Are You Smarter than a 5 th Grader?

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Work Family Resource Center held the organization’s 2nd Annual “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” fundraiser on April 9, 2010. Over 100 people of all ages attended the fun-filled game night. Award-winning scriptwriter, filmmaker, educator, and communications specialist, Nathan Ross Freeman served as emcee and added his sense of fun and adventure to the event. Jim Grace served as scorekeeper and Steve Fulmar, Ph.D. and a member of last year’s winning team served as the official judge. The chair of the event was WFRC’s Board Vice President, Lori Timm. Members of the event committee included: Rick Spangler, Phyllis D’Agostino, Ginny Nester, Janet Ray, Corky Clodfelter, Lara Carpenter, Ellen Wenner and Pat Roach.
Like many non-profit organizations, Work Family Resource Center relies primarily on grants to fund its many programs. However, grant funding does not cover all of the expenses to run the agency. So the members of the board came up with the idea of holding a board-initiated fundraiser to raise unrestricted funds that would provide financial stability and allow Work Family to continue to make a positive impact on the community.
The winning team won a grand prize basket that included the following donated items:
1 - $25.00 American Express Gift Card

1 - $50.00 Gift Certificate – Target

1 - $20.00 Gift Certificate – River Birch Lodge

1 - Gift Certificate – Foot Hills Brewery

1 - Yadkin Valley Wine Tour Certificate

2 - $25.00 Dining cards - Your Travel Dreams

8 - Wine tasting certificates - Childress Vineyards

2 - Certificates for 1 month of free lessons and uniform – Tiger Kim’s Tae Kwon Do

5 - Lunches – Du Mexique

5- Subway Coupons – Free 6 inch subs

As a part of the game night, WFRC enlisted the help of local elementary school students to serve as experts for the teams and help them come up with answers to the questions. Some students also served as runners to take the answers to the scorekeepers table.

The following students participated:

The following individuals or organization sponsored team tables:


Applied HR Solutions

Deutsche Bank

JBA Benefits

Kaplan Early Learning Company

Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation

WFRC Board Members
The following individuals or organizations sponsored prizes (including raffle and door prizes):
Applied HR Solutions

Childress Vineyards


Tiger Kim’s Tae Kwon Do

Yadkin Valley Wine Tours

River Birch Lodge

Your Travel Dreams

Tracy Smith, Pampered Chef

St Paul Traveler’s Insurance Company

Winston-Salem Transit Authority

WFRC Staff
Food was provided by Just for You Catering (Greensboro) and Dewey’s.
For information, please contact Katura Jackson by e-mail at

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