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White, Eric Walter

(b Bristol, 10 Sept 1905; d London, 13 Sept 1985). English writer on music and administrator. After studying at Clifton College, Bristol, he read English at Oxford (1924–7). He worked for the League of Nations in Geneva (1929–33) as a translator and for the National Council for Social Service in London (1935–42), before becoming assistant secretary to the Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts (from 1946 the Arts Council of Great Britain), a post he held until 1971. He commissioned Tippett to compose his cantata Crown of the Year for the centenary celebrations of Badminton School, Bristol, in 1958. As a writer he concentrated on two areas: the music of Stravinsky and opera in England. His most important book, Stravinsky: the Composer and his Works (1966), was the climax of over 40 years of close interest in the composer. His investigation into performances of the late 17th and early 18th centuries represents an important contribution to the understanding of early English opera.


Stravinsky’s Sacrifice to Apollo (London, 1930)

Stravinsky: a Critical Survey (London, 1947)

Benjamin Britten: a Sketch of his Life and Works (London, 1948, enlarged 3/1970 as Benjamin Britten: his Life and Operas)

The Rise of English Opera (London, 1951)

‘“The Usual Banditti”: a Note on The Castle of Andalusia’, Opera, iii (1952), 726–32

‘Chatterton and the English Burletta’, Review of English Studies, new ser., ix (1958), 43–8

‘Early Theatrical Performances of Purcell’s Operas, with a Calendar of Recorded Performances, 1690–1710’, Theatre Notebook, xiii (1958–9), 43–65

‘New Light on “Dido and Aeneas”’, Henry Purcell, 1659–1695: Essays on his Music, ed. I. Holst (London, 1959), 14–34

‘The Rehearsal of an Opera’ [paintings by Marco Ricci, c1709], Theatre Notebook, xiv (1959–60), 79–90

‘A Decade of English Opera, 1951–60’, Theatre Notebook, xv (1960–61), 110–15

‘A Biographical Sketch’, ‘Tributes and Reminiscences: Crown of the Year’, Michael Tippett: a Symposium, ed. I. Kemp (London, 1965), 15–29, 50–52

Stravinsky: the Composer and his Works (London, 1966, 2/1979)

‘The Voyage to Venice’, ON, xxxix/7 (1974–5), 14–19 [on Britten’s Death in Venice]

A History of English Opera (London, 1983)

ed.: A Register of First Performances of English Operas and Semi-Operas from the 16th Century to 1980 (London, 1983)


White, Harry

(b Dublin, 4 July 1958). Irish musicologist. He completed degrees in English and music at University College, Dublin (1976–81), and in musicology at the University of Toronto (1981–4) and Trinity College, Dublin (1984–6), where he took the doctorate in 1986 with a dissertation on the oratorios of J.J. Fux. After teaching for a year at St Patrick's College, Maynooth, he became a lecturer in music at University College, Dublin, in 1985 and professor there in 1993. His principal areas of research are Irish musical history and Fux. The leading Irish musicologist of his generation, he is a productive scholar and has also been instrumental in establishing musicology as a legitimate discipline in Ireland. He instituted the series Irish Musical Studies with G. Gillen, and with P.F. Devine organized the first international musicological conference in Ireland in 1995. He is also editor of the Fux collected edition for which he has prepared Il trionfo della fede and Il disfacimento di Sisaro.


‘Erhaltene Quellen der Oratorien von Johann Joseph Fux: ein Bericht’, KJb, lxvii (1983), 123–31

The Oratorios of Johann Joseph Fux (diss., U. of Dublin, 1986) ‘Musicology in Ireland’, AcM, lx (1988), 290–305

‘Carolan and the Dislocation of Music in Ireland’, Eighteenth-Century Ireland, iv (1989), 55–64

‘The Critical Focus of American Musicology’, Journal of American Studies, xxiii (1989), 453–9

‘Heinrich Bewerunge (1862–1923): ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des Cäcilianismus in Irland’, KJb, lxxiv (1990), 41–66 [with bibliography of Bewerunge's works by F. Lawrence]

ed., with G. Gillen: Musicology in Ireland (Dublin, 1990) [incl. ‘Musicology, Positivism and the Case for an Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland: some Brief Considerations’, 295–300]

‘The Holy Commandments of Tonality’, JM, ix (1991), 254–69

ed.: Johann Joseph Fux and the Music of the Austro-Italian Baroque (Aldershot, 1992) [incl. ‘The Sepolcro Oratorios of Fux: an Assessment’, 164–230]

ed., with G. Gillen: Music and the Church (Dublin, 1993) [incl., with N. Lawrence: ‘Towards a History of the Cecilian Movement in Ireland’, 78–107; ‘Church Music and Musicology in Ireland: an Afterword’, 333–7]

ed., with P.F. Devine: International Musicological Conference: Maynooth 1995

‘The Oratorios of Johann Joseph Fux and the Imperial Court in Vienna’, Studies in Music from the University of Western Ontario, xv (1995), 1–16

ed., with G. Gillen: Music and Irish Cultural History (Dublin, 1995) [incl. ‘Music and the Irish Literary Imagination’, 212–27]

‘The Preservation of Music and Irish Cultural History’, IRASM, xxvii (1996), 123–38

‘“If It's Baroque, Don't Fix It”: Reflections on Lydia Goehr's “Work Concept” and the Historical Integrity of Musical Composition before 1800’, AcM, lxix (1997), 94–104

The Keeper's Recital: Music and Cultural History in Ireland, 1770–1970 (Cork, 1998)

‘“Something is taking its course”: Dramatic Exactitude and the Paradigm of Serialism in Beckett’, Samuel Beckett and Music, ed. M. Bryden (Oxford, 1998), 159–71

ed., with M. Murphy: Musical Constructions of Nationalism in Europe (forthcoming)


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