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Curriculum Vitae


Dr. C.M. de Vos


ASTRON Managing Director & Acting Director General

Contact information


P.O. Box 2

7990 AA Dwingeloo

The Netherlands

P: +31 521 595100

F: +31 521 595101

Marco de Vos is Managing Director at ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio-Astronomy, and Lector Computer Science & Sensor Technology at the Institute of Engineering of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. He is currently acting Director General of ASTRON.
Born in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, on February 11th, 1965, he received his M.Sc. degree in Astronomy in 1987 at Leiden University and a Ph.D. degree in 1993 at Groningen University on the development and commissioning of an optical interferometer. In 1993 he joined the R&D division of ASTRON. Initially he developed astronomical analysis software for Self-Calibration and Rotation Measure synthesis of WSRT data in the Newstar software package. He then became project manager of the Telescope Management System development for the WSRT and for the Netherlands ALMA Future Correlator project. In 1998 he became leader of the R&D expertise group Software and Image Processing, introducing professional software development processes in the institute. In 2004 he started a new expertise group on Scientific Computing, exploring future directions in simulation and imaging.
From 1999, Marco has been deeply involved in the development of the 100M€ LOFAR Sensor Network, which combines the largest radio telescope in the world with advanced sensor applications in geophysics, infrasound and precision agriculture. Under his leadership the technical team developed from a couple of postdocs in 2000 to a well-organized 150 FTE workforce in 2005. He was also responsible for industrial relations in LOFAR R&D, which resulted in several start-ups in sensor-technology and an increased innovation potential at regional production companies. In 2005 Marco became Director of R&D at ASTRON, taking responsibility for the full research and development program in the Optical/IR and Radio domains. He was involved in establishing the Sensor Universe innovation platform and the Hanze Institute of Technology of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. From 2007 he also served as Deputy Director of ASTRON, leading the institute through a major organizational change. In 2010 he moved on to become Managing Director of the institute. One of his main challenges has been to consolidated the program for the next-generation of radio telescopes, in particular the Square Kilometre Array (SKA). With his team and partners he secured funding for public-private partnerships on antenna development and ICT research, most notably the ASTRON & IBM Centre for Exascale Technology (DOME project).
Since November 2012 he is part-time Lector Computer Science & Sensor Technology at the Insitute of Engineering of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. His main research interests are in the field of system modeling, distributed development and wide area sensor networks. He is eScience Integrator for astronomy for the Netherlands eScience Centre (NLeSC). Up to 2005 he owned Symbibaz, an SME on software quality systems.
Marco is a science director in the SKA Board, member of the eScience Advisory Panel of the Netherlands eScience Research Centre and the SKA Science & Engineering Advisory Panel, and Coordinator of the H2020 ASTERICS program. He is founding member of the Taskforce HTSM Noord-Nederland.

Selected publications

The LOFAR Telescope: System Architecture and Signal Processing , de Vos, M.; Gunst, A.W.; Nijboer, R.; Proceedings of the IEEE, Volume: 97, Issue: 8, pg 1431-1437, 2009.
LOFAR, the first of a new generation of radio-telescopes, C.M. de Vos, IEEE Conference on Acoustics and Signal Processing (special session on radio-astronomy), 2005.

Networks and Processing for the LOFAR telescope, C.M. de Vos, URSI 2002

Architecture for Wide Area Sensor Networks, C.M. de Vos, ESI/Philips Architecting Event, 2003.
Spin-off oppurtunities of sensor technology from astronomical instrumentation, C.M. de Vos, CIC seminar “Intelligent devices”, 2004.
Strategies for end-to-end modeling of next generation mm/radio-telescopes, C.M. de Vos, K. van der Schaaf, M. Loose, G. van Diepen, SPIE workshop on integrated modeling, Lund, Sweden, 2002.
Cluster Computing and Grid Processing for LOFAR, C.M. de Vos, K. v.d. Schaaf, J.D. Bregman, CCGrid 2001.
The SKA End-to-End Simulation Environment, C.M. de Vos, Proceedings NFRA SKA Symposium Technologies for Large Antenna Arrays’, 1999
Optical Interferomety with SCASIS, PhD Thesis, C.M. de Vos, 1993

Brief timeline

2010-current ASTRON Managing Director

2005-2010 ASTRON Director of R&D

2000-2005 LOFAR System Engineering Manager

2000-2005 Owner of Symbibaz Research & Consultancy

1992-2000 Project Manager at ASTRON

European ALMA Future Correlator

Telescope Management System

Newstar data processing package

1987-1993 PhD Thesis University of Groningen (SCASIS Optical Interferometry)

1983-1987 MSc in Astronomy, Leiden University

Selected training

2004 Conflict Management

2003 Strategic Planning

1996 Software testing strategies

1995 Software architectures

1994 Project Management


E-VLA Advisory Panel (chair)

ASTRONet Panel D


FP7 RadioNet Board

Sensor Universe Executive committee

ESO Science & Technology Council

La Silla-Paranal Subcommittee (chair)

NOVA Instrument Steering Committee

MeerKAT PDR Review Board (chair)

RadioNet3 Board

Taskforce HTSM Noord-Nederland (founding chair)

SKA Science & Engineering Advisory Panel

NLeSC e-Science Advisory Panel

ASTERICS General Assembly (coordinator)

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