2017 New Year’s Eve Menu Amuse Course One Crab Claw Miso Soup

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2017 New Year’s Eve Menu


Course One

Crab Claw Miso Soup Snow crab in a miso, kombu & bonito dashi broth 6

Mussels Local steamed mussels in a sake miso ginger broth with spring onion 12

Seafood Tempura Snow crab, shrimp, scallop, squid & cod 16

Oysters Mignonette, lemon, horseradish, house sriracha & massago 16

Tempura Veg Asparagus, yam, red pepper, shitake mushroom, green bean & spring onion 10

Spicy Kara Age Crispy tender chicken thigh with jalapeno & house sriracha aioli 10

Course Two

Omakase Sashimi or Nigiri Bluefin Akamai, Scallop, Snow Crab, Otoro & Uni 20

Halibut Ceviche Tacos Halibut, citrus, chilies, tomato, avocado, cilantro & spring onion 12

Spicy Hamachi Carpaccio Sashimi cut yellow tail, lime, jalapeno infused sesame ponzu 16

Bluefin Trio Tartare Otoro, chutoro, akami & avocado topped with flying fish roe 18

Scallops Seared local scallops with spicy partridgeberry gastrique 12

Course Three

Halibut Lemon butter poached with rice and vegetables 24

Miso Black Cod Sweet miso marinated black cod broiled with rice and vegetables 20

Surf N Turf Ramen Lobster claw, braised pork belly with wild mushrooms in rich pork broth 16

Bluefin Chutoro Tataki Seared medium fatty tuna, wilted spinach with sesame wasabi ponzu 20


Maki Rolls

Sweet Veggie Philly 7.5

Yamacado 6.5

Spicy Broccoli 7.5

Spicy Salmon 7.5

Spicy Tuna 7.5

Spicy Chicken 7

Grilled Salmon 8

Philadelphia 8

Signature Sushi

East Meets West 18

Local Lobster 17

Blow Me Down 13.5

Wicked Tuna 16

Atlantic 14

Snow West 17

Bay of Islands 12

Tsunami 13

Spicy Shrimp 13.5

Dragon Fly 20

Green Dragon 14

Chu Toro Dragon 20

Wicked Tuna 16


Matcha Crème Brulee 6

Tofu Chocolate Cheese Cake 6

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