War between christian humanism & jewish materialism

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This paper is against Jewish Cultural / Racist Supremacy. It is not racist or anti-Semitic, and includes a special revisionist focus on World War II to more accurately relate the possible truth. It is to expose the anti-Gentile spirit of Zionism, Talmudism and related Jewish supremacies. It does not fault ‘accident of birth’ and praises the many Jews who have come out of their societal darkness to teach tolerance of Gentiles and support genuine morality. It does warn about the ingrained, environmental prejudices of Jews and their gods of materialism and tribal cohesion, as opposed to the basic Gentile instinct of individualism within an ethical community. It does also warn against the average Jew who has not been enlightened to true Humanism or Christianity. It is against the many Judaized Gentiles. There are many Jews who are patriotic, except when it comes to tribal affinities such as Zionism. There are also non-Zionist Jews who are still infused with anti-Gentile Talmudism. How can such a small population control so much? The Jewish population is so small, only about 3% in the US and less in many other nations, but they have spent nearly 200 years refining their message and buying up Gentile property. They have a near-monopoly ownership of Western media, publishing, etc. ---Judaism is, at heart, a conspiracy against the Peoples of this world, yet of course if there were no Jews many evils in this world would continue to exist.

Edition 2016 in progress: This is necessarily a broad overview, on independent subjects there is much more depth available on the Internet and within Research libraries. I do not plan on putting in footnotes. Most of the information has been verified from at least two original sources. Any comments are to be regarded as accumulative knowledge from other sections or further study. Very little speculation is included. If the reader is baffled at any short statement, he is asked to move on. It probably is explained in depth later on. Try to understand the general emphasis, setting the bones aside. For instance, surprising statements are made of Judaism’s history.

This Paper is dedicated to all the Truth Tellers. The 9th Commandment is that “You shall not Bear False Witness”.


This is an alternative study to the Allied side of history. The focus of this timeline is World War II in Europe, but many underlying themes, general pre-history and the current situation are also included. This War is carried on to the present day. The basic philosophical struggles which dominated the mid 20th century continue. The Propaganda put out by the Allies against Germany has become standardized history. Victors DO write history. Much that has been portrayed as facts is in reality based on the flimsiest evidence, usually from ‘eye witnesses’ and not forensic evidence. Authors and Professors on the Holocaust often just regurgitate from other books these falsities. Verbiage bias in the use of adjectives and adverbs take the place of real evidence. It becomes hyperbole and exaggeration. A true researcher needs to read between the lines and discover an author’s bias. Most books on the Holocaust and other Jewish issues, for example, are written by Jews or other Zionists.

Hitler and the Germans considered the National Socialist Movement to be Positive Christianity. There was no closure of churches as there was in the Soviet Union or the denial of Christian influence as in the modern West . Only vocally Zionist or traitorous Christian ministers were jailed, not unlike other nations at war including the U.S. Disagreement among Party members and public demonstrations were allowed and influenced the government. Politically there was a Left wing and a Right wing to the Nazi party, the unity being what was best for Germany over individual power. True, there was individual will to power and human failings, but much less than other Western nations. Many in the West were enamored of the Italian Fascists and the German Nazis in spite of the early propaganda from the Jewish-dominated Press. Non-German Businesses poured money in towards these anti-Communist movements. Non-German Educators and Idealists affiliated with their German peers. Even in the midst of war, half of the Waffen-SS military (500,000 soldiers) and 2 million soldiers in the regular army were composed of foreigners to the Reich vowing to fight to the death against atheistic Jewish-born Communism.

