Augmented reality by popar® toys reveals whizdom with every book, puzzle & chart

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The Buzz On 'The Next Big Thing' In Toys Is At Booth 3205 As

Kids' Reading, Science & Tech Blur Into One Fantastical Experience
Tempe, AZ (October 20, 2016) – If you can think back a few years, techie terms like text, Wi-Fi and tweet never rolled off our tongues. Today, how could we get through a day without them? The next big thing in hi-tech jargon, particularly in children's products, is Augmented Reality (AR) and it will be on glorious display at Booth 3205 at the American International Toy Fair, home of PopAR® Toys. Now

tots can open a book, piece together a puzzle or look at a wall chart and see butterflies flutter or hear a bulldozer rumble as the graphics and sound pop off the page.

Using the groundbreaking technology of Augmented Reality that PopAR Toys has imbedded in their books, puzzles and wall charts, school-aged kids reveal a new educational experience that blurs the lines of reading and emerging science. Already getting notice from toy industry judges and consumer media, PopAR expands their motto of "Read it. See it. Be it." with a roll out in 2013 of Sea Life and Dinosaurs books, seven amazing puzzles from Picnic to Princess plus two plush maps of the Solar System and World Landmarks.
The interactive PopAR Toys website,, offers quick videos on each of its products as a sneak peek of what to expect. In Construction Machines 3D Book, the online video shows a boy holding his iPad over an open page as he hears the narrator explain how ancient Greeks created the first construction cranes while seeing a moving crane and hearing the buzz of a construction site. The sensory toy line works on both Mac and PC computers as well as Android and Apple products.
Parent company Digital Tech Frontier doesn't stop with just "pops" from a page. Every PopAR Toy takes it one step further by allowing kids to share their interactive experiences by taking pictures or making a movie to post on Facebook or send by email to Grandma. Is it too much for the average grownup to comprehend? For parents, maybe, but not for today's youngsters. They've grown up at the speed of technology. Shouldn't their toys keep pace?
To put it in perspective, technology has already changed the "normal" way we read. Succinctly worded by a Consumer electronics columnist, "instead of bringing books to the device, a la Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook, it's using devices to enhance the books." While reading PopAR's Planets 3D, the reporter described "a whirling planet or a solar system that you can move and view from different angles by tilting the book. If you close the book, the animation stays on screen, which is slightly magical." Then he happily adds, "perhaps most innovative in this day and age, if there's no computer handy, they can just read the books—no Web connection or charging needed."


What could be better than getting kids excited about reading, learning and expanding the words or pictures on a page? Answers Scott Jochim, president Digital Tech Frontier and creator of PopAR Toys,

“educational research studies have determined that children retain information via different learning modalities may that be visual, auditory or kinesthetic. Our books have been designed to support all three learning styles; the physical book for the visual learner, the 3D animations that appear in Augmented Reality for the kinesthetic learner and the engaging “read along” feature for the auditory learner.”

Even toy experts who have seen it all are astounded as one review from The National Parenting Center wrote, "You have NEVER seen anything like this, we guarantee. This amazing and inventive process of integrating a book, the computer and the webcam to produce 3D images on the screen blew our testers away. Seeing the trucks in the book elevate and pop off the page is something to behold."

Bloggers are just starting to get their hands on this new technology and they are impressed:

What if you were reading a book about construction and suddenly a backhoe jumped off the page and came to life?  Welcome to the world of PopAR Augmented Reality Books. At first glance these look like regular books, but hold them up to a webcam and suddenly images and animations jump out of the book and onto your computer screen.  At only $20, these are not much more expensive than “regular” books, but put them in front of a webcam and you have a whole new learning experience. -- Dad Does

The 3D books from PopAR Toys combines what parents (education and reading) AND kids want (fun)! Books with a video game like interactive aspect!  Perfect!  The newest augmented reality toy from PopAR Toys is the Princess and Her Pals book.  With this 3D book you can explore the castle and all the rooms while helping the Princesses gather up all their belongings to get ready for the Rainbow Ball!  This would be such an amazing gift for any one of my many nieces!

-- Loving Life and Living on Less

The pages are filled with interesting information about a variety of different bugs. After we read a page we got a 3D show by using my iPhone or iPad. Android and webcams can also be used to can the page and watch the bugs come to life. This scorpion is having some lunch. And this Dragonfly appears to fly right off the page! The technology adds a special touch, and helps make the children even more interested in the book.  You can simply view the 3D show or use the read along feature. -- Our Village Is A Little Different
Followers of Pinterest having been filling up their boards with virtual pins of PopAR's colorful products.
Since coming on the toy scene at last year's Toy Fair, the press accolades have been pouring in starting with an appearance on TV's daytime show The View where roving reporter Elizabeth Werner anointed PopAR's products the “Best Toy of the Toy Fair 2012." Then Inside Media gave them "Two Thumbs Up” followed by Coolest Gadgets gushing, “Wow, kids' books that come alive in your hands … amazing!”
A favorite of QVC watchers, PopAR's toy line is a hit with grandparents as well as moms and dads. TV shopping segments like Gifts For Grandkids can be watched online at where how-to demonstrations of the many toys wow even the on-air hosts.
The growing list of industry contest honors are also posted including a double win from the Family Review Center Seal of Approval and The Gold Award for 2013; Sterling Fun from Tillywig Toy Awards; a triple nod with Book of the Year, Media of the Year and Preferred Choice Awards from Creative Child Magazine plus The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.
Look for the roll out of these newest Augmented Realty toys, available for purchase online and in specialty stores, in the coming months:

BOOKS • $xx.xx • Ages 5+

Sea Life

PUZZLES $xx.xx • Ages 5+

Construction Machines

Solar System





WALL CHARTS & PLUSH MAPS $xx.xx • Ages 5+

Interactive Solar System

Interactive Wonders of the World and Landmarks
Currently available online are PopAR's many intriguing books, interactive cards and adventure kits priced from $14.99 to $39.99. PopAR Toys offers a flat shipping rate of $7.95 anywhere in the U.S. For the absolute latest in technology and toys, connect with PopAR through social media outlets Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

PopAR Toys uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology to create an immersive reading experience that will allow the user to see incredible virtually “real” 3D objects and animations that will pop off the book or cards. PopAR Toys are designed to change the way families interact and experience stories, adventures, and learning. Augmented Reality (AR) is a groundbreaking concept that uses a computer, a mobile device, a webcam, and special patterned markers to make amazing 3D objects and animations appear in the real world that provide a high degree of engaging interaction that maintain interest in all of the PopAR Toy series. To learn more about PopAR Toys visit


Founded in 1996 Phoenix-based Digital Tech Frontier, LLC (DTF) is an industry leader and pioneer in the custom design, development and delivery of virtual reality systems and simulators for the entertainment, training, medical and education markets. Learn more about the company at

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