777 College Avenue Boulder, co 80304

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777 College Avenue

Boulder, CO 80304


Suzie.que@colorado.edu February 25, 2014

University Recruiters Stryker

San Jose, CA 95412

Dear University Recruiting Team,
Please accept my resume for your Human Resources positions. I know you meet a lot of students, but I spoke with you personally at your information session on the CU campus and we talked a lot about San Jose, as I grew up in the area. You had encouraged me to apply and I am very excited about the opportunity as a way to put my double major in Human Resources Management and Psychology to good use. I believe my dual degree is a great fit for human resources positions as I have spent many classes studying and dissecting human behavior and actions. When considering who to hire, I think being able to “read between the lines” and really evaluate a candidate’s interest is a necessary skill.
I have had extensive experience representing the University of Colorado and I think this kind of experience translates well to human resources as representatives are in some ways, the face of the company. I have been entrusted with orienting all incoming freshmen to the school and am comfortable speaking to a large group, creating a positive first impression and educating students and parents on processes and requirements. Over the past three summers while in this position, I have learned a lot about the systems that go into running large scale events and the organization required to create an impression and uphold a reputation. I could use these skills for your positions, whether in your human resources department, recruiting candidates or representing Stryker at a campus career event. My attention to detail is impeccable as are my organizational and problem solving skills. I enjoy researching solutions to problems, whether it be an employee looking for benefit information or career fair materials that didn’t arrive to their destination.
I hope to have the opportunity to speak with you further regarding these open positions. Thank you so much for your time.
Sincerely, Suzie Que

22 Pine Street

Boulder, CO 80303


Maggie.moolah@colorado.edu September 22, 2013

Ms. Andrea Sbicca

Colorado Retail State Manager E&J Gallo Winery

1415 Washington St #105

Denver, CO 80203 Dear Ms. Sbicca,

Please accept my resume for your Management Development Program. I am a Management major at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado and have been looking for a position such as yours. I consider my greatest strength to be my ability to establish relationships and this position is the perfect opportunity to make new connections, drive sales and take ownership of an entrepreneurial entity. I have been in contact with Cyndy Bagley, who I met at your information session, and have been able to learn a lot about your company and position. I am very impressed with the career development path E&J Gallo provides and am confident my outgoing personality, personal motivation and customer service attitude would be a great fit for your position.

A first impression is very important in a business such as yours, whether it’s in person or over the phone. I am comfortable working closely with all customers and have in all of my past positions. Working in the service industry has required excellent communication skills and professionalism when working with guests and club members, while teaching swimming has strengthened my ability to assess personalities, determine the most effective means of communication and deliver understandable instructions. I feel strongly these experiences would be beneficial to your account management position, as I would listen to your clients and provide custom solutions. Lastly, servicing and managing established accounts as well as growing the business is a responsibility I am very comfortable with; I enjoy the challenge of finding new ways to influence opinions, help educate others and ask for what I know is best for the business. These skills and traits would be valuable in maintaining and growing Gallo’s business.
Thank you for your time and consideration, I hope to have the opportunity to interview for the position and look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Maggie Moolah

Dear Hiring Manager:
I am pleased to submit my resume for your Marketing Intern position. As a student at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, I am excited about an opportunity to work for a dynamic tech firm utilizing my creative and strong interpersonal skills in a marketing based position. Although I am a finance major, I find that my personal strengths are more in line with a position in customer service, communications and marketing. I enjoy working in a team environment and am eager to utilize my strengths, education and enthusiasm while supporting your staff. I will be graduating in December 2014.

In an innovative firm such as yours, someone who is adaptable and learns quickly is a necessity. My varied work experiences have taught me the invaluable skill of thinking on my feet, solving my own problems and the importance of organization and time management. As a sailing instructor responsible for many students at once, I have learned to be very clear and concise in my communication skills and creative problem solving abilities. As an Intern in the Career Development office at Leeds, I have developed my organizational, administrative and verbal and written communication skills when working with students, employers and staff. I would be comfortable representing your company both verbally and written, to both employees, external clients and the media.

