… weekly per capita spending of over 00 on it’s own

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January 20, 2018

Volume 1, Number 1

“…weekly per capita spending of over $1.00 on it’s own” !

Incredible, Unbelievable, Fantastic….
These are just some of the descriptions from customers and operators using the HD1400 Hot Dog Vendor for the first time. From New Jersey to California customers are lining up for their favorite and this means happy customers and happy operators.

LHD Vending Systems proved the concept internally over the past several years but now it was time to prove it to the vending industry and their customers. Pilot programs began in the Fall of 2004 and have had great results. Sample data demonstrates locations with the HD1400 sales that often exceed $400/week and weekly per capita spending of over $1.00 on it’s own. Operators, to say the least, are pleased.

The HD 1400 Hot Dog Vendor has been installed across the United States, in demographically diverse locations and success rates have been extremely encouraging.

From New Jersey to Wisconsin to New Orleans to San Diego customers are letting the operators know their preferred products. In Milwaukee the operator has had great success with Johnsonville Brats, while in New Jersey, the Ball Park All Beef Hot Dog seems to be the favorite. Wherever the machine is placed, the one thing that’s for sure, is the customer keeps coming back .

Added benefits indicate higher drink sales as well as next to NO SPOILAGE!

Imagine that…. a food machine with next to no waste, no microwave to deal with fresh product, sizzling hot with terrific margins!!!

Hot Diggity Dog!

Sara Lee begins discussions with LHD

Recognizing the ability to reach a new market (vending) with their product line. Sara Lee has begun discussions with LHD and is participating in a pilot program. Sara Lee has numerous brands of hot dog, sausage and link products under their corporate umbrella, which will vend through the HD1400. Some of their brands include: Ball Park, Hillshire Farms, Bryan, Best Kosher, Jimmy Dean, etc. Sara Lee also manufactures buns under several well-known brand names.

LHD recently joined with Sara Lee at the NAMA National EXPO in Chicago and exhibited the HD1400 in the Sara Lee booth. Interest from attendees, local/national television stations and the newspapers was amazing! 


Retail Sales: 837 million packages of hot dogs were sold at retail stores. The market for hot dogs in the United States, measured in supermarket sales only, is $1.8 billion. Food Service Sales: hot dog producers sold 4.9 million pounds of hot dogs to food service establishments Hot Dog Council

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