Transactions of the Korea Branch Royal Asiatic Society

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No. 66. ACCOUNT OF A VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY TO THE WEST COAST OF COREA, AND THE GREAT LOO-CHOO ISLAND. Captain Basil Hall, R.N. pp. xvi, 222, cxxx, illus. 9 pls., charts, etc. (Geological Memoir pp. cxix-cxxx: includes description of rock specimens collected on the West Coast of Korea). L.1818

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(Forwarded under cover of a despatch from H.M. Minister in Japan, Sir Harry S. Parkes).

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(K: Ch. X 136-43 : Mining in Korea).

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Rev. in Geolog. Zentralbl. XXXIII 266 (1926), XLIII 132 (1930-1), Lz.

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(K: 109-28 by S. Kawasaki). T. 1926 [page208]

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(Text in Jap, with Eng. summary). Saishu Volcano.

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(Meteorological Journal pp. li-cvii; while in the Yellow & Japan Seas).

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