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Visiting Instructor

Masters Program in

Conflict Resolution

Georgetown University

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Ned Lazarus

Summary of Qualifications

Visiting Instructor of Conflict Resolution at Georgetown University (incoming Fall 2010). Visiting Researcher at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, Peace Scholar dissertation fellow at the United States Institute of Peace, Ph.D. Candidate and SIS Fellow at American University’s School of International Service. Dissertation title: Evaluating the American Generation of Israeli/ Palestinian Encounters. Expected completion: Fall 2010.

Lecturer in Peace and Conflict Resolution at University of Massachusetts-Boston and American University, specializing in conflict analysis and resolution, dialogue, evaluation, social identity, international relations, nationalism, peace-building and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Established, developed and directed peace-building programs involving hundreds of Israeli and Palestinian youth during eight years’ service as Program Director of the Seeds of Peace Jerusalem Center for Coexistence (1996-2004). Extensive experience negotiating political and psychological barriers to dialogue in contexts of conflict.


Visiting Researcher, Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School: Ten-month appointment for writing doctoral dissertation in residence at Harvard, 2009-10.

SIS Dissertation Fellow, School of International Service, American University: $10,000 award to support one year of full-time dissertation writing, 2009-10.

Peace Scholar Dissertation Fellow, United States Institute of Peace: $20,000 award for one year of full-time dissertation research on peace and conflict resolution, 2007-08.

Dean’s Fellowship, School of International Service, American University: Three-year full-tuition fellowship for doctoral study in International Relations, 2004-07.

Ruth Ratner Miller Seeds of Peace Prize, awarded by Seeds of Peace Founder and President John Wallach for outstanding contributions to the organization, 2002.

Dorot Fellowship in Israel: Full-year stipend for residency in Israel, study of contemporary issues in Judaism and Israeli society, volunteer internship, 1996-97.

Publications & Presentations

Academic Publications

“Making Peace with the Duel of Narratives: Dual-Narrative Approaches for Teaching the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict,” Israel Studies Forum 23 (1): May 2008, 107-124.

Review of David Hulme, Identity, Ideology and the Future of Jerusalem (New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2006), in Israel Studies Forum 23 (2): Winter 2008, 126-128.

“The Peacebuilder’s Paradox and the Dynamics of Dialogue: A Psychosocial Portrait of Israeli/Palestinian Encounters,” chapter co-authored with Dr. Mohammed Abu-Nimer for Kuriansky, Judy (ed.), Peacebuilding in the Promised Land (Westport, CT: Praeger, 2007).

Review of Peter Weinberger, Co-opting the PLO: A Critical Reconstruction of the Oslo Accords, in Millennium: Journal of International Studies: 36 (1), December 2007.

“Playing Pin the War on the Lobby,” The Forum: A Journal of Applied Research in Contemporary Politics, Berkeley Electronic Press 4 (1): 2006,

“The Political Economy of Seeds of Peace: A Critical Evaluation of Conflict Intervention,” nominated for Robert W. Cox Prize, International Studies Association Convention 2006.


Manuscript Peer Review, Palgrave-MacMillan, January 2010.

Conference Presentations

Association for Jewish Studies Annual Convention, December 21, 2008:

“‘Peacemaker’ Identity in the US, Israel and the Arab World: Social Capital or Stigma?”

International Studies Association Annual Convention, March 28, 2008:

“Conflict, Identity and Intervention: Long-term Participation of Israeli and Palestinian Peace Education Alumni” (poster)

American Anthropological Association Annual Convention, November 28, 2007:

“ ‘Conflict Zones’ and Identity Intervention”

United States Institute of Peace Senior Fellows’ Retreat, October 19, 2007:

“Evaluating the North American Generation of Israeli/Palestinian Encounters”

Middle East Studies Association Annual Convention, November 19, 2006:

“Peacemakers and Barriers: Discourse and Dialogue in the Age of ‘Disengagement’”

International Studies Association—Northeast Annual Convention, November 11, 2006:

“Conflict on the CV: Identity Capital, Peace Process, and Application Process”

Dialogue Under Occupation, Northeastern Illinois University, November 8, 2006:

