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Dear Sir / Madam

I introduce my self as a Dynamic Computer Engineering professional with relevant experience in Software & Web applications

I strongly believe that my knowledge of the subject and attitude would enable me to learn and grow with the job in your organization. I also believe that I have a great deal to offer your company and that I have the ability and determination to perform well in position you would offer me.
On giving me an opportunity, I assure you that I shall make it my earnest endeavor to discharge sincerely and competently the duties entrusted to me.
In anticipation for a positive response from your side.
Thanking You

Sincerely Yours

Jasir p


Chorniche Road

Sharjah, UAE.

Mob: 0554322878



Professional Objective

To secure a responsible and rewarding position where my education, knowledge and skills could be put to the best of application and which offers a mutually beneficial association for the organization and self in the long term. Desire a position with career growth potential.


  • 1.1 year experience in Software Development.

  • Ability to manage a team of people and co-ordinate with inter departments.

  • Ability to identify deficiencies and develop systems and procedures, handle high pressurized situations and deadlines.

  • Dynamic Computer Engineering professional with experience in Software & Web Application Development

  • Excellent knowledge in Languages like PHP(Codeignater) ,PLSQL, C, C++,basics of JAVA

  • Excellent Knowledge in HTML,CSS,AJAX,JQUERY,BOOTSTRAP,Oracle SQL,Mysql ,WEBSQL,

  • Knowledge in PHONEGAP for creating Android Applications

  • Familiar with Computer Operating Systems like Windows 2003-Windows 2012, Linux.

  • Complete training of Oracle 11gR2 Database Administration

  • Excellent in Computer packages including MS Office

  • Excellent knowledge in DBMS Access & RDBMS

  • Knowledge in Oracle Database Archetecture

  • Familiar with RMAN backup and Recovery Skills

  • Familiar with Tablespace Management,User Management

  • Expertise in installing different versions of oracle database software on Linux and Windows Operating Systems

  • Knowledge in Sql subqueries,databse Objects,Database Constraints

  • Knowledge in Cursors,Stored Procedure, Functions,Packages,Triggers etc..

  • Successful in developing programs/projects according to client’s requirements.


  • B.TECH in Computer Science and Engineering (2011–2015), with first class under Calicut University, Kerala, India.

Experience as Software Developer

  • Worked as Programmer (Full time) in DATCHORDS INFOWARE, KERALA, INDIA, a software development firm located in Kerala, developed web based softwares , web Application software and Android Applications Using Phonegap


  • Designing and Development of PHP Codeignater and Phongap Web Application Projects.

  • Intracted With Clients for Correcting Errors and Supporting

  • Handle both front end and back end of website

  • Hosting and Managing Websites

  • Payment Gatway Integration using PHP (Pay U Money)

  • Database Creation,Query Optimization etc

  • Coordination with all departments and client for easy completion of the project.

  • Combining Different Modules of Projects

  • Database Assistant.

  • Co-ordinate with inter departments.

Experience as Programmer

Curriculum Project.

  • TITLE: Police Patroling and Traffic Controll System(carriculam Projects)

  • Environment: Android,Mysql Database,HTML,Bootstrap

  • DESCRIPTION: Its a tool to improve efiicency of Police and thereby reduce crimes.The System include server applications in admin sideand android application on patrolling police side

Live Projects

  • TITLE: Company Projects Assignments

  • Environment: Php Codeignater,Mysql Databse

  • DESCRIPTION: This Software used for Creating Company projects, And assigning modules for each and every Employees.So We can get correct report of Daily work and Monthly work Reports etc. So we can analyse thier working Skills and capabilities like that.

  • TITLE: Shopping Site and Android App

  • Environment: Php Codeignater,Mysql Databse,Phonegap Web Application(Android),

  • DESCRIPTION: Developing Shopping site for purchasing ayurvedic products.Designing the website using html,css etc and Design of admin panal using Bootstrap templates.Pay U Money is integrated using php codeignaterfor payment methods

Other relevant information

Date of Birth : 06th June 1991

Sex : Male

Religion & Nationality : Islam, Indian

Martial Status : Single

Passport Number : J0161198

Visa Status : Visit Visa

Languages Known : English,Tamil and Hindi



Head of the Department

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

M.E.A Engineering College Perinthalmanna

MOB:+91 9745806888

Mr. Rajeesh Kumar P

IT Consultant ,Project Manager

Datachords Infoware LLP


MOB:+91 9249751980


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