So far, administration of Koutthep village-fund group (Phonnady) is worked by boards, it has a common coordination and discussion

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By this study, it gets to know the general situation of the village-fund group and affecting factors towards living condition of families in Koutthep village (Phonnady village), Atsaphone district, Savvanakhet province by interviewing the administration boards about the movement of Koutthep village-fund group (Phonnady) and by using questionnaires to collect data from villagers and from the village-fund group members.

The results have been found that: the general situation and administration of the village-fund group is worked by team and has mutual interest, shares responsibility and find solution to difficulties based on each condition.

So far, administration of Koutthep village-fund group (Phonnady) is worked by boards, it has a common coordination and discussion. The service builds confidential and can supply demands of the members such as: withdrawing money, providing loan and the right on welfares. In parallel with advantage, there is a problem that the village-fund group commonly faces such as: the payment of interest and the loan is not returned on the due time.

The study results have been discovered that once the village-fund group started its service, the household economic of the villagers is getting better and better. When comparing to the past, the present household income averagely increases 15% a year, the expense increases two times. It makes better life quality for the villagers, helps villagers have extra jobs, and turn to do more business to earn money for families such as: rice mills and shops have been increasing from 20% to 50% because of convenience in getting loan from the village-fund group. In overall, many programs shown on the table above increases with quantity such as: rice crops has increased 35%, cows have increased 20%, goats have increased 15%, and pigs have increased 20% . The public service has increased more such as: education has increased from 50% to 85%, public health and credit service have increased from 6% to 49.5%. In overall, the living condition of people is getting much better when being compared to the time before the village-fund group was started. All these things are resulted directly from the village-fund group. Besides that the effect of the village-fund group has shown many aspects in having access to public infrastructures.

It is concluded that the establishment of village-fund group plays significant roles in stimulation of society growth in the village. It also makes a better change on living condition of the villagers step by step.

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