Assessment of Experience

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Assessment of Experience
Please share with us how your Basecamp/Challenge Course experience contributed to your program and your participants. We request you: A) fill out a short assessment, B) share a “story,” and C) provide one or more photos of your experience, including a “team” photo that we will hang in the main lodge.
Organization: ________________________________________________________________

Dates of Use: _______________________________________________________

Facilities Uses: Basecamp: [__] Challenge Course: [__]

Total number of participants: Adult/Leaders: ________ Students: ________

A. Program Assessment

1. Briefly, what were your program goals for use of our facilities (i.e., “Teach wilderness first aid to elementary school children”):

2. Please describe specific activities you undertook (i.e., “Took 11 kids, ages 12-14, on overnight camping trip to Castle Camp”):

3. From your perspective, in what ways was your program at Basecamp/Challenge Course effective or successful -- please share one or more specific examples (i.e., “As a coach, our day on the challenge course helped my team learn importance of communicating”):

4. What did you and your participants gain as a result of participation in this program/service/ activity (i.e., “A sense that I can do something that 10 minutes ago I was convinced I could not”):

Assessment of Facilities & American Explorers Staffing

5. What specific challenges or concerns did you encounter with utilizing the Basecamp/Challenge Course (i.e., “kids uncomfortable sleeping outdoors in a tent”):

6. Please rate your overall interaction with Basecamp/Challenge Course staff, from the time of scheduling your event to your actual onsite experience. Rate on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is very poor/disappointing, 5 is satisfactory (what was expected), and 10 is exceptional. We appreciate any comments as well: RATING: COMMENTS:

7. What could be done to improve or enhance the Basecamp/Challenge Course program in the future (Please be specific and candid):

8. Would you recommend this program/service/activity to others?  Please explain your response:

9. How would you rate your overall experience, on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is very poor/disappointing, 5 is satisfactory (what was expected), and 10 is exceptional: RATING:

B. Tell Us a Story -- a brief statement of how you used the Basecamp and one or more learnings that the experience imparted (we wish to post excerpts of these stories on our website along with a photo):

C. Photos of Your Experience.

Please email us photos of your Basecamp/Challenge Course experience and a “team photo.” Nothing better conveys the experience than photos. We plan to mount photos of all our participants in the Hyalite Lodge, beginning in 2016, so your team photo is important (feel free to make it fun).

Please email your assessment, photos, and any other documents to Whitney Tilt at Any questions and concerns, call Whitney at 406-223-8972.

121 Hyalite Creek Road, PO Box 1219, Emigrant, MT 59027 ▫ 406-333-9556 ▫ www.american

Download 7.41 Kb.

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