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James O'Shea

Concept Art, Storyboards and Animation

Upper Floor Flat

  1. Harold Road

London N8 7DE




Profile: Hey I’m James, an Artist with a fascination for Deep Space, Flat Space, Emotional Beats and “The Meaning of Life”…(1983).

Traditional Skills: Concept Art, Storyboards, Classical Hand Drawn Animation, Design, and Illustration.
Software Skills: Production Experience with Photoshop, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Celaction Animation Software.
2011 Kream London Storyboard Artist

Working with Big Red Button

Contented Productions Storyboard Artist

TV Commercials

Passion Pictures Storyboard Artist

T.V. Commercials

Malt Films Storyboard Artist

T.V. Commercials

The Brewery VFX Concept Artist

Creature Artist for Sequel to a Bafta Nominated Film.

Big Red Button Concept Artist

“World’s Craziest Fools” for Rough Cut Television.

2010/11 Astley Baker Davies Animator “Peppa Pig” Season 4
2010 Atlantic Productions Concept Artist

“Sir David Attenborough’s Flying Monsters 3D” & Storyboard Artist

A Live Action and CGI Imax Feature Film, shot with

Stereoscopic 3D Cameras and a Bafta Award Winner 2011.
Th1ng Character Designer

Designing CGI “Monsters” for Commercials & Animator

and working as 2D Character Animator.
Why Not Associates Animator

Hand Drawn Animation for Army TV Spot.

2009 Astley Baker Davies Animator

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom” TV Show,

Bafta Award Winner 2009

Handle and Spout Storyboard Artist

CBBC TV Interstitials

2009 Triffic Films

Poetry Pie” Animated TV Show for CBBC Storyboard Artist

2008 Aardman Animation Storyboard Artist

“Shaun the Sheep” Season 3.

Aardman Features Storyboard Artist

Feature Animation Storyboard Training Programme,

Worked on Films, “Tortoise and Hare” and “Pirates!

2007 Tiger Aspect Productions

Charlie & Lola” Animator

Bafta Award Winner 2007 & Storyboard Artist

Tiger Aspect Productions

Coming Down the Mountain” Animator

Animated sequence for a Bafta Nominated Film.
2004/06 Tiger Aspect Productions

Charlie & Lola” Animator

2004 2DTV Storyboard Artist

2DTV” Satirical Animated Series for ITV1

2003 King Rollo Films Layout Artist

Paz” Animated TV Series for Discovery US.

Tandem Films Animator “Tilting Car”, TV Commercial for Expedia.

Grand Slamm Children’s Films Animator

“Filpit” and “Harry the Cat” TV Pilots.

Bermuda Shorts Animator

TV Commercials for Capri Sun/Coke.

2002/3 Teleimagination Layout Artist

Metalheads” TV Series for BBC.

2002 Sherbet Animation Illustrator

"Sugarfoot" Pilot TV Show.

Jeffery O'Kelly/Teleimagination Animator "Dr Snuggles", TV Pilot x 3 mins.

Uli Meyer Studios Animator

"Three Wise Men", Hand Drawn Animated Feature.

2001/2 Nexus Animation,London Animator

"Monkey Dust" TV Show for Talkback Productions.

Jamie Hewlett (Zombie Studio) Illustrator

xfm 104.9, Print Poster Campaign.

Tiger Aspect Productions Animator

"RATS", TV Pilot for Tiger Aspect.

2001 Teleimagination Layout Artist

"Pongwiffy", TV Series for ITV.

2000 Winkle Films Storyboard Artist

Talk” 1 x 10 min Live Action Short Film.

2000 Grand Slamm Children’s Films Layout Artist

Angelina Ballerina, "Legend of Big Paw"

John Cary Films Animator

Flash Boyfriend Animated TV Series

1999 Espresso Animation Asst. Animator /Animator

Coco Pops TV Commercials.

Studio AKA Assistant Animator

TV Commercials.

Teleimagination/Carlton TV Assistant Animator

"The Last Polar Bears" 30 mins TV Special.

Uli Meyer Studios Assistant Animator

TV commercials

Richard Purdum Prods. Assistant Animator

Nestle Golden Nuggets, 2 x 30 sec TV Commercials.

1998 Walt Disney TV Animation Assistant Animator

Sydney, Australia, "The Lion King 2"

Kapow Pictures Assistant Animator

Sydney, Australia, Kelloggs TV Commercials & TV Pilot

1998 Film Graphics Assistant Animator

Sydney, Australia, "Kitty Littered" Cartoon Network TV Pilot.

1997 King Rollo Films Assistant Animator

Orlando the Cat, TV Pilot

Warner Bros. Feature Animation Character Inbetweener

"The Magic Sword the Quest for Camelot"

Hand Drawn Animated Feature Film.
1996 Passion Pictures Special EFX Assistant

“Fat Slags”, TV Commercial for Lucozade.

Uli Meyer Studios Special EFX Assistant

"Anastasia" Hand Drawn Animated Feature Film.

Uli Meyer Studios

Space Jam" Animation Linetester

Animated/Live Action Feature Film, for Warner Bros.
1995 Hungry Eye Entertainment Production Runner

Working Across, Commercials and Film.


1992-95 University of Plymouth Fine Art B.A (Hons.)

Exeter Faculty of Art and Design
1991-92 University of Westminster Foundation Course in Art

and Design

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