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4. How to get an Emirates ID Card
The Emirates ID Card is now a legal requirement for all U.A.E. residents.
Firstly, you have to get a Resident Visa. This will be organised through school as they are your sponsors. This may take up to six weeks from arrival after completion of your medical blood tests and chest X-ray. School will send the results of this alongside your paperwork to the Emirates Authority where they will issue you with your visa and attach it to your passport.
Then you will need to visit the Typing Centre. They have different working hours depending on the office you visit. Many close at 2.30pm. The closest office for Kings’ Dubai is:

On Time Office (Knowledge Village Branch)

Dubai Knowledge village,

next to Medical Fitness Centre


Here you must fill in the necessary forms so ensure you take your passport with your visa included. In addition to a fee of AED70 a service charge as well as AED100 for each year your visa is valid (so AED270 in total).

Please KEEP THE RECIEPT as you will need at the Registration Centre.
N.B. Please ensure that before you leave the Typing Centre you check all paperwork for correct spelling of all information as it is extremely difficult to correct this after this point.
After this stage you will get a text message advising you to go to a Registration Office where you will be photographed for your ID card and receive a finger print and retina scan. The service point will be stated but please be aware that there is a Registration Office in Knowledge Village (not the same office as the Typing Centre but close by). Again they close at 2.30pm and often do not take people after 2.15pm and it is likely to have a queue).
REMEMBER to take your form given from the Typing Centre, payment receipt and passport.
There are Registration Offices until 8.30pm however they require all documentation including the medical certificates which it is most likely you will not have by this point.
Arrival of your Emirates ID Card: even though the predicted time of arrival of the card is 21 days be warned it may be a lot longer! This seems to vary with every person for no apparent reason. You will receive a text message stating the post office you should collect your card from. Be aware that post offices vary in their opening hours. It has been proven possible by some people to arrange to pick up your card at a closer post office by calling the original post office stated on the text. It is advisable to pick your card up within a couple of weeks from receiving the text.

N.B. please keep your text as you will need to show this to collect your card as well as your passport for ID.

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