Wednesday 29 April

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Law and Private Life in the Middle Ages

29 April – 1 May 2009

Carlsberg Academy, Copenhagen


Wednesday 29 April

09.00-09.30: Registration of participants

09.30-09.45: Welcome speech by Ditlev Tamm

09.45-10.45: Keynote Lecture by Richard H. Helmholz (Chicago): The Medieval Ecclesiastical Courts: Were They Courts of Law?

10.45-11.00: Short break

11.00-12.50: Session I. Aspects of Late Medieval Marriage

Peter D. Clarke (Southampton): The Papal Penitentiary and Marriage: Central Authority and Local Powers.

Kirsi Salonen (Rome/Helsinki): The Apostolic Penitentiary and Domestic Violence.

Christof Rolker (Constance): Marriage Contracts, the Marital Economy and Symbolic Goods in Late-Medieval Germany.

12.50-14.00: Lunch

14.00-15.15: Session II. Incest and Impotence in Canon Law

Frederik Keygnaert (Leuven): Canonical Legislation on Incest and Excommunication in Sixth-Century Gaul.

Frederik Pedersen (Aberdeen): Privates on Parade: Impotence and the Medieval English Church Courts.

15.15-15.45: Coffee and Tea Break

15.45-17.00: Session III. Learned Jurisprudence and the Private Sphere

Helge Dedek (McGill, Montreal): School of Life: Medieval Jurisprudence and the Scholastic Method.

Karsten Fledelius (Copenhagen): Canon Law versus Secular Law in Byzantium c. 900.

17.00-17.15: Coffee and Tea Break

17.15-18.30: Session IV. Private vs. Public Life

Paul Trio (Leuven): The Development of Urban Private Law in the Low Countries during the 13th Century.

Peter Petkoff (Oxford): Roman and Canon Law Influences of Distinction between Public and Private Life in the Commentaries of Theodore Balsamon (12th c.).

18.30-19.00: Drinks in the Academy Winter Garden

19.00-22.00: Conference dinner
Thursday 30 April

09.00-10.15: Session V. Adultery and Concubinage

Stephen D. White (Emory, Atlanta): Prosecuting and Proving Sexual Infidelity at the Court of King Arthur: The Case of Guinevere vs. Lanval.

Mia Korpiola (Helsinki): The Private Life of Archbishop Johannes Gerechini: Clerical Concubinage and Simulated Marriage in Early Fifteenth-Century Sweden.

10.15-10.30: Coffee break

10.30-11.45: Session VI. Family in the Canon Law Collections

Martin Brett (Cambridge) and Bruce C. Brasington (West Texas A & M): Changes in Family Law: From Burchard of Worms to Ivo of Chartres.

Harry Dondorp (Amsterdam): TITLE TO BE CONFIRMED

11.45-12.00: Short break

12.00-13.15: Session VII. Sex and Celibacy

Hendrik Callewier (Leuven): Canon Law and Celibacy: The Sexual Urges of the Secular Clergy in Fifteenth-Century Bruges.

Bjørn Bandlien (Oslo): Sexuality in the Early Church Laws in Norway and Iceland.

13.15-14.30: Lunch

14.30-16.15: Session VIII. Age and Life Cycles

Youval Rotman (Yale): What is a Child’s Will? Children’s Agency and Child Labour in Byzantium.

Chiara Benati (Genova): ‘Voremunden hebben’: Children, Elderly and Impaired People in Eike von Repgow’s Sachsenspiegel.

Jakub Wysmulek (Warsaw): Family from the Perspective of the Dying – Evaluating the Power of Testaments.

16.15-16.45: Coffee and Tea Break

16.45-18.00: Session IX. Law in the Urban Space

Mario Ascheri (Rome/Siena): The Law of Private Life in a Tuscan City in Dante's Time.

Lukasz Truscinski (Warsaw): Marital Cases of Town Inhabitants in Church Courts of Medieval Poland.
Friday 1 May

09.00-16.30: Excursion to North Zealand including Elsinore, Ebelholt Abbey & Birkerød Church.

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