Adrian b vigre 9a engelsk tentamen Task 1: 1 Right

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Adrian B Vigre 9A Engelsk tentamen

Task 1: 1) Right

2) Wrong

3) Wrong

4) Right

5) Right

6) Wrong

7) Wrong

8) Wrong

Task 2: 1) E

2) C

3) F

4) A

5) B

6) D

7) H

8) I

9) A

Task 3: A man who tried to look like someone else [Pop Legends, Michael Jackson]

A man who wanted to be a rock star, but didn’t succeed [My Dad]

A cruel and selfish man [Henry VIII]

A man who always looks like he needs a shave [Desperate Dan]

A man who loved sandwiches [Pop Legends, Elvis Presley]

Task 4: 1) Though Elvis Presley didn’t invent rock’n’roll , he was one of rockn’rolls most powerful performers, and made rock extremely popular.

2) It is the song that made him famous in USA, though he actually wrote it to his mother as a birthday present. “That’s all right, mama” made it to the number 3 in the Cuntry and Western chart.

3) The song that made him an international celebrity was the song “Heartbreak Hotel”. The rest of his songs became instant hits; many women became crazy about him.

4) Elvis had an own way of making sandwiches:

If you wanted to make one you would start by putting peanut butter and mashed banana on two slices of bread, then you would smash them together and fry them in bacon fat.

5) Graceland was a place where he had a house, he used to sit on his 15-foot white sofa and watch himself on TV, while eating sandwiches.

6) The first time was back in the sixties when he was a lead singer in a group called “the Jackson Five”. They got famous through their Motown recordings and their TV appearances.

The second time was when he married Elvis Presley’s daughter, and then divorced two years later. It caused a sensation.

7) It is hard to know what’s made up and what’s true but there are stories about Michael Jackson. Some say he lives in a Disneyland house with a pet monkey called Bubbles. It is also sad that he took plastic surgery to look like Diana Ross.

8) I think it’s because they are well known and teenager need people to look up to. They feel sorry and happy for the celebrities. They like the way they artists behave, and that they can do almost what they want and that everyone likes them.

Task 5: Jolene Clarke’s father is a funny man; his parents wanted him to be a teacher but no... He wanted to be a cowboy in the Wild West. He never became a “cowboy” in the Wild West but turned out to be a dog-catcher in Los Angeles. When a little poodle bit him, he found out that he had got enough. He tried to become a rock star, but failed.

It is about then a friend advertised him to start a business in the desert, he ran off at once and read a “Become an electrician in ten days” book. One time he was going to fix a freezer, but as always he failed. He ended up by marring the woman who wanted her freezer fixed. (He never managed to repair the freezer. I chose this text because it is a real one, and I think it is a bit funny.

Task 6: The sixties

The sixties are periods were much happened, John F. Kennedy was president in USA, and he got shot by an assassin. The Vietnam War was going on and many people like the hippies rebelled. The hippies used drugs, they wanted to stop the war in Vietnam, so protested.

The space-race between USA and Sovjet were going on in the sixties, both nations wanted to be the first to reach the moon. Which USA managed first, with the Apollo. It was Elvis who was the famous musician at that time, he was called the King of rock. The musical Greece was in the sixties but it isn’t one of my favourites.

Part B Task 4

Stargate Atlantis is a Sci-Fi series. It is about a grand expedition to Atlantis, in another galaxy called Pegasus. In the beginning there are only four main characters: Dr. Rodney McKay the brilliant scientist, Lieutenant John Sheppard the brave soldier (later Colonel), Tayla Imagen an Athoshian who joins the expedition to help fight the wraith, and a Lieutenant who always fails in naming things. Later on Ronan Dex a fugitive warrior on the run from the wraith, joins Atlantis.

Atlantis is a 10,000 years old city made by the highly advanced ancients, also called the ancestors by the local humans in this galaxy. The stargate is a ring who can make an artificial wormhole, that makes it possible to make a instant travel across the galaxy to equal devices, these devices are spread around the galaxy. It was the stargate and an almost depleted ZPM that made it possible to get to Pegasus

The galaxy of course seems peaceful at first, but when a military team gets captured by a fearsome enemy called the “Wraith”, the main characters and some locals called the Athoshans goes to rescues them. The wraith is naturally in hibernation for a period of 150 years before they waken to feed on humans, for so again go in hibernation. The reason the hibernation is to give the humans time to reproduce, there isn’t enough food supplies for them all (Humans).

While trying to rescue the captured team the main characters mistakenly awakens the Wraith. Since the wraith was waked to early, many human civilizations are destroyed. Due to the lack of humans to feed on, a civil war to breaks out between the Wraiths.

The Athoshians is a peaceful people who for a long time have been on the move, to hide from the Wraith. The wraith is an evil race that lives by sucking the lives out of humans (sometime they even turn to cannibalism), they have evolved from the small and cruel Eractus bug that also lived by sucking on people.

Atlantis is the grand city of the ancient, and the marvellous technology is stunning, the expedition members discover new and practical parts of it all the time. The great heart of the technology is the ZPM, ZPM means “Zero point Module”. ZPMs are power sources that draw power from subspace. In the beginning of the series the team hasn’t got one but after a while they acquire three, this makes the city fully operational. When they don’t have ZPMs, they use powerful Nacuada generators to power the city. Nacuada is an energy rich mineral.

In the series the expedition members fight the Wraith, but after a while they also become ally with a group of them. Note that all of the locals are not happy about the newcomers, one of these local groups is called Genai. The Genai has a plan to trick the atlantians but fails, this makes them bitter enemies. Later on the Genai has a change of government and they make peace with the atlantians, though a rough group breaks out from the Genai and tries to sabotage and attack the atlantians.

Replicators lives to replicate, they were originally created by the ancients as a weapon against the Wraith. When the atlantians accidentally bump into them they quickly become enemies. In the end the atlantians manage to destroy almost all of the replicators.

The series has five seasons with 20 episodes in each, and there is going to be made a two hour movie to end it. I chose to write about this series because I am a science fiction fan and I like it. I think its interesting and entertaining.

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