World History Test Littlejohn Chapter 27

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World History Test

Littlejohn – Chapter 27

Multiple Choice (2 points each)
1. The seizure and control of one country by another country is best referred to as . . .
a) imperialism b) militarism c) racism d) socialism
2. Which of the following was NOT a reason that prevented Europeans from conquering Africa early on?

  1. Africa’s rivers were too hard to navigate

  2. Europeans had no interest in Africa

  3. Powerful African armies kept Europeans at bay

  4. Disease kept a lot of Europeans out

3. What was a factor that made Africa vulnerable to European conquest?

  1. The people on the continent lived too closely together

  2. The people were not well united because of so many different languages

  3. Africans were too greedy and wanted to profit from trade with Europeans

  4. Africans were not used to fighting and warfare

4. Whose disappearance sparked worldwide interest in Africa?

a) King Leopold II c) David Stanley

b) David Livingstone d) Cecil Rhodes

5. Which country acquired the Congo Basin?
a) Belgium b) France c) Great Britain d) Germany
6. The belief that some cultures are better than others is summed up by the belief of _________________________ .
a) imperialism b) jingoism c) socialism d) Social Darwinism
7. Which of the following would have helped Europeans conquer Africa?

  1. the Maxim gun

  2. the steamboat

  3. quinine

  4. all of the above

8. What was the purpose of the Berlin Conference?

  1. to prevent further takeover of Africa

  2. to emancipate slaves

  3. to create a way to divide up Africa

  4. to make a peace treaty for the Boer War

9. Which of the following was NOT involved for the fight for land in South Africa?

a) the Dutch b) the English c) Igbo tribe d) the Zulus
10. Which one of these groups would be Dutch?
a) Boers b) Ottomans c) Zulus d) all three would be
11. Which statement is true for the Boer War?

  1. it was won by the Dutch

  2. The Union of South Africa was created from it

  3. it was won by the Boers

  4. all of the above

12. What was the Great Trek?

  1. a movement north by the Dutch to escape the British

  2. a movement by all European nations into the African interior

  3. Africans being captured as slaves and being shipped across the Atlantic

  4. a movement of Africans away from the coastline to avoid Europeans

13. Which of the following in an example of indirect control?

  1. the French colony of Somaliland

  2. the French colony of Angola

  3. the German colony of German East Africa

  4. the British protectorate of Niger

14. Which of the following would be methods used in a direct control form of colonization?

a) trying to develop future leaders from the colonized country

b) limited self rule

c) use of paternalism and assimilation

d) local government officials used

15. How was Menelik II unique among Africans?
a) he was the first African viceroy appointed by the British

b) he led successful opposition to European colonialism in Ethiopia

c) he used nonviolent techniques against European oppression

d) his magic water method of resistance used ancient rituals and beliefs

16. What did the Maji Maji rebellion show?
a) that by combining forces, Africans could be successful in resisting Europeans

b) that by using modern weapons, Africans could resist European colonization

c) that the English were superior to all European colonizers

d) that using outdated or superstitious methods would not work against the Europeans

17. Which of the following countries would have used the method of direct control when it came to colonization?

  1. Britain

  2. France

  3. The United States

  4. Both a and b

  5. All of the above

True or False – if the statement is false, it is due to the bold word or phrase

18. Geopolitics is a term that means all countries try to work together to make the world a better place.

19. Europeans were interested in the Ottoman’s territory because it influenced trade between the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean.

20. The Crimean War was fought between Russia and the Ottoman Empire over control of a peninsula on the Black Sea.

21. By building the Suez Canal, Egypt made themselves economically independent of European control for good.

22. The Egyptian leader Muhammad Ali hurt Egypt by forcing their farmers to grow cash crops instead of food.

23. Europeans became interested in Persia because it could produce a lot of cotton.

Multiple choice

24, Which one of these groups initially controlled India?
a) the British East India Company

b) the Dole Fruit Company

c) the Raj

d) the Sepoys

25. What was a sepoy?
a) an Indian soldier who served the East India Company

b) an English governor of India

c) an Indian who fought for independence

d) an Indian farmer who was forced to work in British factories

26. Why did the Sepoy Mutiny occur?
a) British officials did not allow Indian businesses to compete with British businesses

b) British sepoys accidentally killed seven people

c) animal fat on rifle cartridges angered the sepoys

d) Indian factory workers were being mistreated

27. What did the Sepoy Mutiny show to the British government?
a) that India needed to become self governing

b) that the East India Company could no longer control India

c) that regulations for factory workers needed to be enforced

d) that the caste system had to be abolished

28. What was the Raj?
a) the home rule of India that began after British rule ended

b) the direct rule of the British crown during the reign of Queen Victoria

c) a revolutionary group that fought for Indian independence

d) the time when Indian terrorists fought for Indian independence

29. What was the INC?
a) the home rule of India that began after British rule ended

b) the direct rule of the British crown during the reign of Queen Victoria

c) a group that fought for Indian independence

d) the time when Indian terrorists fought for Indian independence

30. Which of the following would be a nationalist group that fought for self rule in India?

  1. the Indian Civil Service

  2. Muslim League

  3. the Nasir al – Din

  4. the Ram Mohun Roy

31. What does “jewel in the crown” refer to?

a) that India was just another colony in the British empire

b) that India was the most prized colony in the British empire

c) that India provided many jewels for the British colony

d) that India was in the center of the British empire

32. Emilio Aguinaldo a) modernized his country to keep it independent

33. Sanford Dole b) leader of the Filipino nationalists

34. King Mongkut c) wanted to annex Hawaii

35. Queen Liliuokalani d) the last ruler of Hawaii

Short answer (6 points each)
36. Why were the European countries of the Netherlands, Britain and France interested in land of the Pacific Rim? What areas did each group of people claim?

37. Why was Siam a unique country compared to the other nations of the Pacific Rim?

38. How did the Spanish – American War help America in its quest for imperialism?

39 and 40. How is imperialism helpful for a group of people? How is it harmful?

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