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The Atlanta Public Schools Department of Athletics will provide the opportunity for local businesses, corporations or private people to advertise by banner form in the following venues:

  1. Stadiums

  1. Grady Stadium

  2. Lakewood Stadium

  1. Gymnasiums

  1. All high school gymnasiums

  2. All middle school gymnasiums

  1. Baseball and Softball field fences

  1. All high School fields (12 total)

Implementation of Banner and Wrap Advertising program

  1. The Director of Athletics of the Atlanta Public Schools or his designee will approve ALL banners.

  1. Banners may have company logo, company name, pictures and any other lettering that is appropriate (to be decided by the District Director of Athletics).

  1. No banner may contain pictures, images, words or lettering which depict the use of weapons, violence, drugs, alcohol, inappropriate language or acts deemed inappropriate.

  1. The business, corporation or group will purchase ALL vinyl banners. For windscreen and perimeter wraps, the price is built into the cost to the company.

  1. All entities that wish to participate will be adhering to the following banner specifications.

  1. ALL banners will have a one (1) inch border around the banner.

  2. ALL banners will have grommets every 24 inches around the banner (except for banner wraps).

  3. ALL banners will be made of a minimum of 6-gauge vinyl or stronger.

  1. ALL banners will meet provided specs before it is made available for to display at the venue.

Pricing of Vinyl Banner Advertisements

  • All banners will be in Landscape view.

  • If an entity desires multiple banner sites, pricing is per banner. Additional banners would need to be procured at regular rate.

  • Banners may be selected for yearly display (August to May) or seasonal display (fall, winter or spring only).

  • ALL banners will be preselected at the beginning of the year or the time of procurement for the desired site (stadium, gymnasium, baseball or softball field).

  • Banners may not be moved during the designated year from one site to another.

Four (4’) X Six (6’) banner-$500 each

Two (2’) X Four (4’) banner-$300.00 each

banner board 005
Examples of vinyl banners

Matrix Scoreboard Advertising
Advertising on the matrix boards during events within the Atlanta Public Schools stadium venues provides a means to introduce a businesses or corporations message to a large number of people throughout the year.
In 2009-2010 almost 40,000 fans visited Lakewood and Grady stadium for athletic events. In 2010-2011, over 50,000 fans visited both Lakewood and Grady Stadiums for athletic events.

Grady Stadium is one of the most visible intersections in the City. Tenth Street and Monroe Drive averages almost 11,000 vehicles passing by each day.

Grady Stadium is also across the street from Piedmont Park, which averages anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 park visitors on a non-event day. On event days, it can grow to 50,000 (reported attendance at the Eagles concert held there in October 2010).
Lakewood Stadium, located on Langford Parkway and adjacent to the Lakewood Amphitheater, averages over 3000 vehicles a day, while on Amphitheater event days, may see anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 patrons each event evening.
There are currently two methods of advertising on the stadium matrix boards.

  1. Stationary Panels attached to the Daktronics board.

  1. With the addition of a top panel to the existing board (3’ high and 25’ long), this board would cost $15,000 for each fall through spring season.

  2. Each matrix board has side panels that are 6 feet wide by 8 feet high. Each side panel will cost $5000 for each panel for each fall through spring season.

*The company will incur the cost of panel advertising.
stadium scoreboard panels

Example of matrix board panel advertising

Another example of matrix board panel advertising
grady scoreboard- matrix board

Grady Stadium matrix board and scoreboard

  1. APS Athletics will add panels on each side of the scoreboard/matrix board that are 2’ wide by 16’ high. The cost for advertising on each of these panels will be $2500

  1. The electronic matrix board advertisements during APS stadium scheduled varsity events.

  1. 15-second logo shots, 6 per game-$250 (1 in pregame, 1 each quarter, 1 post game).

  1. 30-second commercials, 2 per game-$1000 (1 at end of first quarter, 1 at end of third quarter). On nights where doubleheader football games are played, 2 per game, 2 games for $1500.

*All logo shots and commercials will be provided by business, using compatible technology with the current APS matrix system.
Perimeter Wraps
Advertising in the form of installed “banner perimeter wraps” in the available stadiums on the concrete facade on each side of the stadium. One wrap would face the home side stands, while one would face the visitors’ side stands. These “wraps” are 80 yards (240’) in length and 1 yard (3’) high. These wraps are used at the collegiate and professional levels and have proven to be very successful.
These wraps can be used for:

  1. Repeated sponsor logos (Same company, Same logo-15 + times on 1 wrap with APS logos interspersed between each, or

  1. Local small businesses, different individual sponsors every 6 feet. Each small business wrap would have the APS logo between each small business ad.

The targeted sponsors would be potential Corporate Sponsors/Partners as well as businesses and corporations. This advertising means gives APS Athletics an appealing and attractive way of recruiting partners and building business relationships. “Perimeter Wraps” also gives APS Athletics a method to provide great advertising opportunities for larger firms (Example: Apparel/Uniform/Spirit Pack companies).

Perimeter Wrap banners will be available for fall 2011 through spring 2012


Available as:

  1. One same company, repeated logo wrap, one side of stadium-$20,000

  1. One same company, repeated logo wrap, both sides of one stadium (Receive choice of available stadium)-$35,000

  1. One small business ad on a multiple ad wrap, with an estimated 24 total advertisements per wrap-$1000 each ad

banner wrap

Stadium Perimeter Wrap

Another example of a stadium perimeter wrap
Also available are “Banner Perimeter Windscreen wraps”. These wraps are made from windscreen type material, similar to that seen on baseball and softball outfield fences. These wraps are porous, and allow air to move through them. These wraps are the same as #3 above. They will be placed on available fencing inside the stadiums and on outfield fencing at baseball and softball venues. These will be available as:

  1. 6’ wide by 6’ long size ads-$1500 for each advertisement. 15+ ad’s total per windscreen wrap. If one company wishes to purchase this entire windscreen banner wrap, the cost will be $15,000.

*The cost on windscreen banner wraps is built into the price for the ad.

windscreen perimeter wraps 2

Windscreen banner perimeter wrap

Banner Boards
Banner Boards can provide a versatile low effort method of raising a moderate financial stream for our athletic Department. These boards are similar to billboards in appearance, although they are usually lower, and wide. Signs are affixed to the board by fasteners and can vary greatly in size.
Larger companies or corporate sponsors can purchase metallic signage that should last for at least five years. The rates for these permanent signs are at least $1,000.00 and are purchased for three to five years at a time. Generally these signs will display a logo of the corporation and are placed high on the board. An example would be Starbucks across the street from Grady Stadium. A nice feature of this marketing vehicle is the opportunities for small businesses and organizations to have two foot by three-foot replicas of their business cards made on materials similar to yard signs, which are sold on a yearly basis. The smaller non-corporate businesses in the neighborhood would be our target market for this type of sign. We also can explore revenue sharing opportunities with local schools that sell community based advertising for the boards.
We would expect to make about between $20,000.00 to $ 40,000.00 dollars from this board.

banner board 003

Example of Banner Board
Website Advertising
Our department is in the process of building a first class website. This will give us another way to raise funds without an incredible amount of effort. Corporate sponsors will have the opportunity to have their logos displayed on the top, bottom and margins of the webpage. These logos will run 30 seconds a minute everyday for a month at a charge of $ 100.00. The Valdosta State Athletic Department’s website brings in $ 1,100.00 a month with eleven sponsors in a small market of only 60,000 people.
screen shot 2011-02-20 at 8

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