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In this project you will adopt an element from the periodic table. As a PROUD NEW PARENT of your element, you will create a baby book to remember each stage of your element’s life. By completing these tasks you will begin to look at the world with a whole new understanding. Your duty as “parents” is to gain knowledge about your element and the periodic table.

This project will count as a test grade. Some parts must be done on the computer and some parts you will do by hand. So, PAY ATTENTION to detail so you do not get points deducted. If the page says computer next to the requirements, then you must create it using a computer for that part.

Final Project due date:

Presentation due date:


Suggested Resources:

Fill in your element data sheet using the following:

  • The periodic table in your binder or book.

  • Encyclopedias

  • Books in the Media Center

  • Some sample websites

    • o    Webelements (

    • o    Chemical Elements (

    • o    Chem4Kids (

    • o    Chemicool (

    • o    Periodic Table (

Research Guidelines & Checklist


Cover Page (computer generated) – 5pts

    • Name of the element _______________________________

    • Picture of the element (in everyday use)

    • Your name & class period

    • Decorative cover

    • Colorful /Creativity/Neatness

Page 1 Birth Certificate (computer generated) – 15 pts

  • Name (of the element) ___________________________________

  • Nickname (symbol) ______________________________________

  • Birth date (date element was discovered) _____________________

  • Birth weight (atomic mass) ________________________________

  • Birth height (atomic number) ______________________________

  • Race (type of element – metal, non-metal, metalloid) _____________

  • Doctor (discoverer) _____________________________________

  • Gender (state of matter at room temperature) ________________

  • Place of birth (country of discovery) ________________________

  • Personality :

      • Boiling point (⁰C)___________________

      • Melting point (⁰C)___________________

  • Signature of Parent (that’s you!) ___________________________

  • Professional appearance (includes border, seal of approval, neatness, etc.)

Page 2 – Baby Picture -10 pts

  • Create or cut-out a picture of a baby

  • The baby needs to have a drawing of your element’s atomic structure on their shirt (use the green handout in your packet for help!) –hand drawn only!

  • Be sure to also label protons, neutrons and electrons in the correct amounts!

    • Create a key

    • Number protons – ______

    • Number neutrons – ______

    • Number electrons - ______

Page 3 – Family Tree – 5 pts

  • Create or cut-out a picture of a tree with branches

      • Include Family name (name of the group it belongs to) __________

      • Brothers and sisters (names of the group members) ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Page 4 – When I grow up…(computer generated) – 10 pts

  • In a paragraph (minimum of 8 sentences) explain the following from the point of view of your element… “When I grow up I want to be…”

      • Career choices (what your element is used for)


Page 5 My favorite story…(computer generated) – 10 pts

  • Write a creative story, poem or song about your element’s life and something it experienced. It may be funny, but must be appropriate AND related to what the element is used for.

  • MUST contain at least 5 -8 quality sentences (stories) or lines (poems)

Other Requirements:

  • Keep in mind you will be graded on correct spelling, grammar and neatness throughout the project. (25 points total!)


-5 points each day

You are responsible for this project whether you do it in school or out of school. This is NOT a 100% in school project. You may need to work on it at home to complete it by the due date.

      • get worksheet signed, pick element

research in class

research in class

- research in class / finish research/ start project

- finish research /start project

      • cover page, page 1

– page 2

page 3

page 4

- page 5

Download 24.28 Kb.

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