5-year information Technology Strategic Plan Version 0 May, 2009 Version 0 June, 2010 Ted Brodheim

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Recommendations and Roadmap

DWDM Infrastructure Upgrade
The SONET/DWDM Ring Core Network Architecture is aligned with the long-term IT strategy of the New York City Department of Education. The objective of this plan is to improve the overall infrastructure enabling the NYCDOE provide enhanced services using a more efficient method. The SONET/DWDM Ring Core Network Architecture, using Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) as its base infrastructure, will provide a high capacity optical network for the next ten years. The topology is geographically distributed into hubs located within the six Operational Centers, while each school feeds into the network as a spoke from each hub. Each hub site connects to the central core located at Two MetroTech, and the architecture is flexible enough to add alternate locations in the future. The hub sites will be strategically inter-connected for hub redundancy. Currently, the first wavelength of SONET/DWDM Ring Core Network is approaching its capacity of OC 192 speeds, and the second wavelength with another OC 192 is needed to provide adequate bandwidth for the anticipated increase in bandwidth requirements, especially for the LCMS, VDI, and media-rich applications.

ISP Upgrade
The current ISP infrastructure was built around 2MT as the primary site for Internet Access, with Staten Island and Manhattan providing additional bandwidth to the Internet.
In order to provide a truly distributed ISP facility, an equipment upgrade is needed to provide a scalable and redundant Infrastructure for each ISP node.
IP Network Infrastructure Upgrade
In parallel with upgrading SONET/DWDM Ring Core Network, the existing IP core network infrastructure also needed to be upgraded. The upgrade can be summarized as being comprised of the following technologies:

  • BGP Router – provides robust redundant gigabit connections to multiple ISPs for Internet access.

  • Metro Ethernet QoS– provides Quality of Service capability on the Metro Ethernet circuits. This allows the core network to provide preferential services to the voice and video traffic.

  • Load Balancers – provides a scalable method to add proxy and filtering servers for Internet traffic without affecting any user configurations.

  • Firewall – provides protection of the DOE infrastructure from being the target of attacks originating from the Internet.

  • 10G LAN – provides a 10-fold increase in LAN bandwidth in the core network.

  • Traffic packet shaper – provides the NYCDOE with the capability of categorizing and prioritizing Internet traffic.

Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) Infrastructure Upgrade

An upgraded content delivery network (ECDN) provides high-quality, high-speed access to rich media (such as streaming audio and video) throughout a distributed network. This allows such materials to be accessed on-demand from remote locations, such as schools, that previously did not have sufficient network bandwidth to take advantage of them. This ability provides numerous opportunities to enhance the educational process, for both students and staff.

Integration of the above major initiatives will provide a robust core platform for delivering school administrative and instructional applications to students, teachers and principals. Schools will benefit from the simplified and streamlined processes of installing, maintaining, and supporting their technology infrastructure. This will leverage the power and capacity of the NYCDOE’s existing SONET Ring fiber-optic network.
Enterprise Virtual Private Network (VPN) infrastructure
Enterprise VPN architecture should be designed, developed, and deployed to allow teachers, principals, parents to access student information from the Internet. This enterprise VPN architecture will allow students ubiquitous access to a virtual learning environment from anywhere, anytime, and using any device. This VPN environment will also support staff in performing remote support functions in a secure format.

Benefits and Impact

  • Provide a robust converge network infrastructure which will be scalable, adaptable, and manageable to the need of data, voice, and video traffic.

  • Consolidation of voice and data equipment and resource management, providing economies of scale.

  • Multiple converged communication applications across many now disparate office tools and all within a common experience.

  • Collaborative work groups and project meetings via web, video and audio conferencing – in the context of the classroom and School administration. This involves enhanced classroom environment and communications - parent engagement, pupil-to-pupil, teacher- to- pupil, and vice versa, and administrators to other administrators.

Stakeholder User Cases benefits
A robust, secure and reliable IT infrastructure, and its related services, must appear seamless to all students, teachers, administrators and parents.
In 3 to 5 years, students and teachers will be able to come to school with their own personal mobile devices, and rely on the fact that they will be able to connect to the NYCDOE network with such devices. These users will be able to securely logon to the NYCDOE portal and participate in educational and collaborative activities.
Summary of Benefits
Installation of a robust core infrastructure platform will enable easier scalability of new applications; and it will improve the NYCDOE’s ability to meet current and future technology needs of all city schools. A flexible, robust core infrastructure platform will facilitate technology-based innovation in city schools supporting instructional strategies to improve student achievement.
A robust core infrastructure platform will also ensure the maximum availability of instructional and administrative applications. This will increase the time students and staff spending on instruction (as opposed to administrative tasks) and, thus, improve classroom and school productivity.

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