A bibliography of Literary Theory, Criticism and Philology

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A Bibliography of Literary Theory, Criticism and Philology


by José Ángel García Landa

(University of Zaragoza, Spain)

Derek Jarman (1941-1994)

(British film director; st painting, Slade School, 1963-7; video artist, militant gay aesthetic)

Works: Films
Jarman, Derek, dir. Jubilee. Film. (Elizabeth I, John Dee).

_____, dir. The Tempest. Based on Shakespeare's play. 1980.

_____, dir. and screenplay. The Angelic Conversation. (Based on Shakespeare's sonnets). Cast: Paul Reynolds, Philip Williamson, Judi Dench (voice-off). Phot. Derek Jarman and James Mackay. Music: Coil. Ed. Cerith Wyn-Evans and Peter Cartwright. UK: BFI/Channel 4 TV, 1985.

_____, dir. Caravaggio. 1986.

_____, dir. The Last of England.

_____, dir. The Garden. 1990.

_____, dir. Edward II. Based on Christopher Marlowe's play. Cast: Steven Waddington, Kevin Collins, Andrew Tiernan, John Lynch, Dudley Sutton, Tilda Swinton, Jerome Flynn, Jody Graber, Nigel Terry, Annie Lennox. UK, 1991.

_____, dir. Wittgenstein.

Jarman, Derek, and Paul Humfress, dirs. Sebastiane. Film. 1976.

Works: Writings

Jarman, Derek. Dancing Ledge. London, 1984.

Ackroyd, Peter. Rev. of Caravaggio. Dir. Derek Jarman. The Spectator 10 May 1986. Rpt. in Ackroyd, The Collection. Ed. Thomas Wright. London: Chatto & Windus, 2001. 138-40.*

Collick, John. Shakespeare, Cinema and Society. Manchester: Manchester UP, 1989.

Holderness, Graham. "Shakespeare Rewound." Shakespeare Survey 45 (1993): 63-74. (Shakespeare and film).

Kermode, Frank. Rev. of The Tempest. Dir. Derek Jarman. TLS 16 May 1980: 553.

MacCabe, Colin. "A Post-National European Cinema: A Consideration of Derek Jarman's The Tempest and Edward II." In Screening Europe: Image and Identity in Contemporary European Cinema. Ed. Duncan Petrie. London, 1992. 9-18.

_____. "A Post-National European Cinema: A Consideration of Derek Jarman's The Tempest and Edward II." In Shakespeare on Film. Ed. Robert Shaughnessy. Houndmills: Macmillan, 1998. 145-55.*

Martin Renes, Cornelis. "Tempted by the Tempest: Derk Jarman's Gay Play with Shakespearean Romance." In Proceedings from the 31st AEDEAN Conference. Ed. M. J. Lorenzo Modia et al. CD-ROM: A Coruña: Universidade da Coruña, 2008. 225-35.*

Maddison, Stephen. Fags, Hags and Queer Sisters: Gender Dissent and Heterosocial Bonding in Gay Culture. Houndmills: Macmillan, 2000. (A Streetcar Named Desire, Maurice, Pulp Fiction, Jarman's Edward II, Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown).

Perriam, Chris. "Queer Borders: Derek Jarman, The Garden." In "New" Exoticisms: Changing Patterns in the Construction of Otherness. Ed. Isabel Santaolalla. Amsterdam and Atlanta: Rodopi, 2000. 115-25.*

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