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Dr. Omar Attaj Omar Alimam


Nationality: Sudanese

Date and place of birth:8 Dec 1956

Status:Married (3doughters &3 sons)

Academic title: Associated professor

Occupation: Head Division of Field Training , F.P.M

Address: Faculty of Petroleum and Minerals, Al-Neelain University, Khartoum, Sudan.


Mobile: 00249925415013


-Ph.D. in "Geotechnical Engineering" a subject of "Coastal Geotechnical Properties and Pilling Foundation Design, Port Sudan – Suakin Red Sea, Sudan. Al-Neelain University, 2005. Geology, a subject of "Geology and Coastal Plain Evolution of Towartit, South Port Sudan, Red Sea, Sudan .Al- Neelain University. 2001

B.Sc. in Marine Geology .K.A.U. Saudi Arabia. 1981


- Associated professor , Faculty of Petroleum and Minerals, 2009.

-Assistant professor, School of Applied Earth Sciences, 2005-2009.

-Lecturer, Dept .of Geology, 2001-2005.

-T.asst. Dept. of Geology, 1998-2001.

-T.asst. Dept. of Marine Geology, K.A.U.1982-1991.

-Participate in training course on radiation protection. Fac. of Eng., K.A.U., S. Arabia, 1986.

-Participate in number of academic cruises on "IbnMajed research vessel, Red Sea, 1987.


I graduated from K.A.U. in 1981, fac. of Marine Science , Dept. of Mar. Geology, Saudi Arabia . In the last tow semesters I was participated in training period at the Sudanese Saudi Red Sea Commission on Velladelvia Research vessel for B.Sc project in northern west basin of Attlantus II Deep .Farther, in 81-82 cooperated in the Sudanese Saudi Red Sea Commission for laboratory analysis, data processing and interpretation . In 1987 I was participated in number of cruse on Inb Majed Research Vessel in the southern part of the Red Sea. The M.Sc. and PhD belong to the Red Sea and most of publication about it.


Assistant in departmental projects in Fac. of Mar. Sci., K.A.U.:

-Effective of pollutant on the distribution of benthic foraminifera in the near shore region of Jeddah coast. 1988-1989.

-Depositional and digenetic history of evaporation sediments in the coastal lagoon and sabkha, Eastern Red Sea. 1987-1988.

-Feeding habits and sediments processing by some Sea Urchin, Bivalves and Fishes, Eastern Red Sea.

-Investigation on the metaliferrous sediments from some deeps in the Red Sea. 1983-1984

-Ecology of the coral reef complex and the shore lagoon near Sharm Obhur, Red Sea. 1982-1983


-Head dept. of geology, 2008-2015.

-Handling courses in:

*Marine geology

*Structural geology

*Engineering geology

*Soil mechanics

*Mining engineering


*Post graduate courses in engineering geology and engineering geophysics.

*Supervision for post graduate students, M.Sc. and Ph.D.

-Touch courses of engineering geology, University of North Kurdofan 2007-2011

-Participated in syllabus committee of Upper Nile University 2009

-Participated in syllabus committee of Nile Valley University 2014.

- Participated in the High committee of Basic Sciecese , Ministry of High Education , Sudan .

-Geotechnical study of building materials for roads and construction in Bayouda desert, 2005, Sudan.

-Geotechnical report of influence of subsurface and sanitary waters on foundations of the constructions of old and eastern Omdurman, 2005, Sudan.

-Geotechnical field investigation of drainage system pattern development in eastern Nubian mountains 2004, Sudan.

-Geotechnical site investigation for many building in Kafori area, Khartoum.


1/ Surface water harvesting. The international African Center (IAC), Khartoum, Sudan 2009.

2/ Management of surface water in Khartoum State, Agr. Development, Khartoum, Sudan, 2010

3/ Effects of tectonics activities on the " Nahda Dam" Faisal cult. Center, Khartoum, Sudan, 2015


1/ N.V.N.Durgaprasada Rao; A.K.A.Behairy and O.A.O .AL-Imam: Minerals Phases and Facies Characterizations in the Metaliferous Sediments of Atlantus II Deep, Red Sea. Jour. of Mar. Geol. Vol. 59 (1984) pp: 1-12.

2/ N.V.N.Durgaprasada Rao;O.A.O .AL-Imam and A.K.A.Behairy: Early Mixed-Water Digenetic Dolomitization, West Coast of Saudi Arabia, Red Sea.Jour. of Sedi. , Vol. 53 (1987) pp: 231-254.

3/ S.M. ELZIEN AND O.A.O. AL-IMAM: Carbonate Minerals Digenesis in Towaratit Coastal Plain ,Port Sudan, Red Sea Jour. of NBR No.(4), Vol. 11 (2002) pp:35-58.

4/ S.M. ELZIEN AND O.A.O.AL-IMAM: Sea – Level Changes and Evolution of Towaratit Coastal Plain, Port Sudan, Red Sea. Jour. of NBR, No. (6), Vol. 1 (2004)

5 / S.M. Elzien, 0. A. 0. Al-Imam and A. A. Alsha:fie: Texture Characteristics and Nature of Sediments of Towaratit Coastal Plain, Red Sea, Sudan.Sudan Journal of Basic Sciences (SJBS) G.Vol. (6) (2005). pp: 149-167.

6/ 7/ Abdelazim Makki Ibrahim , Ibrahim Malik , Omar Ataj Omar.: Assessment of Load-Carrying Capacity of bored Pile in Clay Soil using Different Methods.Int. Jour. of Eng. Res. And App.(IJERA) ISSN 2248-9622, Vol.: 2, Issue 4, Jul-Aug (2012). Pp: 1243-1253.

