Grammar Lesson Plan

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Grammar Lesson Plan

We can do it!




Level 3




70 minutes


  • Board

  • an egg carton

  • Hand out (14)

  • 2 sets of Picture of the movie “spider man”

  • Sentencies for broken telephone activity


  • To understand the meaning of can/can’t (ability)

  • To practice can/can’t, could/couldn’t and be able to statements

  • To practice pronunciation of can/can’t, could/couldn’t and be able to

  • To understand the use of can/can’t in various situation

Language Skills:

  • Reading – Board, Broken telephone activity (read the words on the cards)

  • Listening – Teacher talk, Drills, Activities

  • Speaking – Drills, Activities

  • Writing – practice with text book, Home work

Language Systems:

  • Lexis – No new vocabulary, but practice vocabulary that they already know

  • Grammar – making sentences using can/can’t and be able to

  • Function – saying ability

  • Discourse -- using the modal verbs in conversation


  • Students are familiar with

  • simple present, past, future tense

  • simple model verbs

  • this class/ style of lesson

  • Class consists of 12 international students

  • Students can understand 70 percent of the content

  • Students can get information from the content and apply to their comprehension worksheets.

Anticipated Errors:

  • Students may be confused with the activity.

  • Monitor and assist when it is necessary

  • Students may pronounce can/can’t incorrectly.

  • Praise them for trying and correct it

  • Students may have difficulties thinking of vocabulary or expressing themselves during the activities.

  • List some word and examples on the board,

  • Elicit from quiet students

  • Give shy students more eye-contact

  • Students might not talk a lot because of fear making mistakes

  • Give them lots of positive praise and remind them making mistakes is not shameful. It is the part of learning

Test it, fix it. (Pre-intermediate) English Grammar Kenna Bourke
Oxford Practice Grammar (advanced) George Yule
Basic Grammar in Use Raymond Murphy with William R.


Materials: English only zone sign, Board,

10 minutes

Whole class


  1. Greet students

  • Greet students and say can/can’t sentence as a lead-In. (For example, Hello Everyone. How are you? Grammar class!!! Don’t worry. We can do it! What did I say? We can do it!)

  • Write down the lead – In sentence on the board so that students can see it.

  1. Present the meaning of can/can’t statements (also pronunciation) – using “I”

  • As a similar example, open/close the blinds in the class and say “I can/can’t see outside.”

  • Point out the “English only sign board” “we can’t say Korean”

  1. Concept Check Questions

  • Teacher shows an egg carton and says the expiration date on it. “March 29, 2009. You know about this kind of date? Right? Then, write down “I can eat”, “I can’t eat.” on the board. Also draw below line on the board.

Ask students “Today is May, 14. So, which sentence goes to here?” Students should say “I can’t eat now.” Or “could I eat yesterday?” Check them again. “Today is May 14. Which sentence goes to here? Students should say “I can’t eat today.” “They could eat on March 28”

  1. the teacher asks students about superheroes

Elicit from students.

The teacher asks students drawing a superhero on the board.
Before making the superhero, let’s study how we can use can/can’t in sentences”


Materials: Board, sentences for the Broken Telephone,

5 – 7


10 minutes





Whole class

Group work

Whole class

Whole class


  1. Board work

I can now

You can’t tomorrow

She could

They couldn’t last year


Am/was/will be

able to




Are/were/will be

He/ She

Is/ was/ will be

We/ They

are/ were/will be

2) “The Broken Telephone Game ”

Divide the students in two groups.

One student from each team comes to the teacher to read a sentence silently.

The student whispers to the next member of the group.

The last student needs to come to the teacher to say what he/she heard.

If they have a correct answer, let them write down the sentence on the board. (3)

If the number of Ss is not even number, pick up one student help the teacher to write down sentences on the board.


-can you say it loudly?

-what is the last student going to do?

Practice with students on pg 40~41
Ask students read Pg 40

Then the teacher checks the true/false together

The teacher asks students fill in the blanks on pg 41

The teacher checks answers together

Ask a student reads two sentences with answer.

The teacher gives some examples

“Don’t use can for future ability when they are talking about things you learn”

Ex; when we finish this class, I’ll be able to speak English well. (O)

I can speak English well…… (X)
Don’t use could for a single event in the past

Ex; my grandfather was able to walk last night without any help.(O)

In 2002, they were able to win in the word cup.(O)


Materials: handout (14), two pictures of the “spider man”,



Group work

Group work


Create a “superhero” activity

  • Let’s make in pairs.

The teacher shows two pictures of “spider man” and the teacher gives students demonstrate about superpowers.

Discuss with a partner about superhero

Create their own superhero and then fill in blank
After 5 minutes

Students will present their own superhero.

Error correction

SOS Activity
Think about the things students can/can’t do in Vancouver

  • Students have been Vancouver for a while. They have

noticed what they can do here but couldn’t their

country or what they couldn’t do before but can in

Vancouver. So, let students brainstorm those things

And with that they can practice can/can’t and could /couldn’t sentences.

After brainstorming, students will present their

thoughts to the class.

  • Let’s make four groups. You are from Korea, Mexico and Taiwan not Canada. So, many things are different, right? Let’s talk about that. For me, In Canada, I can buy medicine in the supermarket. In Korea, I can’t buy medicine in the supermarket.

  1. Home work

  • Students think about one’s special abilities and write them down. More than 5 sentences. For example, I can play the drum. I can fix a computer.

  • Ask students fill in blanks on Pg 42

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