Useful Books, studies, reports and presentations about amalgamation

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Useful Books, studies, reports and presentations about amalgamation
Andrew Sancton, 2000, Merger Mania: The Assault on Local Government, Mc-Gill Queens University Press, Montreal
Studies, Reports and Presentations

Bish, Robert L., Amalgamation: Is it the Solution? Local Government Institute, University of Victoria, Prepared for The Coming Revolution in Local Government conference. Sponsored by the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, Halifax, Nova Scotia, March 27-29, 1996. Https://

Callanan, M, Murphy, R. And Quinlian, A. (2014) The Risks of Intuition: Size, costs and economies of scale in local government. The Economic and Social Review, Dublin Economic and Social Research Institute,
Cobban, Timothy, University of Western Ontario, 2014, study unavailable online, only press reports eg.

Crowley, Brian Lee, Municipal amalgamations in Atlantic Canada and beyond: Why amalgamate? President, Atlantic Institute for Market Studies,

Miljam, L. and Spicer, Z., Municipal Amalgamation in Ontario, 2015, Fraser Institute,

Poel, D.H., Amalgamation Perspectives: Citizen Responses to Municipal Consolidation, Apr 1, 1996, Dalhousie University, School of Public Administration,

Slack, E. and Bird R., Does Municipal Amalgamation Strengthen the Financial Viability of Local Government? A Canadian Example, University of Toronto, 2013, INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR PUBLIC POLICY WORKING PAPER SERIES,

Schwartz, Harvey, Toronto Ten Years after Amalgamation, Department of Economics, York University,

Schwartz, Harvey, The Financial Implications of Amalgamation: The Case of the City of Toronto, York University,

Spicer, Zachary, Regional Organization and the Dynamics of Inter-Municipal Cooperation, The University of Western Ontario, (2013). Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository. Paper 1312.
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