Trans-generational Trustees

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Trans-generational Trustees

Marcia Applebaum

Pamela Applebaum

Diane Colton*

Francy Colton

Gloria Colton

Regina Colton

Marilynn Weiss

Judith L. Elson

Robyn Jacobson

Denise Parker

Joan Goldrath*

Janet Loeb

Marilynn Gordon

Dr. Carol DeVore

Hon. Nancy Gordon

Gayle Halperin Kahn*

Amanda Spector

Betty Kahn*

Amanda Aaron

Nicole Aaron

Patti Aaron

Andrea Wolfe

Forest Wolfe

Shari Ferber Kaufman

Julie Levy*

Mark-Lis Family

Florine Mark

Sheri Mark

Lisa Lis

Ariella Lis Raviv

Nemer Family

Alyssa Maiseloff

Ellen Maiseloff

Jennifer Maiseloff

Ilene Nemer

Patti Nemer*

Rosalind Nemer

Lynn Rubin

Jennifer Radis

Rebecca Satovsky


Jennifer Thurswell

Lila Silverman

Jennifer Silverman

Wendy Silverman
Lifetime Trustees

Nina Dodge Abrams

Karen Freedland Berger

Roselyn Komisar Blanck

Barbara Bloom

Penny B. Blumenstein

Dina Brodsky

Julie Fisher Cummings

Lauren K. Daitch

Peggy Daitch

Gail Danto

Frances Eisenberg

Joan Chernoff Epstein

Elyse Goldin Foltyn

Francee Ford

Mindi Fynke

Paula Glazier

Rose Rita Goldman

Nancy Grosfeld

Francine Hack

Margot Halperin

Sharon Hart

Linda Hayman

Doreen Hermelin

Helen S. Katz

Cis Maisel Kellman

Patricia Kelter

Ellen Labes

Gail Langer

Gail Lansky

Terran Leemis

Randie B. Levin

Vivian Lieberman

Beverly Liss

Deena Lockman

Roberta S. Madorsky

Sheila Mondry

Carol Nederlander

Barbara Nusbaum

Jo Elyn Nyman

Susan L. Pappas

Myrna L. Partrich

Patrice Morris Phillips

Dulcie Rosenfeld

Marta Rosenthal

Lisa Rotter

Julie Weisberg Schlafer

Sandra R. Schwartz

Lois Shaevsky

Jane F. Sherman

Lois Shiffman

Diane Siriani

Sydelle B. Sonkin

Janice Steinhardt

Carolyn Tisdale

Hon. Helene N. White

6735 Telegraph Road  Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48301  248.203.1524 
Trudi Wineman

December, 2014 – January, 2015

Dear Grant Seeker:
The Jewish Women’s Foundation of Metropolitan Detroit is dedicated to expanding opportunities and enriching the lives of Jewish women and girls through strategic grant making and education. The Foundation empowers its Trustees as philanthropists, social advocates and leaders.
The JWF is initiating its 2015 grant cycle. We invite your organization to review the 2015 Grant Guidelines carefully, and to submit a Letter of Intent by 12:00 pm (noon) on Tuesday, February 3, 2014, for any project to be conducted in the State of Michigan that is designated to meet our goal of improving the lives of Jewish women, girls and families.
The Letter of Intent, which may not exceed three pages double-space, must include the information requested below. Please present your responses in the order they are requested, identifying each by the number indicated:

  1. Please describe your organization’s mission and purpose.

  2. Describe the project, including a statement of need, the target population, your implementation plan and an approximate timetable.

  3. Describe the project budget and explain how the requested funds will be used.

  4. List any collaborating or partner organizations, indicating their roles in and financial contributions to the project.

  5. For Multi-Year Grant Requests: Outline a five year plan for the project, and discuss how the project will be funded beyond the two or three year grant period. Multi-Year Grant applicants are required to discuss their proposals with the JWF prior to submitting a Letter of Intent.

Your Letter of Intent must also include a completed Letter of Intent Cover Page, on which the original signatures of the Requesting and each Collaborating Partner organization’s (or each fiscal agent’s) Chief Professional Employee/Executive Director or CEO and Chief Lay Leader/Board President or Board Chairperson are required. A copy of the cover page is enclosed with this letter, and is available online at Please be sure to check the correct box, indicating the type of grant you are requesting. The Letter of Intent Cover Page is in addition to the Letter of Intent three-page liming.
The JWF will review all Letters of Intent at the beginning of March 2015, after which your organization will receive either an invitation to complete a final grant application and a request for a site visit/interview, or a rejection letter. Please refer to the Grants Process Timeline as stated in our Grant Guidelines for further details. The Guidelines and Timeline are also available online. Final Grant Applications instructions and Forms can be found on the website for your reference. Please note that there are variations in the Final Grant Application Instructions depending on the type of grant you are requesting.
We encourage all applicants to call or email Susan Cassels Kamin at 248.203-1524 or to ask questions or to discuss your projects.
Yours truly,

Randie Levin

Susan Cassels Kamin




Marilyn Barnett

Nora Barron

Carol Blumenstein

Elaine Brickman

Stacy Brickman

Annie Cohen

Joanne Danto

Sandy Muskovitz Danto

Elaine C. Driker

Estelle Elkus

Rosemarie Fabian

Linda Finkel

Madeline Forbes

Miriam Forman

Judith Freund

Aviva S. Friedman

Beth Wolpin Gans

Marilyn Gardner

Rosmarie Gilman

Barbara Goldberg

Cathy Graub

Judith Greenbaum

Rose Handleman

Carol Horowitz

Carolyn Iwrey

Linda Jacob

Ruth Kahn

Nanci Kantor

Evelyn Kasle

Sue Kaufman

Fern Kepes

Carol Klein

Linda S. Kovan

Carol Lash

Rochelle Lieberman

Dr. Pamela Marcovitz

Gail Mondry

Mara Moss

Anita Naftaly

Barbara Nemer

Edith L. Resnick

Sharon Resnick

Dr. Shari Rogers

Linda E. Ross

Bluma Schechter

Janet Schenk

Lorraine Schubiner

Merle Schwartz

Sandra J. Seligman

Nancy Shapiro

Abbe Sherbin

Norma Shufro

Lori Siegel

Susan Sillman

Marilyn Silver

Karen Simmons

Carol Singer

Debra Singer

Frances Smith

Jane Lewin Steinger

Elyse Sutherland

Anita Taylor

Alicia Tisdale

Robin Tobin-Murav

Barbara Tronstein

Hon. Deborah Tyner

Jeannie Weiner

Lisa Weiner

Laura Zausmer

*Of Blessed Memory

Randie Levin

Gail Danto

Associate Chairperson
Susan Cassels Kamin


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