Vtl 1: Word Letter

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VTL 1:
Word Letter Definition

  1. Digit e a) allowed to do something

  2. Eligible a b) in another country

  3. Extract d c) every year

  4. Annual c d) a small part of a story

  5. Abroad b e) a number

Choose the best word and type it in the blank:

appear crime thief state prison punish field

    1. In Scotland, the sun will only appear for a short time in the winter months.

    2. The money to attend university was given to me by the state.

    3. It is a crime to take a book from the library and never give it back.

    4. If you go to prison in many poor countries you will probably get very sick.

    5. In most universities the instructor will not punish you for being late.

Choose the correct form of the word:

  1. Let me give you some good advisor / advisable / advice (N) / advice (V).

  2. Do not get caught doing a crime / criminal (N) / criminally / criminal (Adj) activity.

  3. Somebody digit / digitally / digital altered the photograph.

  4. Driving too fast in the US is punishable / punish / punishment by a $200 fine.

  5. They gave the prisoner / imprison / prison only bread and water.

VTL 2:
Word Letter Definition

  1. Lecture e a) to keep

  2. Colleague d b) how you do something

  3. Retain a c) to get something

  4. Technique b d) someone you work with

  5. Obtain c e) a long talk

Choose the best word and type it in the blank:

Logical Assist Respond Academic Link Absolutely

    1. The new painting is absolutely beautiful.

    2. You can assist me by taking the box of books to my office.

    3. My academic text books are very boring.

    4. Can you give me a logical reason for your decision?

    5. There is a strong link between driving fast and car accidents.

Choose the correct form of the word:

  1. Can I substitute (n) / substitute (v) / substitution milk for cream in the recipe?

  2. She has mistake (n) / mistake (v) / mistakenly / mistaken studied the wrong chapter.

  3. We frequently / frequency / frequent go to the park at night.

  4. I don’t think the problem is very easily avoid / avoidable / avoidance.

  5. Smoke is an indicative / indication / indicate of fire.

VTL 3:
Word Letter Definition

  1. Journey b a) to say something

  2. Mention a b) a trip

  3. Pattern e c) a part of a situation, plan or subject

  4. Aspect c d) job

  5. Career d e) regular way in which something is done

Choose the best word and write it in the blank:

role stress factor assembly despite afford

    1. I can’t afford to go to Dubai until I get paid.

    2. She loved him despite the way he treated her.

    3. One aspect you should consider when buying a house is the location.

    4. The role of a police officer is to keep people safe.

    5. 500 new cars come off the assembly line every day.

Underline the correct form of the word:

  1. The workers and the manage / managerial / manager must agree on pay.

  2. They want to tax (v) / tax (n) / taxed / taxable /taxation people for driving downtown.

  3. I am afraid to talk to the exam / examine / examiner / examination.

  4. She wasn’t involved / involvement / involve in the robbery.

  5. They have satisfaction / satisfactorily / satisfy / satisfied / satisfactory / satisfying completed the assignment.

VTL 4:
Word Letter Definition

  1. Obesity c a) Someone who gives a lot of money, time

  2. Significant d b) The time when you relax and don’t work.

  3. Leisure b c) Fat, overweight.

  4. Generous a d) Important

  5. Column e e) Part of a chart that goes up and down.

Choose the best word and write it in the blank:

consist fee identify nation special method

    1. Did you pay the membership fee for the club?

    2. How many parts does the IELTS exam consist of?

    3. It is difficult to identify the correct person because they all look alike.

    4. For Eid my mother cooks a special meal.

    5. I use a traditional method for training racing camels.

Choose the correct form of the word:

  1. What is the definitive / definitively / define / definition answer to the question?

  2. She has regulate / regular / regularly / regularity gone to Dubai since March.

  3. My uncle is a strategy / strategic / strategically / strategist for the military.

  4. That is a very topic / topical / topically question.

  5. I need you to quietly participate / participant / participation in class.


Word Letter Definition
1. satisfaction b a) error

2. examination e b) happiness

3. mistake a c) keep away from

4. indicate d d) show

5 avoid c e) assessment

VTL 5:
Word Number Definition

  1. physical a a) having to do with the body

  2. require e b) someone who does not get paid for a sport

  3. amateur b c) great

  4. capacity d d) amount something can hold

  5. fantastic c e) need

Choose the best word and write it in the blank:

according consider error courageous injured physical crucial

    1. The athlete must consider how to practice so he can improve quickly.

    2. He is a very courageous soldier because nothing scares him.

    3. According to the doctor, he will be ok after he rests for a week.

    4. Books are crucial to education.

    5. The amateur athlete will not be able to play football for two months.

Choose the correct form of the word:

  1. I have a great admirer / admire / admirable / admirably / admiration for the police.

  2. The car is working reliability / reliably / reliable / rely / reliance.

  3. My cousins and brothers preference / prefer / preferable / preferential / preferably going to Abu-Dhabi rather than Dubai.

  4. Does Fatima drive dangerous / dangerously / endanger / danger or safely?

  5. Are the twin girls very similarly / similar / similarity in their style?


Word Letter Definition
1. establish c a) involvement

2. participation a b) plan

3. generous e c) start

4. strategy b d) reason

5 logic d e) kind

VTL 6:
Word Letter Definition

  1. Abbreviation b a) provide something

  2. Offer a b) short form of a word or name

  3. Territory d c) small

  4. Tiny c d) area that an animal will defend

  5. Species e e) type of animal

Choose the best word and write it in the blank:

pet plenty issue endangered especially cruel status

    1. I believe that putting animals in small zoos is cruel.

    2. There are plenty of cows in the world.

    3. Our family pet is a small dog named Skippy.

    4. Treating animals in a kind way is a moral issue.

    5. If people do not change, then the endangered animals of the world will die out.

Choose the correct form of the word:

  1. David Beckham is argue / argument / arguable / arguably the best player in football today.

  2. They are keeping the ape in captivity / capture / captive / captured.

  3. My diet (V) / diet (N) / diet (adj) / dietician told me to eat a lot of carrots.

  4. The new birds are going to habitat / inhabit / habitable / habitably the water park.

  5. They are justify / justifiably / justifiable / justification angry at the referee.


Word Letter Definition
1. manager e a) theme

2. avoid d b) correct

3. topic a c) like better

4. prefer c d) keep away from

5 exact b e) supervisor

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