Yankee Candle Car Musuem closed forever (sniff,sniff) By, Brian Lohnes

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Yankee Candle Car Musuem CLOSED.....Forever (sniff,sniff)

By, Brian Lohnes

The Yankee Candle Car Museum, which has been a staple of auto-enthusiasts in the area is officially closed for business. The decision was made to use the space for promoting more sales of candles at Yankee Candle’s Deerfield head quarters.

Members of the Umass Motorsports club had been planning on taking a trip to the museum before it closed its doors but no one knew it would happen this soon. “I am kind of saddened by it. I’ve been coming to this place for the last four years, it was a nice place to spend a Sunday, “ said UMass Motorsports club president Adam Volpe.

A club member alerted the club to the closing of the museum in an e-mail which said, “I saw them dragging cars out of there when I went in for a job interview.” A call placed to the museum confirmed the fears of many. It has been closed.

A long winter just got longer for the member of the UMass Motorsport community, but the spring is holding a lot of promise with the reopening of drag strips, a possible race on campus, and rumors of the first ever UMass Motorsports Club Automotive Triathalon.

Download 2.67 Kb.

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