“Dialogue and ‘Disengagement’: The Discursive Politics of Israeli/Palestinian Peacebuilding”

International Studies Association Annual Convention, San Diego: March 22, 2006:

“The Political Economy of Seeds of Peace: A Critical Evaluation of Conflict Intervention”

Seeds of Peace Graduate Leadership Summit, Seeds of Peace International Camp:

“Strategic Approaches to Conflict Transformation,” August 16, 2005

Middle East Youth Culture Workshop, Watson Institute for Int’l Studies, Brown University:

“Youth Culture in Israel and Palestine,” February 28, 2003

Shasha Seminar for Human Concerns, Wesleyan University:

“Challenging the Cultural Roots of Conflict,” November 16, 2002


Ha’aretz newspaper, Op-Ed Section:

“The Irony of Great Power Politics,” April 21, 2006

“For Justice, Please Hold,” Nov. 17, 2005

Slate magazine, Diary section, Nov. 5-9, 2001:

5-part Jerusalem Diary:

Jerusalem Report magazine, Up Front section:

“Space Odyssey,” Feb. 12, 2001:

“Venues of Venom,” July 16, 2001


2009-2010 Harvard Program on Negotiation Cambridge, MA

Visiting Researcher

Selective appointment for writing doctoral dissertation in residence at Program on Negotiation, including workspace, access to faculty, programs and institutional resources.

2009-2010 American University Washington, DC

SIS Dissertation Fellow

Selective dissertation-writing fellowship including $8,500 stipend and waiver of tuition.

2007-2008 United States Institute of Peace Washington, D.C.

Peace Scholar Dissertation Fellow

Selective year-long research fellowship including $20,000 grant and access to USIP resources.

Fall 2004-present American University Washington, D.C.

Ph.D. Candidate, Dean’s Fellow, School of International Service (SIS)

Completed pre-dissertation requirements (3.85 GPA), dissertation proposal defense, oral qualifying exam, comprehensive exams in Comparative Politics (with distinction), Peace and Conflict Resolution; seminars in International Relations, Comparative Politics, Social Theory, Conduct of Inquiry, Global and Human Security, Peace-building in Divided Societies; Independent research in critical approaches to peace and conflict scholarship; Student representative on Ph.D. committee, student selection and faculty search committees.

November 2006 International Studies Association-NE Boston, MA

Interpretive and Relational Methodologies Workshop

Selected for exclusive eight-hour intensive methodological workshop with leading scholars.

Summer 2005 American University Washington, D.C.

Peace-building and Development Institute

Awarded certification for seminar courses in “Training for Trainers in Peace-building and Development” and “Design, Monitoring and Evaluation in Peace-building and Development.”

1996-1997 Dorot Fellowship in Israel Jerusalem

Dorot Fellowship Seminars

12 forums on contemporary Palestinian/Israeli conflict and Israeli and Diaspora Jewish issues.

1996-97 Yakar Center for Tradition & Creativity Jerusalem

Yakar Learning Community

Intensive seminar for exegetical study of Torah, Talmud, Midrash and rabbinical texts.

1991 - 1995 Wesleyan University Middletown, CT

B.A. with Honors, College of Letters

Concentration requiring study of history, literature, philosophy and literature in foreign language (Hebrew). Thesis: The Identity and Motivation of Jewish Civil Rights Workers.

January – June 1993 The Hebrew University Jerusalem

Wesleyan Program in Israel

Five seminar courses on Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Term Paper: Analysis of The Arab Vote in the 1992 Elections. Seminar on Conflict Resolution taught by Dr. Jay Rothman.

June – August 1993 Jagellonian University Krakow, Poland

Project Judaica : Jewish History, Culture and Holocaust Studies in Poland

Research & dialogue program for Polish and Jewish students, taught by Polish and Jewish intellectuals and survivors of the Holocaust and veterans of resistance movements.

Professional Experience

2010-11 Georgetown University Washington, DC

Visiting Instructor, Masters Program in Conflict Resolution

Full-time appointment, teaching five courses, including Conflict Resolution Theory, Evaluation, Israeli/Palestinian Peacebuilding, and Nonviolence.

