Which students are eligible to participate in the Science and Mathematics Summer Enrichment Academy (smsea)?

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Frequently Asked Questions

2015 Science and Mathematics Summer Enrichment Academy

  1. Which students are eligible to participate in the Science and Mathematics Summer Enrichment Academy (SMSEA)?

Students with a minimum cumulative average of 80 and a minimum average of 85 in their area of application will be accepted. Students applying for Math IV must have scored an 80 or higher on the Math II EOCT.

  1. What are the dates of the SMSEA program?

SMSEA will run from June 2 – July 2, 2015, Monday through Thursday. Classes will not be held on Fridays.

  1. What are the hours for SMSEA?

SMSEA hours are from 8:00 AM –4:00 p.m.

  1. What is the focus of SMSEA?

SMSEA is designed to provide students with the opportunity to have more course flexibility to include higher-level and Advanced Placement classes in their program of study.

  1. What courses will be offered in SMSEA?

Mathematics Course Offerings

Science Course Offerings

Math IV


Advanced Algebra

Honors Forensics


Honors Chemistry

Honors Physics

  1. How many credits will be earned for successfully completing the SMSEA program?

Students will earn one [1] Carnegie unit in a mathematics or science course; this is equivalent to one year’s credit.

  1. Where is the location for the SMSEA?

The location for SMSEA is Fredrick Douglass High School.

  1. What is the cost to attend the SMSEA?

SMSEA is free to eligible participants.

  1. What are the expectations for students during Summer Academy?

Students are expected to maintain consistent attendance, positive behavior, and a commitment to learning during the SMSEA program. Students who have more than one absence, inappropriate behavior, or are not engaged in learning will be withdrawn from the program. Note, three tardies equate to an absence.

  1. Will transportation be provided to the Summer Academy school sites?

Transportation is NOT provided to the SMSEA program; however, MARTA cards are available for qualifying students.

  1. Will breakfast and lunch be served at Summer Academy?

Breakfast and lunch will be provided for students in the SMSEA program. Breakfast will be served prior to the start of the instructional day, from 7:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.

  1. Can students participate in other summer programs in addition to SMSEA?

Students can participate in other summer programs in addition to SMSEA only if the program does not conflict with the hours of SMSEA.

  1. What is required to apply?

1] A completed paper application, 2] statement of interest, 3] teacher recommendation, 4] counselor form, and 5] transcript are all required to be considered for participation in the SMSEA program.

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