt Smith, Ben Aldridge, Charlie Anson, Jonathan Bailey, Katie Brayben, Cassandra Compton, Holly Dale Spencer, Susannah Fielding, Simon Gregor, Tom Kay, Holly James, Lucie Jones, Gillian Kirkpatrick, Eugene McCoy, Hugh Skinner
Notes: Untracked
Annie (10/30/97) National Tour, Merriam Theatre, Philadelphia, PA
Nell Carter (Miss Hannigan), Brittny Kissinger (Annie), Colleen Dunn (Grace), Jim Ryan (Rooster), Karen Byers-Blackwell (Lily), Conroad John Schuck (Warbucks), Kristen Howe (Star To Be)
Annie (10/16/12) Broadway Revival
Lilla Crawford (Annie), Anthony Warlow (Warbucks), Katie Finneran (Miss Hannigan), Brynn O'Malley (Grace), Emily Rosenfeld (Molly), Georgi James (Pepper), Taylor Richardson (Duffy), Madi Rae DiPietro (July), Jaidyn Young (Tessie*), Tyrah Skye Odoms (Kate), Clarke Thorell (Rooster), J. Elaine Marcos (Lily), The only other understudy is Desi Oakley in for Mrs. Pugh. The orchestra is a bit overpowering at times, making the dialogue difficult to hear.
Annie (4/5/13) Broadway

Lilla Crawford (Annie), Katie Finneran (Miss Hannigan), Anthony Warlow (Oliver Warbucks), Clarke Thorell (Rooster), J. Elaine Marcos (Lily), Brynn O'Malley (Grace), Emily Rosenfeld (Molly), Georgi James (Pepper), Taylor Richardson (Duffy), Madi Rae DiPietro (July), Junah Jang (Tessie), Tyrah Skye Odoms (Kate), Danette Holden* (Mrs. Pugh). *BC/EFA speech by the orphans.

Anything Goes (12/14/12) National Tour, Los Angeles

Rachel York (Reno Sweeney), Jeremy Benton* (Billy Crocker), Edward Staudenmayer (Eve Oakleigh), Alex Finke (Hope Harcourt), Fred Applegate (Moonface Martin), Joyce Chittick (Erma), Chuck Wagner (Captain), Sandra Shipley (Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt), Jeff Brooks (Purser), Dennis Kelly (Elisha Whitney), Vincent Rodriguez III (Luke), Marcus Shane (John). Quartet: Sean McKnight*, Gary Lindemann, Aaron Umsted, Sean Watkins.

Arcadia (6/12/2013) A.C.T., San Francisco
Jack Cutmore-Scott (Septimus Hodge), Rebekah Brockman (Thomasina Coverly), Julia Coffey (Lady Croom), Anthony Fusco (Richard Noakes), Nick Gabriel (Captain Brice), Nicholas Pelczar (Ezra Chater), Ken Ruta (Jellaby), *Robert Parsons (u/s Bernard Nightingale), Allegra Rose Edwards (Chloë Coverly), Gretchen Egolf (Hannah Jarvis), Adam O'Bryne (Valentine Coverly), Titus Tompkins (Gus Coverly/Augustus Coverly)
Aspects of Love (10/22/11) Walnut Street Theatre - Philadelphia, PA
Jennifer Hope Wills (Rose Vibert), Charles Hagerty (Alex Dillingham)
Paul Schoeffler (George Dillingham), Danielle G. Herbert (Giulietta Trapani)
Laurent Giroux (Marcel Richard), Jenna Brooke Scannelli (Jenny Dillingham)
Aspects of Love (3/1/13) Alkmaar-Dutch Tour

Freek Bartels (alt. Alex), Lone van Roosendaal (Rose), Ernst Daniël Smid (George), Maaike Widdershoven (Giulietta) Michelle van de Ven (Jenny), Hans Peter Jansen (temp. replacement Marcel) Matthijs Pater (Hugo), Mieke Dijkstra (Elizabeth), Bart van Veldhoven, Pieter van Nieuwenhuyze, Roman van der Werrf, Käthe Staallekker, Moniek Boersma

Bare Concept Recording

Scott Allgauer, John Griffin, Mandy Gonzalez; the rest unknown.

Consists of 15 songs, studio-recorded. The recording has 3 songs that are cut from the New York version of BARE, and the rest of them have almost completely different lyrics. (ie., 'Role of a Lifetime' is sung from Jason's POV). Great quality.
Bare (5/2/04) Off Bway
Michael Arden (Peter), John Hill (Jason), Jenna Leigh Green (Ivy), Natalie Joy Johnson (Nadia), Aaron Lohr (Matt), Kaitlin Hopkins (Claire), Kearran Giovanni (Kyra), Adam Fleming (Lucas), Jim Price (Priest), Sasha Allen (Tonya), Romelda T. Benjamin (Sister Chantelle), Isaac Calpito (Alan), Kay Trinidad (Diane), Lindsay Scott (Rory), Mike Cannon (Zach)

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