Fall 2009 University of Massachusetts Boston Boston, MA


Taught 600-level graduate course, “Theories of Conflict Analysis and Resolution.”

Spring 2009 American University Washington, D.C.


Taught 300-level undergraduate course, “Introduction to Peace and Conflict Resolution.”

2007 Just Vision Washington, D.C.

Curriculum Consultant

Designed lessons and advised content for interactive curriculum and online resource for teaching the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict, working with Dr. Mohammed Abu-Nimer.

2004-2006 Dr. Mohammed Abu-Nimer, AU/SIS Washington, D.C.

Research and Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant for courses in Peace-building, Dialogue, Reconciliation and Applied Conflict Resolution, responsible for lecturing, preparing materials and advising students, drafting and editing publications, researching Middle East conflict, interfaith dialogue and peace education, co-authoring chapter for edited volume on Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

2006 Abraham’s Vision Washington, D.C.

Jewish/Muslim Interfaith Educator and Curriculum co-Author

Selected as Jewish educator for innovative interfaith educational program; co-authored 100 pages of educational curriculum, comprised of twenty interactive lessons on history of Jewish/Muslim relations in medieval Spain, and contemporary Jewish/Muslim relations.

Summer 2005 Dr. Susan Allen Nan, AU/SIS Washington, D.C.

Teaching Assistant, “NGOs and International Conflict” Online Course

Advised students, consulted Professor on course and lesson design, facilitated weekly online discussion and summarized content for Professor, graded research papers.

1996-2004 Seeds of Peace Center for Coexistence Jerusalem

Program Director, Middle East Regional Coordinator

Peace Education/Program Development

Designed, implemented and supervised year-round calendar of seminars, outreach projects and events promoting dialogue, cultural exchange, youth leadership and peace education, involving hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians. Details:

Seminars/programs: Organized and led overnight dialogue and peace education seminars for Israeli, Palestinian (and some Jordanian) participants. Highlights:

Leadership seminars at Kibbutz Yahel: Leadership workshops, presentations, desert hikes, and dialogue. 300 Israeli and Palestinian participants (1997,98,99, 2002).

Communities of Jerusalem: Informational tours of Old City, East, and West Jerusalem, Christian, secular and religious Jewish, and Muslim lecturers, 30 participants (2003).

Media Analysis: Teaching skills of critical media analysis, led by Israeli and Palestinian journalists, 100 participants, in Beit Jalla (2000) and Neve Shalom (2003).

Photography and Identity: Taught by Israeli and Palestinian photographers, including sessions in Hebron, Tel-Aviv, East & West Jerusalem (2000).

Cross-border exchanges: Guided cross-border homestays and visits including several hundred Israeli, Palestinian, Egyptian and Jordanian participants and host families.

Israel/Palestine: Dozens of visits exchanged annually, including Christmas, Purim, Shabbat, Ramadan holiday celebrations and joint public presentations.

Jordan/Egypt: Led groups of Israeli and Palestinian youth on six homestay trips to Jordan, including audience with H.M. King Hussein and attendance at Jerash festival; more than 200 participants. Led group of 30 Israelis and Palestinians on 4-day Cairo homestay (4/2000). Organized homestays for Egyptian and Jordanian youth in Israel and Palestine, incl. delegations to 1999 Center for Coexistence Grand Opening ceremonies in Jerusalem.

Year-round Coexistence Groups: Designed curriculum, organized and facilitated multiple “Advanced Coexistence” groups of 12-20 Israeli and Palestinian youth meeting biweekly for dialogue and projects throughout the school year (annually 1999-2002).

Community Outreach: Presentations: Organized and led annually dozens of joint Israeli/Palestinian presentations for school groups, and visiting foreign delegations, including presentations in Israel, Palestine, Egypt and Jordan.

Youth Leadership Training/Counseling

Public Speaking: Prepared youth for dozens of public speaking tours in USA and Europe.

College Advising: Assisted several dozen Israeli and Palestinian youth in application processes for scholarships to secondary and university study abroad;

Counseling: Counseled Israeli and Palestinian teenagers and staff during traumatic periods of escalation in violence, personal difficulty or personal loss, and in wake of deaths of SOP founder John Wallach (2002) and beloved Arab-Israeli “Seed” Aseel Asleh (October 2000).