This paper is in support of the German people. It is to point out the falsehoods and absurdities of propaganda against Germany and especially of the Third Reich. Victors write the history. Western propaganda is still owned by Jews. The History Channel for example is owned by Jews. Selective quotes, pictures, and captions are used in traditional history, when reality is many times the total opposite. Hitler was only a man and was far from perfect, but he epitomizes the true Statesman. Hitler did not want to forcefully export National Socialism or control other nations’ development as the Communists or the Western Democracies wanted to with their systems. He wanted other nations to come up with their own forms. He initially admired the British and the Americans and did not want war. He only wanted freedom from the Versailles settlement and to re-gather German territories. The centuries-old battle is for the soul of man and the Golden Rule versus a godless materialism. Please have grace in reading, some things may offend, but my motivation is enlightenment. The Holocaust was written by the Victors, as is most history. Even though stated elsewhere in this paper, it must be pointed out that no one is condemned because of accident of birth. There are worldviews which are acquired through one’s parents and environment. This study is against the Jewish worldview which is materialism and racial superiority as acquired through Talmudic heritage. Even so, there were nearly 150,000 Jews and partial Jews who fought for Germany. Yes, for Germany.

Germany today is still an occupied nation with nearly 100,000 US troops, (only a few less currently), and a Basic Law and government imposed by the Allies. Germany does not yet have a German-developed Constitution. Obvious Allied control has now been superseded by Jewish materialism and Jewish or Zionist Gentile Leadership under the unquestionable ‘Holocaust’ guilt with laws in most Western nations against discussion of the Holocaust. All information here is easily discovered on the Internet or larger library. To include so many subjects in this paper, some are absurdly limited. General Patton understood that the National Socialists were simply a political party. This author is not a National Socialist or Fascist as those parties do not exist, but in his understanding, as a Christian would have supported them with only some minor objections. These systems were not perfect as they were yet maturing. In practice, these systems were much more healthy and practical than Communism or Liberal Democracy with its degeneracy and monopolistic capitalism. In time, without the constant opposition from outside, these systems would have evolved as they were to represent the dynamic organism of the Nation or People. Fascism had wide latitude of freedom within union of the community. Fascism actually speaks like the New Testament, in that there is individual liberty - within Christ. Fascism includes many facets which are not so different than Americanism. Hitler was looking forward to a retirement with a Successor and for a Senate. This author is most likely aligned with American Paleo-Conservatism.

Nearly every Arts and Sciences field have disagreement in their basic theories. Even something as seemingly basic as Physics is challenged and theories are changed. A ‘consensus’ in any field is the dominant majority which has a stake in not upsetting their chosen profession. The professionals as well as their collaborating publishers and editors screen and deliberately push aside minority thoughts. Many times the Truth has the hardest uphill climb. Does one believe in global warming, evolution, globalism, Chevrolet, Republican or their opposite? It would be entertaining to run through an economic, theological, literary, political or even scientific history of the differences between Christian and anti-Christian philosophies. In this article some may be included. Also included are some fun facts. The term Christian is used as a descriptive worldview that is for positive human community, not as a theological statement. In 2010 U.S., most Christianity is unfortunately pseudo-Judaism. Before the floodgates of immigration opened in the 1960’s under Jewish leadership, nearly half of Americans claimed German heritage, add to that the Scandinavians and the majority of the British Isles, add to that the Germanic or Gothic influences towards the leadership of the French, Spanish, Italians and even Russians. Many subjects are brought up in this thesis to understand the milieu, but not to totally explain or clarify.

The European spirit is primarily that of the Germanic tradition of individual rights and community cohesion. Outside of current Jewish pressures and politics, and of media democracy and materialism, the European Union of today is the descendent of the dream of union of Charlemagne, Napoleon, and Hitler of the common European culture with regional differences. The EU despite its curtailing of Freedom of Speech is a Union totaling over 500 million in population and is the largest economy in the world. Germany, as always, is the efficient engine and by itself has exports totaling that of China. Many of the Social(ist) policies inaugurated by Bismarck, greatly expanded by the National Socialists, are in effect and today’s Europe has a high standard of living and comfort. Yet the Jews there have increased immigration and false international finance and its attendant usury which threatens Europe’s destruction.

