When you were mine

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“WHEN YOU WERE MINE” Lead (Short) Dir: Michelle M. Witten / Vanishing Angle

“HOW TO CHEAT” Lead Dir: Amber Sealey / Part Participation Films

“A+D” Lead Dir: Amber Sealey / Part Participation Films

“SILVER BULLETS” Supporting Dir: Joe Swanberg

"THE GOOD NIGHT" Supporting Dir: Jake Paltrow / Good Night Productions

"BIG NOTHING" Supporting Dir: Jean Baptiste Andrea / H2O Motion Pictures

“THE ITCH” Lead (Short) Dir: Glen Neath & Susanne Dietz

“LINDA, AS IN BEAUTIFUL” Lead (Short) Dir: Faith Strongheart

“THE BREAST” Lead (Short) Dir: Amber Sealey & Glen Neath

"COUNT BACKWARDS FROM TEN" Lead (Short) Dir: Finlay Robertson / Forwards Films

"LAUGHING GIRLS" Lead Dir: Clifford Green / LGP

"A VILLAGE TALE" Lead Dir: Joy Perino / Howl Productions

"LIVING IN MISSOURI" Supporting Dir: Shaun Peterson / Grandpa Jones

"DREAMERS" Supporting Dir: Ann Lu / Dark Lantern Films

"ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S GUN" Lead Dir: Joseph Manes / Higher Ground

"TRANSIT" Lead Dir: Gabriel Fleming / Year Zero Pictures

“ELSEWHERE/HERE” Lead Dir: Gabriel Fleming / Year Zero Pictures


"THE SECRETARY WHO STOLE £4MIL" Guest Star Dir: Colin Barr / BBC

"HEAT WAVE" Guest Star Dir: Nick White / BBC

"BLUE MURDER" Co-Star Dir: Alex Pillai / LWT

"CASUALTY" Guest Star Dir: Gwennan Sage / BBC

"BERTIE AND ELIZABETH" Lead (TV Movie) Dir: Giles Foster / Carlton

"STRANGE RELATIONS" Guest Star Dir: Paul Seed / Granada

"COMING UP - BEDBUGS" Lead (TV Movie) Dir: Andrea Arnold / Channel 4

"NIGHT AND DAY" Guest Star Dir: Joy Perino / LWT

"ATTACHMENTS" Co-Star Dir: Susanna White / BBC

"SWEET REVENGE" Supporting (TV Movie) Dir: David Morrissey / BBC

"BEHIND THE SCENES" Guest Star Dir: Dan Barraclough / LWT


"CARNESKY'S GHOST TRAIN" Lead Aerialist Dir: Marisa Carnesky / REDCAT

"TROPICANA" Lead Dir: David Rosenberg / Shunt / National Theatre

"DANCE BEAR DANCE" Lead Dir: David Rosenberg / Shunt

"THE TENNIS SHOW" Lead Dir: David Rosenberg / Shunt

"THE BALLAD OF BOBBY FRANCOIS" Lead Dir: David Rosenberg / Shunt

"TWELFTH NIGHT" Olivia Dir: Lois Baxter / RADA

"MERCHANT OF VENICE" Bassanio Dir: Tim Hardy / RADA

"SNOWANGEL" Connie Dir: Shira Zeltzer / Old Red Lion

“A CHRISTMAS CAROL” Ensemble Dir: John-David Keller / South Coast Repertory

"TWELFTH NIGHT" Viola Dir: J. Mankin / Shakespeare Santa Cruz

"LOVE’S LABOUR’S LOST" Don Armado Dir: Jack Zerbe / Shakespeare Santa Cruz


"ARMS AND THE MAN" Raina Dir: Paul Whitworth / UCSC

"A TASTE OF HONEY" Josephine Dir: Stacey London / Barn Theatre

"THE ILLUSION" Isabelle/Hypolita Dir: Sean Robinson / Barn Theatre

"WEST SIDE STORY" Graziella Dir: Freddie Hollins / Greer Garson Theatre

"GREASE" Rizzo Dir: Kelly Williams / Santa Fe Performing Arts


Commercials Include: Hugo Boss, Kill Bill Promo, Maybelline, Sex and the City, Moto Rokr, UK Tourism Board, IBM.

Audio Books Include: Special Topics in Calamity Physics, The Princess Diaries (full series); The History of Love; How I Live Now; All American Girl (1&2); Teen Idol; Our Lady of the Forest; Come Closer; Hunting Unicorns; Penny from Heaven; Wish Upon a Star; For Better, For Worse; The Sweetest Taboo; Alone; The Killing Hour; After You; Chasing Windmills; Jinx; S.E.C.R.E.T.; Tree Girl.


Download 12.47 Kb.

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