Marketing comes naturally to me as I am someone that is very aware of the people around me and the perceptions of others. I am willing to learn whatever I need to know for this position and believe my intuitiveness, positivity and work ethic would be an asset to you team. Thank you for your time and consideration, I will follow up with you in 2 weeks if I haven’t heard back from you.

Sincerely, Barry Booya


1212 Walnut Street

Boulder, CO 80302


Max.marketing@colorado.edu April 14, 2014

Anne Robertson Account Manager Anthem Branding 1000 North Street

Boulder, CO 80304


I am a senior marketing major at the Leeds School of Business scheduled to graduate in May 2014. I’m very pleased to apply for the Account Coordinator position you have posted through the Denver Egotist page.

This position is especially attractive to me as it would allow me to build upon the experiences I’ve gained through my internships at Egg Strategy and Room 214 in Boulder. I have greatly enjoyed being a part of the creative cultures at both companies and am excited about the prospect of taking on a client-facing position at Anthem Branding, as I have a strong passion for helping others achieve their goals.
My work experience, curiosity, and cheery personality make me a strong candidate for this position. At Egg Strategy, my eyes were opened to the powerful relationships that brands can foster with human beings. What energized me most in that role was working to understand tensions between people and the cultures in which they live; I am always fascinated to discover how brands are able to resolve such tensions. At Egg I acquired a deep toolbox filled with qualitative and quantitative gadgets to take on tough research questions and would be excited to utilize this knowledge to assist Anthem with complex research projects. At Room 214, I learned just how powerful big social media data can be in finding slight cultural nuances that, unleashed, can become complete game changers for product categories. Additionally, working at Celestial Seasonings has helped me tremendously with my public speaking and client relationship skills which ensures you that I would work effectively and professionally with your clients. No matter the job, I always come to work with a smile on my face, extending a warm hello to my coworkers.
At Anthem, I’ll be able to contribute my passion for insight, organization, and professionalism in a very meaningful way. I love this kind of work and can’t wait to roll up my sleeves, dig in, and make a difference alongside likeminded people who are always striving to turn the unseen gears of culture. Thank you so much for your time and consideration; I feel that my work experience, personality, aptitudes, and skillsets would make me an excellent addition to the Anthem team. I very much look forward to hearing back from you.


Dear Recruiting Committee:

I am applying for an internship position with Vail Resorts’ sustainability department. I am a junior at the Leeds School of Business working toward a business degree with a certificate in social responsibility.

Having the opportunity to support your staff in any capacity would be a dream job to me. I have studied your business model at length and find your practices, commitment to the environment and focus on green initiatives very much in line with my personal values. I would be grateful for the opportunity to learn from your experts.

My education and work experience has been broad, but also focused on a key common theme. I have enjoyed assisting many organizations with a social mission and goal of benefitting society. My experience ranges from solar ecosystems to organic food. In both companies I learned the importance and value of corporate responsibility. I am studying Business Administration and am hoping to utilize my degree to the fullest in a position involving all aspects of business, not just one area of focus. Having marketing, social media, project management and administrative experience, I believe my background would be an asset to Vail, as I would be able to successfully fill many positions. In addition to my strong academic background, I possess an entrepreneurial spirit that is demonstrated by the various start- ups I have also worked for. I have learned to quickly assess strengths and challenges of different businesses requiring new skills, strategy and direction. This innovative and creative way of thinking would be valuable when analyzing various scenarios and potential programs for your department.

I feel a strong sense of responsibility to the people I work with and can assure you my motivation and determination will benefit your group. As demonstrated by my cumulative GPA of 3.86, I learn quickly, place a high value on education and have a very strong work ethic. Always holding several jobs while in school, I have strengthened my time management skills, which would allow me to complete projects and tasks for you with a high level of efficiency. Thank you for considering me, I look forward to hearing from you.