Many in modern America, who rightly critique the large scale of government and accuse it of cooperating with corporations, misunderstand the difference between corporationism and corportism. They accuse America as turning fascist because of this confusion. America is not fascist. It is a confused Hyper-Capitalism/Communism Mix. These differences are later explained in further detail in several sections.

A nation needs to have cohesion to survive. The Jewish philosophy is to divide and conquer numerous internal populations. A nation needs to have the dominant culture in leadership, with rights for the minorities. Why are our Western nations de facto ruled by a 3% or less alien culture with dual allegiance? Would we fare any better with this 3% ruling elite being Korean, Nigerian, Swedish or amorally Corporational?

The totality of a person or a movement is usually very diverse and sometimes conflicting. The ones listed in this timeline are simple snapshots and are not fully descriptive. Pictures and subjects to add are welcome.

Some of the famous or less-known quotes in this Thesis were said from true feelings, some followed cultural standards and many of the more current ones were made and then recanted because of political or economic retaliation.

Again, this Thesis is not against anyone by race, only the racist, supremacist teachings of the Jewish Talmud. I have listed many people as Jews who may have evolved beyond these teachings. And many Christians, especially modern evangelicals are even more Zionist than Jews themselves. Also, there are numerous crypto Jews.

The general opposition to the Jewish community has been universal and timeless memory of human civilization. Since the earliest ages, Jews were international Insiders in Trade and Banking with a Talmudic attitude towards Gentiles, considering them as inferior and abhorring physical labor. “Anti-Semitism” was never isolated, but the tradition of the peoples of the West.

Judaism as Psychopathy: (see 2011) Jews are taught that they are the Chosen People and that Gentiles are second class, if not truly beasts. Gentiles are to be used for the glory of the Judaic Tribe. Judaism is Psychopathy and its adherents are psychopaths unless they have seen the light of universal humanism.

Age of the Universe:

According to the “prevailing” Big Bang model, the universe expanded from an extremely dense and hot state and continues to expand. The time for this expansion continues to be revised. Time speeds and slows depending on space conditions. What was before this “Big Bang”?

Age of the Earth: The atmosphere has changed with greater or lesser carbon, which also plays havoc with standard carbon-dating of fossils. There are no accurate dating procedures beyond 10,000 years.

Creationists: There are old as well as young earth creationists, as well as biblical or non-biblical ones. The stereotypical Creationist believes in Creation at 4000bc. (This compiler accepts Creation, because of the huge discrepancies of Evolution, but doesn’t endorse the literal definition.)

Geologic Time Scale & Evolution: Oftentimes fossils are dated by the geologic strata and the stratum is dated by the fossil. Can we say circular reasoning?

Genesis (Beginning of Man) - There are many scientific difficulties with Evolution, including any real basis for species change other than micro-evolution. The oldest fossils, whether of a young earth or old earth, are identical to living creatures, except of course in regard to extinct species. All dating systems are corrupt in using circular reasoning and methods that aren’t very credible for more than twenty thousand years. Evangelical creationists believe a young earth creation. Muslim creationists believe in an old earth, but that still the species haven’t changed. Also, the amount of accumulated carbon can vary according to climatic conditions. Could not these conditions have been vastly different millennia ago? Remains attributed to human evolution are in reality either just ape and artwork or true man. Evidence leads to a Creator. This does separate man from animals, but doesn’t separate man from responsibility to the rest of Nature. All mankind are brothers insofar as all are created. Then by definition, the Creator’s goodwill is the same for all.

The current fad for the lack of intermediary fossils is the theory of Punctuated equilibrium where two sets of mutant animal parents create a wholly different species. How science fiction and numerically impossible is this? Punctuated equilibrium is a complete reversal of gradual evolution.

Even when contemporary science states that man and chimpanzees share 98% of genetic material, this biased percentage is of very select areas, the majority of genetic areas are vastly different.

(This Complier once debated 5 professors and at the end they conceded there was “Creation-Science”.)

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