What’s new with kennelsoft’s atlantis version 2 Multi Location Capability

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Owner Discount Programs – These are owner discounts and will automatically be applied to every transaction for that owner. These discount plans are user defined and can be applied to either - Boarding, Day Care, Activities, Grooming, Retail or any combination of these. They can be set to expire after a set number of days or after a certain date. They can also be set to “Apply to 1 Appointment Only”. This is perfect if you offer a New Client Discount. These discount plans can also be used for club membership. You might have a club called Tail Waggers for frequent boarders. Members pay a fee ($1500.00, $2000.00, or $2500.00 depending upon your boarding rates) at the beginning of each year and receive a fifteen percent discount on their boarding.


Twice the profile space for Groom Profiles, Histories, and Groomer Worksheets

Compatibility Code has been increased to three (3) characters and appears on Day Care, Arrival Calendar, and End of Day Reports.
Option to Run Activity Reports for Departures Only. This is to help eliminate the situation where the pet owner comes to pick up their pet before it’s had its activities.
Option for Feeding Labels, Feeding Reports, and Med Reports to print for those pets that are actually checked in at the time the report is run.
Kennel Run Cards will start printing lower on the page. This will allow clipboards to grab the run card without clamping over the name.
Creation, Editing, and Deletion Logs now work across any combination of operating systems.
Credit Card entry has been separated from the confidential tab. Employees can only view the type of card, the last four (4) digits of card number, and the expiration date. They may edit the expiration date or add a new card. They can’t view or edit an existing card number.

Print Pending Appointments – Print out a list showing all future boarding, day care, and grooming appointments for an owner.

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