Multicultural staff supervision: Hired, trained and directed program staff of American, Israeli and Palestinian counselors and facilitators.

Incorporation: Established Seeds of Peace amutah (association) in Israel, served as chairman, responsible for legal and financial reports, 1997-2001.

Bookkeeping: Recorded annual program expenses of up to $500,000, 1997-2001; Submitted financial reports for USAID grant programs, 2000-01.

Border-crossing: Supervised successful checkpoint and border-crossing for groups between Israel, Gaza, West Bank, Jordan, and Egypt on hundreds of occasions.

1996-2004 The Olive Branch magazine


Designed, edited, published and distributed twenty-five editions of youth news magazine written by and for Seeds of Peace graduates from Afghanistan, Balkans, Cyprus, India, Middle East, Pakistan and the United States.

1995,1997-2002 Seeds of Peace International Camp Otisfield, ME

Counselor, Peer Support Coordinator

Co-designed and supervised cross-conflict dialogue programs for outstanding youth from Balkans, Cyprus, and Middle East, including peer mediation and leadership training.

Film & Media

2008 A Force More Powerful documentary film project

Hebrew Translation Verification

Reviewed and edited Hebrew translation of A Force More Powerful, the award-winning documentary history of successful nonviolent political movements.

2004- Encounter Point documentary film project

Advisor, Presentation Facilitator

Award-winning 85-minute 2006 documentary showcasing the work of Israeli and Palestinian peace activists, produced by the Just Vision project. Assisted subject selection, Hebrew and Arabic translation, logistics, editing, framing and screenings:

2003-4 Seeds documentary film project

Middle East Production Team

92-minute 2004 documentary using innovative techniques to portray Afghan, Israeli, Palestinian, Indian, Pakistani and American youth experiences of dialogue at Seeds of Peace camp, produced by Merge:Media, inc. Coordinated Middle East filming, co-interviewed Middle East subjects.

1998-99 Peace of Mind documentary film project

Coordinating Producer

Award-winning 57-minute documentary produced by Israeli and Palestinian teenagers, sponsored by Global Action Project and Seeds of Peace. Coordinated logistics for Middle East filming, contributed footage, facilitated meetings of Israeli and Palestinian producers.

Film Screening Panels

Encounter Point, Harvard Program on Negotiation, Wellesley College, American University (numerous occasions), Conference on “Celebrating Nonviolent Resistance”, Bethlehem, PNA;

Seeds, Society for Peace and Conflict Resolution, American University, October 20, 2005;

Checkpoints, Center for Social Media, American University, November 11, 2004.


Israel Channel 1 & 2 news, Kol Israel radio, Jerusalem Report, Washington Post,

Hartford Courant, Ma’ariv, Ha’aretz, Arab and Jew by David Shipler, 2002 edition.

Facilitation Experience

1999-2002 Seeds of Peace Center for Coexistence Jerusalem

Advanced Coexistence Groups

Facilitated year-round, biweekly dialogue groups for dozens of Israeli and Palestinian youth.

November 2001 Seeds of Peace Int’l Conference New York, NY

Youth Summit: Uprooting Hatred, Violence and Terror

Declaration of Principles Committee: Facilitated discussions on 9/11 attacks, visited Ground Zero, drafted joint declaration with youth from US, Israel, PNA, Egypt, Morocco, Croatia, India, Pakistan, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey.

April 1998 Seeds of Peace Int’l Conference Villars, Switzerland

Middle East Youth Summit: Israeli-Palestinian Final Status Negotiations

Jerusalem Committee: Co-facilitated week-long negotiation of final status of Jerusalem, in which Israeli, Palestinian Jordanian and Egyptian youth drafted agreement and achieved ratification by majority of 75 Israeli and Arab conference delegates.

Academic Associations

Member, International Studies Association, Middle East Studies Association, Association for Israel Studies, Association for Jewish Studies, Peace and Justice Studies Association.


Hebrew—fluent written and spoken; Arabic, French, Spanish—conversant.

References available upon request

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