Ross Responsibility

1111 Pleasant Street, Apt. 1

Boulder, CO 80302


Harold.hungry@colorado.edu January 13, 2014

Ms. Jennifer Smith Chipotle

1401 Wynkoop Street, Suite 500

Denver, CO 80202 Dear Ms. Smith,

I was very excited when I learned about your Finance Development Coordinator position because I’ve spent many years in the service industry, love the energy and atmosphere of the restaurant business and believe a role that combines my quantitative and qualitative capabilities would be an ideal fit for me. My goal is to find an opportunity that utilizes my finance education, but also allows me to work very closely with people, which is something I know I need in my career in order to be fulfilled. I consider my greatest strengths to be my interpersonal and communication skills and feel strongly these traits combined with my organizational skills and deadline driven personality would be an asset to Chipotle.
I’m very impressed with Chipotle’s growth, plans for new restaurant concepts, level of corporate responsibility and philanthropic efforts. One of the components of the job that really stood out to me is the opportunity to work with architects, designers and contractors. I began my education as an architecture major before switching to finance and am very interested in real estate and development. I also believe my prior work experience in the service industry will enhance my understanding of your growth goals and contribute to my success. I am comfortable working with and communicating with all types of personalities and am committed to leaving a positive impression on the people I come in contact with. I would hope to use these traits working with your team, vendors and external clients.
Additionally, I am able to make quick, confident decisions, and possess an easy-going, amiable personality. My work ethic is strong, as I have paid for my education through various jobs within the service industry and I am a high energy, enthusiastic person. I’m able to juggle many people, tasks and situations at once and take my commitments and responsibilities very seriously. As a new Finance grad from the Leeds School of Business, I am ready to apply my skills in this capacity and am looking forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for your consideration.
Sincerely, Harold Hungry
Dear Mr. Johnson,
I am excited to submit my resume for your Financial Analyst position. I am very familiar with your group as one of our good family friends in your New York office, Fred Frederick, has given me quite a bit of information on your company. A position with Morgan Stanley would be a great opportunity and after researching your Public Finance Analyst program, I feel strongly it would be an ideal fit for me. Working closely with clients, but also having the opportunity to utilize my analytical skills is what has prompted me to apply. Working with the public finance group and having the opportunity to impact the infrastructure that is so important to a community is very appealing to me as I enjoy helping others and ultimately making a difference.

I will be receiving my degree in Finance in December of 2013 from the University of Colorado, Leeds School of Business and elected to supplement my coursework with economics and math classes, as I am interested in securing a very quantitative and analytical position. This academic combination would be an asset to Morgan Stanley because I possess a macro view of the economy and how government decisions affect businesses, along with finance coursework that has prepared me for the detailed analysis and modeling you require. Additionally, my time spent in private wealth management taught me the importance of professionalism in both presentations and communications and I would look forward to using these strengths to interact with both your internal employees and external clients and begin making value added contributions to your team. My past managers would describe me as hard working, confident in my ability to make decisions and someone that easily establishes relationships with others. Always respectful of my co-workers, I consider myself a strong team player and a quick learner and I am excited about the opportunity to apply my personal strengths and knowledge to a position with Morgan Stanley.

Thank you for your consideration, I am very interested in your position, the chance to support your group and learn from industry experts. Public finance seems like a very good fit for my personality and skillset and I look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely, Charlie Choo
1414 14th Street

Boulder, CO 80302 ron.burgandy@colorado.edu 970-970-9700

May 13, 2013
Hiring Manager

Real Real Estate, LLC 1199 Pearl Street

Boulder, CO 80304 Dear Hiring Manager,

I am pleased to submit my resume for your Research/Analyst Internship that I saw posted on the Career Buffs website. As a student at the Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado, beginning my Senior year in August, I am excited about the opportunity to learn more about real estate and finance to complement my education. Real Estate is specifically of interest to me as both an investment and a career, since it seems to combine two things I’m very interested in, business and people. My parents have been in the real estate industry for years and I like the idea of working closely with people to meet their needs, but also using my problem solving and analytical skills. I am also working toward a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and enjoy the aspects of networking, building new relationships and growing a business.

