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Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia

Faculty of Education, Viale Allegri 9, Reggio Emilia 42100


Bakersfield College



The aim of the present Agreement is to implement and develop cooperation between the contracting universities within the Atlantis EU-US Programme, named ‘GLO.F.I.ED’, Globally Focused Inclusive Education (should be changed to reflect the stated title in the grant: Globally Focused Inclusive Early Education). This cooperation may apply to any social and human sciences disciplines common to both institutions.
The present agreement shall apply particularly to:
Transatlantic student mobility

Transatlantic faculty mobility

Reciprocal invitation of academics and researchers

Joint organisation of international online courses, conferences, symposiums, and seminars

Sharing of publications and of research and teaching documents

Others forms of cooperation: joint teaching and research projects, development of new teaching materials; support for research

Thirty-two (32) students each year, eigth (8) from each institution (from 2011-12, 2012-13, and 2013-14), will be required to enroll and successfully complete an International Perspective in Early Childhood Education course in fall prior to exchange period in spring. During the spring exchange period, 16 students each year will take twelve units (twenty-four ECTS) of coursework at the host institution: courses will include a supervised practicum experience of a minimum of 75 hours.
Individual Learning Plans will be developed for students by the home and host institutions, identifying courses to be taken by students. These Agreements, signed be designated members of the appropriate departments prior to their departure, will ensure full recognition of the study period abroad. Changes may be made to the individual learning agreements, during period abroad, with the consent of student plus host and home institution.
All the four institutions shall be committed to providing credit transfer to students for course-work done at the partner university in the framework of an accreditation system: upon completion of the program, students will receive a certificate form each participating institution (European host institutions: Diploma Supplement; US host institutions: Certificate).
Students taking part in transatlantic mobility will necessarily be registered at their home university, and will pay fees to their home university. Fees will not be paid to the host institution, where participants shall have access to the same facilities as regular students on similar terms (in particular, library resources, exam registration, student restaurants, transportation facilities where offered).
Each host institution will assist student in locating appropriate housing accommodations either in dorms, apartments rentals or home stays. Additionally, the international office or equivalent will facilitate student visas, enrollment process, and other needs.

A three units (six ECTS) web-based course in International Perspectives in Early Childhood Education will be developed jointly by faculty from the four institutions. One part of the course will be offered through online sessions, hosted and supervised by Unimore: cost of connections (what is the connection cost?), course design and technical support of this part will be shared equally among the four institutions. Faculty mobility will be used to offer lectures of the joint course at the host institutions.

All students participating in exchanges will be required to demonstrate at least a beginning intermediate (B-1) level of language proficiency. Home institutions will assess and certify candidates’ language proficiency, prior to their departure. Partner institutions will offer on-going regular language courses, at no cost to incoming exchange students as needed. Host institutions will assess language proficiency of exchange students by the end of the semester study abroad (Is this the pre and post language assessment?).
Each institution shall nominate a person in charge of supervising the application of this protocol. This person shall indeed deal with the coordination of all the cooperation activities agreed by the two (did you mean four and not two, or did you mean the two project directors?) parties and shall write punctual reports of the work in progress and activities to the relevant authorities of its university. The designated persons are:
Roberta Mineo, responsible for International Relations within the Faculty of Education, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Email address: roberta.mineo@unimore.it

Hamid Eydgahi, xxxxxxxxxxxxx



The following tasks will be coordinated by, and in consultation with partner institutions:

UNIMORE – Common Course/IT

BC – Atlantis Web Page

CSUDH – Project Assessment/Evaluation

UVA – Data Collection and Data Elements

The present Agreement of Cooperation shall take effect as soon as it is signed by the competent authorities of the two universities (did you mean four and not two universities, or did you mean the two project directors?) and remains valid for five years (how about the ‘end of academic year 2013-14’). Its renewal shall be possible after evaluation of Signatories if the parties agree in writing. This protocol shall nevertheless be cancelled at any time by one or the other of the four institutions with a six-month notice. Still, the parties bind themselves to achieve the planned works before cancelling. Four original copies of the Agreement shall be signed by the competent authorities of each institution.

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