2. I have almost 200 remote sites which I have to configure by using the same topology

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I have a Topology scenario of our upcoming project which we are planning to execute it for the existing project. This will be a replacement of our old setup of ISDN and PSTN lines.

We have taken MPLS Private Line from ISP provider which will be maintained by ISP here but we need to connect this line from our HQ Router to the Remote end stations. This connection will be wired connection at HQ Router but at remote end they are going to provide us a 3G-GSM SIM CARD (wireless)with a dynamic ip on it which we have to connect HQ Router to the remote site. we are planning to use Cisco 1841 Router with HWIC-3G-GSM module to connect the GSM SIM card.The ISP is going to provide us a static ip address (Fixed)at HQ Router but at the remote end they are providing a 3G-GSM Sim card with dynamic ip, now I want to know how I can configure this setup so that I can connect from our HQ Router to the remote end By using Cisco 1841 Router with HWIC-3G-GSM card module and this Remote Router is also connected to a local ip address devices called T-BOX which has to communicate to the Scada Server. The remote site sim card dynamic Ip address will be keep on changing whenever the device is restarts or power on but this remote device has to establish a connection to the HQ Router whenever the device is powered on without any ip conflict and should be available 24x7.

1.What configuration do I need to do so that I can test a connection from HQ Router to the remote station router ?The Remote Router is having a local ip (private ip) connected to local device called T-BOX this T-BOX will send send data to the Master Scada Server Which is connected to the HQ Router.

2.I have almost 200 remote sites which I have to configure by using the same topology.

3.What Router I should use at HQ and Remote sites to accomplish this task?

4.I have another scenario if I have a static ip address at HQ and ADSL connection at remote site how can connect I make this setup so that my remote Router local ip address communicate to the HQ SERVER? And if we can use vpn what vpn I should use or can I use both ADSL line as primay and 3G-GSM as backup at remote Router? Plz have a look at the toplology diagram below for your reference.


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