As you can see by my resume, I’ve had many different work experiences. I feel strongly that they all provided me with skills transferrable to your job. While at Rol in Vail, Colorado, I worked effectively in a team, but also independently to ensure all operations of the restaurant, bar, and bowling alley ran smoothly. Additionally, I worked with customers, made sure all needs were met and cleaned the facility daily. I would treat your customers and employees with the same amount of respect and energy. My summers spent as a landscaper shows my ability to meet deadlines and focus on tasks, no matter how repetitive or mundane. I am comfortable working hard, often times without direction in a sometimes undesirable conditions. Having no gardening experience, I quickly learned the knowledge necessary to professionally maintain a quality garden and the skills needed to communicate effectively with my clients. I am comfortable with my ability to learn new things and believe my work ethic and interest in your business will allow me to quickly pick up on what you would need me to do.
Lastly, I feel confident my coursework at the Leeds School of Business has prepared for your position. My quantitative and analytical skills have been honed in my various finance classes. Specifically, my Investment Management class taught me the necessary skills to make a quality investment through the use of modeling and analytical research. I would hope to be able to use this knowledge in your position.
Thank you very much for taking the time to review my qualifications. I hope to hear back from you soon.
Sincerely, Ron Burgandy
2222 Colorado Drive

Boulder, CO 80303


George.getajob@colorado.edu May 1, 2012

Rick Rickleson Columbine Country Club 17 Fairway Lane

Columbine Valley, Colorado 80123 Dear Mr. Rickleson,

I am applying for a summer internship to assist your Food and Beverage Director and entire staff. Not

only do I understand the environment and expectations of your members and club, but more importantly possess the work ethic, desire to provide excellent customer service and management skills to excel in the position. The Columbine Country Club seems very similar to the club my parents belonged to when I was younger, in both size and atmosphere, so I feel I have firsthand knowledge of the level of service necessary to not only maintain, but exceed the expectations of your members. I look forward to using my personal strengths of working hard, serving others and remaining humble and respectful for the betterment of Columbine Country Club.

I am a junior at the University of Colorado pursuing a dual degree in Business Operations Management and Spanish for the Professions. As you can see by my resume, the majority of my work experience has been in the service area. I’m someone that enjoys working with people to reach a common goal of providing efficient, effective customer service. I tend to derive my satisfaction and energy from those around me and thrive in a team environment. While traveling abroad I gained a more insightful understanding of different people, their cultures and communication styles. I am someone who is able to integrate myself seamlessly into groups and teams, but also possess the ability to work independently and will represent your country club professionally.

This position also appeals to me because I am very focused on management and operations. I chose to major in management because it’s very hands-on, people and process oriented and is how I learn best. During the past two and a half years I have completed several management courses and projects that have prepared me for a Food and Beverage Management internship and learned to create supply and work schedules, analyze processes, and communicate effectively and professionally with suppliers. I feel an inherent sense of ethical responsibility that drives me to do my best and give my all in every situation. I look forward to using my work ethic, organization and time management skills in your internship. Thank you for your time, I will follow up with you next week if I haven’t heard back from you.

