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Angel Allaine E. Pascual-BS BIO 1-2- General Botany

Types of Plant Tissues



Meristematic Tissue

  • Apical Meristems

  • Lateral Meristems

  • Intercalary Meristems

Apices of main and lateral shoots and roots.

Stem and root.

Internodes and leaf sheaths of monocots, particularly grasses

Dermal Tissue

  • Epidermis

stem, root, leaf, flower, fruit, and seed parts of a plant.

Vascular Tissue

  • Xylem

  • Phloem

Found inside the roots, stem and leaves

Outside the xylem

  • Designed for transporting water and nutrients

  • Made up of different varieties of cell types which works together to produce a continuous interconnected passageway connecting cells of the plant

Ground Tissue

  • Parenchyma

  • Sclerenchyma

  • Collenchyma

Found in all parts of plants

cortex of stems and in leaves.
under the epidermis, young stems, petioles, and leaf veins.

  • Gives structure and support to the plants that happened when the turgor pressure of these vacuoles is elevated

when they are full of


  • Provides structural supports in plants

  • provides elasticity, tensile strength and mechanical support to the plant body.

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