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Football West Pathway FINAL @ 1/2/18

ATSS Perf. Category

DSR ATSS Performance Level

FW/FFA Team/Squad

Sport Event


Regional athletes only

Athlete as a member of a State team travelling to represent Western Australia at national championships.

Perth Glory Men / Perth Glory Women

Perth Glory Under 20 (boys)

Perth Glory Under 16 (boys)

WA Girls NTC Team

WA State U14 Boys / WA State U15 Girls

Football West U14 Boys / U15 Girls State Teams (2017)

WA State Paralympic Soccer Team (7-a-side)

Special Olympics WA Soccer Team

National League / Women’s National League

FFA National Youth League (boys)

Boys State Institute Challenge

NTC Challenge (girls)

National Championships – U14 & U15

National Futsal Championships

National Paralympic Football Championship

Special Olympics Australia National Games


Regional athletes only

Athlete as a member of a WA State squad, WA Country Team or equivalent, travelling to compete in State squad training / competition commitments, vying for selection into a WA State team.

Country Camp attendees or specific invitation from FW
Individual Paralympic athletes

Perth Glory Youth trainings and selection
Paralympic State Squad Training


Regional athletes only

Athlete selected through a formal selection process to represent their sport’s region, travelling to compete in a State championship / event vying for selection into a State squad or WA Country Team or equivalent.

Individual Country Camp attendees, invited by Football West

U/14, U/15, U/16 Country Camp

Note to Athletes: Athletes are only eligible to apply for out-of-pocket travel and accommodation costs; Only one application per round per athlete will be considered; To be eligible for a subsidy in Round 2, applications will only be considered if they are in a different ATSS performance category to a subsidy received in Round 1 of the same financial year.

Identified Ineligible events/teams:




All metropolitan athletes

All events

Metro component of scheme no longer available.

Australian Squads / Teams

All events

No longer eligible for subsidy support.

Football West State Under 13s Teams

National Under 13s Championships

Under 13’s events/competitions not eligible (even if athlete is 13 yrs old)

WA U/14, U/15 U/16 Regional Soccer Teams

Singa Cup (Boys U/14, U16; Girls U16)

Phuket International Youth Cup (Boys U/15s)

While these teams/events are endorsed by Football West, they are no longer recognised as official pathways by Football West

Schoolboys and Schoolgirls Teams

Schoolboys and Schoolgirls programs/events

Not currently part of the Football West elite player pathway

Football West U12 & U13 State Boys Team

National Futsal Championships

Under 13’s events/competitions not eligible

Club Futsal Teams

National Futsal Championships

Club teams not eligible

WA Futsal Centre State Teams

National Futsal Championships

Private provider, not part of elite player pathway

WA Christian Football Association State Teams

National Christian Football Titles

While these teams/events are endorsed by Football West, Christian Football team/events are not part of the FW/FFA pathway

Country week team

Country week

Participation event only

* All events where the athlete’s travel and accommodation costs are covered by another organisation are ineligible for subsidy assistance.


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