George Getajob
555 S. 5th Street Boulder, CO 80302


September 8, 2013
Kyle Kickson

BBB Banking Partners Denver, CO

Dear Mr. Kickson,
I am writing to express my interest in the Analyst position. I am very interested in a career in Investment Banking and believe that this position is a great opportunity. In my final semester at the University of Colorado, I’m currently working on a B.S. degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance, along with a certificate in Quantitative Finance, and a Minor in Mathematics. The courses required for the certificate and minor provide me with a deeper mathematical and economics background allowing me to apply calculations and understand their interpretation more profoundly. I feel that my determination for success and initiative, coupled with my strong quantitative background, match the qualifications necessary to thrive as an Analyst for BBB Banking Partners.
Over the past two summers, I’ve had the opportunity to work in investment management for both small and large firms. Each of these firms helped develop my skills in new ways which are directly transferable to your position. At Goldman Sachs, I joined the performance and risk team for the institutional advisory group and learned firsthand the importance of due diligence and having a strong attention to detail. Having these qualities helped me to quickly gain the trust of my team and take ownership of large extensive projects. I became an integral part of the team, working on our biggest client’s portfolio restructure, creating exhaustive Excel spreadsheets to develop a new risk budget. This experience assures you I can be entrusted to handle a high level of responsibility and am already familiar with the projects and tasks in this role. As an intern at ABC Strategic Capital, I’ve been exposed to various projects encompassing everything from deep research and analysis on derivatives and structured products to marketing strategies and relationship management. At a company of less than five employees, I constantly work in a team based environment and must appropriately prioritize and

multi-task to prepare my portion for each meeting. I am a strong collaborator and would blend in easily with your small team.

After working in investment management for the last year, I’ve realized that I truly enjoy the strategy role that is associated with derivatives. The strategy role in structuring a solution for clients whether in M&A or business development leads me to believe that investment banking is where my passion lies and I can excel. Thank you for considering my application for the Analyst position. Please see my attached resume for more information regarding my credentials and I look forward to hearing from you.
Ima Rockstar

999 9th Street

Boulder, CO 80303
September 28, 2013
Sue Williams

Deloitte Services LP

2200 Pearl Avenue, Suite 1600

Dallas, TX 75201

Dear Ms. Williams,

I am writing to express interest in your Business Technology Analyst career opportunity posted on CareerBuffs. Last spring, I attended Deloitte’s Technology Consulting Learning Session at the Leeds School of Business. At this event Ms. Maureen Call shared with us a statement that resonated within me; she spoke about the importance of finding a career where one has the ability to identify what they are truly passionate about. I believe my passion for problem solving and my ability to adapt to an ever-changing work environment matches that required of a Business Technology Analyst.

My education and extracurricular experience at the Leeds School of Business has taught me how to appropriately deal with ambiguity. As a Tri-Executive of the Multicultural Business Student Association and Vice President of the Leeds Association for Information Systems, I am constantly presented with situations that require me to collaborate with my team members and adapt. In these leadership positions, I have learned the significance of mutual accountability within a team, and how to remain collected, positive, and professional when unexpected circumstances arise. Though I am aware that I am still growing as a leader, the lessons I have learned thus far have prepared me for the Business Technology Analyst position. This is because I understand that as a consultant, one must not be afraid of ambiguity and must be adaptable in order to best meet the needs of a client.

An additional qualification for this position is my experience with information management. My information management curriculum has taught me to be patient and persistent when initially being introduced to new systems and computer languages. I expanded this skill with an internship at Phillips 66, where I encountered moments where I needed to be confident in myself, and take the initiative in learning unfamiliar technologies. Never having worked with SharePoint or coded HTML and CSS prior to my internship, I was challenged to research and learn the fundamentals of the software and coding languages. I used this in order to reconfigure and improve the usability of Phillips 66’s Project Manager Intranet portal. My experience as an intern has aided me in understanding that achieving a goal or completing a project should not be stunted by being intimidated of technology.

My ability to handle ambiguity and willingness to learn new technologies would be a perfect partnership with Deloitte in your Business Technology Analyst position. Given the opportunity to be a part of your company would allow me the chance to learn and grow with the best and would be a personal achievement and honor.

More information regarding my education, experience and qualifications are highlighted in the attached resume; however, I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you at your convenience to discuss my application. Please contact me at (720) 999-9999 or e-mail me at izzy.information@colorado.edu.


Izzy Information

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