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Welcome to Europe!!

Europe Geography

  1. Danube River - the second longest river in Europe and an important shipping route across the continent. The Danube flows from west to east from Germany to the Black Sea. It either flows through or forms the border of ten countries.

  2. Rhine River - originates in the Swiss Alps mountain range and flows northwest to the North Sea.

  3. English Channel - a narrow sea between Great Britain and France

  4. Mediterranean Sea - the world’s largest inland sea, located between Europe, Africa, and Asia

  5. European Plain - a vast, flat area stretching from France’s Atlantic coast to the Ural Mountains in Russia. This region has rich farmland.

  6. Alps - a magnificent mountain range in south-central Europe stretching from eastern France and northern Italy through Switzerland and Austria. Snowmelt from the Alps pous into many of Europe’s rivers.

  7. Pyrenees Mountains - mountain range that extends along the border between France and Spain

  8. Ural Mountains - located in western Russia and form the boundary between Europe and Asia

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9. Iberian Peninsula - located in southwest Europe and contains Spain and Portugal

10. Scandinavian Peninsula - located in northern Europe and is occupied by Norway and Sweden

11. Peninsula - a piece of land that is surrounded by water on three sides

12. Gulf stream - warm water current that moves warm water from the Gulf of Mexico across the Atlantic Ocean towards Europe

13. permafrost - soil that is permanently frozen

14. arable - land suitable for farming

15. sovereign - self-governing

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