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The Accelerated Reader Program is a computerized reading program produced by Renaissance Learning and School Renaissance Institute.  More than 45,000 schools nationwide use this program. The purpose of the Accelerated Reader Program is to motivate students to read for both educational and recreational purpose.  Students are encouraged to choose from a variety of genres.  After completing a book, the student takes a computerized test on the book.  Each book is assigned a point value, and the points earned by a student are determined by a combination of point value, reading level, and performance on the test.  Points are accumulated for each year and incentives are given to encourage students to read and participate in the program.

Incentives Given Every Nine Weeks:

25 – 49 Points = free dessert pass

50+ Points = ice cream sundaes

100+ Points by the end of the Year = Pizza Party

Download 4.01 Kb.

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