Aea height: 5’11” Weight: 170 lbs. Hair: Brown/Straight Eyes: Brown

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Height: 5’11” Weight: 170 lbs. Hair: Brown/Straight Eyes: Brown
THEATER (Off Broadway, Off-Off Broadway, Regional)

THE CAPABLES Mike (Sound Man) Neighborhood Pr./Gym at Judson/Dir. Stefanie Horowitz

THE POOR OF NEW YORK Mr. Puffy Columbia Stages / Connelly Theater / Dir. Tyne Rafaeli

WHYSKEY JACK Callum (Lumberjack Boss) St. Fortune Productions / Dir. Danny Carroll

THE CORSAIR Seyd/Pirate Columbia Stages / 3LD / Dir. Katie Naka

DECOMPRESSION Shlomi NYC Fringe / Kraine Theater / Dir. Patrice Miller

DEUTERANOMALY David Planet Connections/Mind The Gap/Dir. P. D’Alessandris

CUPID PAINTED BLIND Demetrius 45th Street Theater / Julii Theater Company

THE COLOR OF JUSTICE Edwards/Davis Theatreworks USA National Tour / Dir. Laura Savia

UNDERGROUND Seer The Wild Project / Poetic Theater / Dir. Axel Avin Jr.

PANGS OF THE MESSIAH Avner LABA Theater / UTC / Dir. Edward Einhorn
THE AVERAGE-SIZED MERMAID Barry Pesci NYC Fringe / Mind The Gap / Dir. P. D’Alessandris

QUICK & DIRTY Bohdi The Rogoff Theater Co. / Dir. Braden LuBell

THE FALLOW HOUSE Jason (Newlywed Husband) The Bridge Theater/Roots & Wings Fest/St. Fortune Pr.

HAMLET Guildenstern/First Priest Webster Hall/StayOnStage Productions/Dir. D. Porter

ROMEO & JULIET Friar Lawrence Zephyer Rep / Wings Theater / Dir. Gretchen Ferris

POPULATION: 8 Emmanuel NYC Fringe / SoHo Playhouse / Dir. Marc Weitz

THIS TASTES FUNNY! Wayne, Ranjid The Shell / Kokopelli Theater Co. & St. Fortune Pr.

WISEACRE FARM Cedric the Scarecrow 13th Street Repertory Children’s Theater

BRUNCH Harry(Impatient Husband) Short Play Lab / Strawberry Festival

IN A NY MINUTE Featured Performer Spare Change Theater Co. / Dir. Kymberly Tuttle

OVER RIPE / MANTIS John/Miles Manhattan Shakespeare Project/Theaterlab

LINE Stephen/Arnall 13th Street Repertory Theater / Dir. Edith O’Hara

FE(E)ED Brian (Hipster) Bowery Poetry Club / Sticky!

CLUE Professor Plum Tufte Performance Center / Dir. Michael Bulger

THE CHALKY WHITE SUBSTANCE Mark Greene Theater, Tufte Performance Center

NOBODY KNOWS Gabe(Earnest Boyfriend) Dir. & Producer Fred Riedel

ABNER Arman (Recurring) Dir. Ben Greenfield / Producer David J Goldberg

NEW APARTMENT Kyle (Writer/Boyfriend) Dir. Ori Ravid , BFA NYU

CAIRO Gnash(Hillbilly Addict) Dir. Jordan Levine, MFA SVA

GRIMES OF PASSION Henry Grimes (Husband) 30TH Floor Productions, NYC

ONE TAKE Terrorist Leader Dir. Giovanni P. Autran, Emerson College BFA

THE SIMON STUDIO Scene study, monologue technique and on-camera with Roger Hendricks Simon.

ATLANTIC ACTING SCHOOL Practical aesthetics, repetition, script analysis and monologue technique with Kate Blumberg, Karen Kohlhaas, Heather Oakley, Michael Piazza, Bridgette Dunlap, Tamara Lovatt-Smith, Jordan Lage.


EMERSON COLLEGE, Boston, MA Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing & Theater Studies, Acting Emphasis


Guitar, Bass Guitar, Elementary Piano, Human Beat Box; Improv Skills; Rapid & Full Beard/Mustache Growth; Kermit The Frog Impression; Willing to shave head; Member of award-winning sketch comedy trio, Old Man Comedy; Producer and co-star of original comedic web-series, Abner; Wrote, directed and starred in original short musical comedy, A Grocery Story, Emerson College; Member of St. Fortune Theater Collective; Extensive experience devising work; Dialects (American Southern; American Midwestern; New England; New York; Various British; Irish; Middle Eastern); Sports (Basketball; Baseball; Football; Soccer)

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