7/ Abdelazim Makki Ibrahim, Ibrahim Malik and Omar Altaj Omar : Pile Design using Eurocode 7: A case study. Jour. of Civil Eng. And Const. Tech., ISSN: 2141-2634. Vol. 4 (3) Mar. 2013. Pp: 70-80.

8/ Al-Imam, O. A. O.; Elzien, S. M.; Mohammed A. A.; Elkrail, A.B.;

& Mustafa A.A.: Detection of Hazardous Elements in Foundation Layers in Carbonate Coastal Plain, Port Sudan – Suakin, Red Sea.Amer.Jour. of Eng. Res.(AJER). Vol. 2, Issue: 10. (2013). pp: 205-213.

9/ Siddig M.E, O.A.O.Al-Imam and Hussein A.H. : Hydrochemical Facies , Groundwater Pattern in Red Bed and Basaltic Aquifers, Origin of Brackish Waters and Salts Encrustation , Khanapur Plateau, Western Ghats , Maharashtra, India. Inter. Jour. of Eng. Sci. and Res. Tech. ISSN: 2277-9655. Vol. 2 (5) May (2013). Pp: 1383-1398.

10/ S.M. Elzien, D.N. Patil, O.A. O. Al-Imam: Genesis of Khanapur Red Beds, Maharashtra, India.Intr.Jour.of Eng. Sci. and Res. Tech. ISSN: 2277-9655. Vol. 2 (6) June (2013).Pp: 1422-1437.

11/Elzien S.M, Hamed B. O, Omar A.O.A, Mohamed A., Mustafa A.A., Robert Bussert : Facies and Depositional Environments of Cretaceous Siliciclastic Sediments in Al-Bauga, Nortern Sudan. Inter. Jour. of Eng. Sci. and Res. Tech. ISSN: 2277-9655. Vol. 2(10) Oct.(2013) pp: 3000-3007).

12/ Elzien S.M, Azza F.I.M, Al-Imam, O. A. O: Geochemistry and Clay Mineralogy of the Soil Around Bau City, Ingassana Hills, and Blue Nile State Southern Sudan. Nile Basin Research Journal.ISSN:1858-621x.Vol. VIII (15) Aug. (2013).

13/ Kheiralla, K. M 1, Al-Imam, O. A. O, Elzien, S. M: Engineering Geophysical Study for Geotechnical Investigation, Port Sudan Red Sea, Sudan/. Inter.Jour. of Geol., Agri.And Envir.Sci. Vol.01, Issue (1) Dec. (2013).

14/ Kheiralla KM, Aatiga Eshag, Elzien SM, Saud SA and Al-Imam OA: Seasonal Variation of Algae Types, Counts and Their Effect on Purified Water Quality: A case study. Al-Mogran and Buri Plants, Khartoum State, Sudan. Journal of Biodiversity and Endangered Species. ISSN: 2332-2543. Vol. 2 (2) (2014)

15/ S.M Elzien, S.H Mohamed, K.M. K Keiralla, OA Attaj and H.A Hussein : : Hydro – geochemical Signature in the Thermal Water in Jabel Mara, Darfur Region, Western Sudan.Jour. of Geol.And Geosci. Vol. (03), Issue: (01) (2013) pp: 1 38 147.

16/ Al-Imam, O. A. O.; Elzien, S. M.; Mohammed A. A.; Hussein; Kheiralla, K. M. & Mustafa A.A.: Geotechnical Properties of Mixed Marine Sediments on Continental Shelf, Port Sudan, Red Sea, Sudan.Amer.Jouir.of Eng. Res. (AJER). ISSN: 2 3-0847. Vol. 03, Issue -1 (2013) pp: 68-79.

17/ Omer A. O. Al-Imam, Khalid A. Elsayed Zeinelabdein, Abdalla E. M. Elsheikh :Stratigraphy and Subsurface Weathering Grade in Determination for Foundation properties in the Area Between Port Sudan – Suakin, Red Sea, Sudan. American Journal of Earth S

ciences. 2015; 2(4)71-77.

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22/ Kheiralla K. M., Salma E. E., Al-Imam O. A. O., Elzien S. M.: Geology and Geophysical Conditions of land platform (Karab) using Resistivity Imaging and Seismic Refraction Survey ,Fashaga Area, Gadaref State, Sudan. American Journal of Earth sciences, 2015, 2(6): 164-170

23/ S.M. Elzien, K.M. K Keiralla; A.O.A. Al-Imam: Geostatistical Analysis of the Geochemical Dataset from Jebel Abu Tulu, West Kordofan State, Sudan. Ova Journal of Engineering and Applied S ciences, Vol. 5(1), (2016):1-7.


1/ Manual Hand Book in Geotechnical Tests of Soil (Physical Properties).RDMK, ISB 978-99942-932-1-6.Al-Neelain University, Khartoum, Sudan. (2009). P: 200.

2/ Manual Hand Book in Geotechnical Tests of Soil (Mechanical Properties).RDMK, ISB 978-99942-932-2-3.AL-Neelain University, Khartoum, Sudan. (2009).p:200.

3/New Geological Concepts in Holy Quran (in Arabic) Reg. No.MK21/200/613/ Khartoum, Sudan.(2000).

Continues Projects:

1/ Generating Electric Power in the Red Sea by using Barrier Coral Reefs. Patent Reg. No. 897. Khartoum, Sudan (2001).

2/New Artificial Nile in Sudan (surface water harvesting) Reg. No.73AA/2008/8K Khartoum, Sudan. (2008).

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