Tuskegee university 2014 College of Arts and Sciences Research Directory

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College of Arts and Sciences Research Directory

April 2014

Office of the Dean

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The faculty profiles contained in this monograph, the second edition of the Tuskegee University College of Arts And Sciences Research Directory, have been compiled from information provided by faculty or from sources believed to be reliable as of March 2014. The request for information from the faculty was sent through the Council of CAS Department Heads in August 2013. If a profile was not received by the deadline, one was created using information from departmental websites. Final drafts of the profiles were sent electronically to faculty members for their review and comment. However, in the event that the content of the profile is displayed incorrectly or requires updating, please contact our office directly (cas@mytu.tuskegee.edu ).


The Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences acknowledges the efforts of the College of Arts and Sciences Council of Department Heads: Dr. John Davidson, Biology; Dr. Albert Russell, Chemistry; Dr. Loretta Burns, English; Professor Warren Duncan, Fine and Performing Arts; Dr. Lisa Hill, History and Political Science; Dr. Herman Windham, Mathematics; Dr. Prakesh Sharma, Physics; Dr. Vivian Carter, Psychology and Sociology; and Dr. Catherine Gayle, Social Work.

We extend our thanks to faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences for their cooperation in creating, compiling, and reviewing the research profiles found in this Directory. We recognize Ms. Constanza Hoffman, CAS Budget Manager; Ms. Porsha Thomas, work-study student; and Mr. Chris Renegar, campus photographer; for their efforts in bringing this Research Directory to fruition.
Welcome to the Tuskegee University College of Arts and Sciences Research Directory. The directory is part of a systems approach to facilitate the coordination and dissemination of scholarly opportunities within the College of Arts and Sciences. Tuskegee University has a historical legacy and continued commitment to the discovery of solutions to the most complex human problems in the United States and around the world. Scholarly activity and research are central to such discoveries. Within the University‘s College of Arts and Sciences the directory promotes scholarship by highlighting faculty members’ research interests and communicating these interests to funding agencies, to university administrators, to students, and to other faculty. Thus, the directory makes the College of Arts and Sciences research portfolio more visible and accessible to our students, staff, current and potential investors, funding organizations, and the public at large. Equally important, through its indices and categorization of faculty research interests, the Directory offers a systems approach to enhance interdisciplinary research, connecting faculty with similar research interests within the different schools/colleges across campus, the surrounding area, and at institutions around the world. Toward that end, access to this Directory will be available on compact disc, on the College of Arts and Sciences web page, and as hard copy. It is my hope and expectation that the synergy created by greater awareness of colleagues’ interests and activities will in itself spur new opportunities for scholarly collaboration and external funding.
Fitzgerald B. Bramwell, Dean

April, 2014


Biology 8

Chastity Bradford, Ph.D. 6

Lawrence Cobb, M.S. 7

Cesar D. Fermin, Ph.D. 8

Gerald D. Griffin, Ph.D. 10

Douglas Hileman, Ph.D. 11

Marcia T. C. Martinez, Ph.D. 12

Lilian A. Okumu, Ph.D. 13

Roberta M. Troy, Ph.D. 14

Timothy Turner, Ph.D. 14

Biology 16

Honghe Wang, Ph.D. 16

Richard Whittington, Ph.D. 17

Clayton Yates Ph.D. 18

Fu Zhao, Ph.D. 19

Chemistry 20

Mohamed A. Abdalla, Ph.D. 20

Mohamed O. Abdalla, Ph.D. 20

Daniel A. Abugri, M.S. 22

Mohammad A. S. Biswas, Ph.D. 23

Willard E. Collier, Ph.D. 24

Michael L. Curry, Ph.D. 25

Gregory Pritchett, Ph.D. 26

Albert E. Russell, Ph.D. 29

Marilyn Tourne, Ph.D. 30

Adaku T. Ankumah, Ph.D. 31

Eleanor J. Blount, Ph.D. 33

Zanice Bond, Ph.D. 34

Loretta S. Burns, Ph.D. 35

Rhonda M. Collier, Ph.D. 37

Steven E. Edwards, Ph.D. 37

A. Caroline Gebhard, Ph.D. 41

Mark Henderson, Ph. D. 43

Hoytt, Marilyn Pryce, MBA, M.Ed. 44

Kristen B. Miller, Ph.D. 45

Bill F. Ndi, Ph.D. 46

Xavier Nicholas, Ph.D. 47

Mary Olson, Ph.D. 48

Carolina Marquez-Serrano, Ph.D. 50

Fine and Performing Arts 51

Wayne A. Barr, D.M.A 52

Warren L. Duncan, M.M.E. 53

History and Political Science 54

Lisa M. Bratton, M.B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 54

Worth Kamili Hayes, Ph.D. 55

Lisa Beth Hill, Ph. D. 57

Joe B. Jimmeh, Ph.D. 58

James B. McSwain Ph.D 60

Darryl Lamont Roberts, Ph.D. 61

Clyde C. Robertson, Ph.D. 63

Thierno Thiam, Ph.D. 64

Noel A.D. Thompson, Ph.D. 65

Godfrey T. Vincent, Ph.D 67

Mathematics 68

Chadia Affane Aji, Ph.D. 68

John W. Bales, Ph.D. 69

LinLin Chen, Ph.D. 70

Betty N. Freeman, Ed.D. 72

Lauretta Garrett, Ph.D. 72

Zekeriya Y. Karatas, Ph.D. 74

Young Hee Yun Kim, Ph.D. 75

Youngsoo Kim, Ph.D. 77

Mohammed A. Qazi, Ph.D. 78

Hussain Elalaoui-Talibi, Ph.D. 79

Ana M. Tameru, Ph.D. 80

Herman L. Windham, Ph.D. 82

Wen Yan, Ph.D. 84

Physics 86

Mashall L. Burns, Ph.D. 86

Zengjun Chen, Ph.D. 87

Akshaya Kumar, Ph.D. 88

Moses Ntam, Ph.D. 89

Sesha S. Srinivasan, Ph.D. 90

Prakash C. Sharma, Ph.D., FAAS 91

Barbara Acker-Mills, Ph.D., 93

Vivian L. Carter, Ph.D., MHR 95

Lonnie Hannon III, Ph.D. 96

John Heath, Ph.D. 98

Li Huang, Ph.D. 99

Lynn Jones, Ph.D. 99

Joyce V. Rhoden, Ed. D 102

Jennifer Ross, Ph.D. 102

Andrew A. Zekeri, Ph.D. 104

Social Work 105

Catherine R. Gayle, Ph.D. 105

Febreu Holston, M.S.W 106

Jacqueline McArthur, M.S.W 108


BRADFORDResearch Fields:

  • Cardiovascular Physiology

  • Cellular and Molecular Physiology

  • Cell Signaling


  • Dr. Mohan K. Raizada Physiology and Functional Genomics University of Florida- College of Medicine

  • Dr. Dorette Ellis Pharamacodynamics University of Florida- College of Pharmacy

  • Dr. Heidi Kleuss Department of Kinesiology Auburn University

Biographical Sketch:

Professor Chastity Bradford attained her Bachelor of Science Degree from Spelman College and she received her Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Physiology from the University of Alabama-Birmingham. She served as assistant dean of the graduate school at the University of Texas-El Paso

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