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Packet by UCSD (Kevin Costello et al.) and UCLA (Ray Luo, Charles Meigs, Dwight Wynne)

1. The title character in this story finds a song about the exploits of the ship Arethusa, sung by the ex-Australian colonist “Man o’ War Jack” to be rather soothing. Cockney Simmons describes the atmosphere after the arrival of the title character as “‘evingly,” and the arrival improves the hygienic habits of the man known as Kentuck. A major debate concerns the naming of the title character, originally known pejoratively by such as names as that “damned little cuss,” and Thomas is settled upon as the given name. An ass is given the maternal role and Stumpy is given the paternal role, and the character John Oakhurst, famous from another of the author’s stories, is mentioned in passing. Cherokee Sal, the only woman around, dies when giving birth to a child in FTP, what Bret Harte short story about a California miners’ camp.

Answer: The Luck of Roaring Camp

2. This group was finally unbanned in September 2003, 4 years after first seeking restitution from the British government for their time spent in detention camps. Also known as the “Land Freedom Army”, their attacks on settlers like the Ruck family and the villagers of Lari led to a crackdown resulting in more than 1,000 hangings over a 4 year period. Those hanged included Dedan Kamathi, their last leader, whose 1957 execution effectively ended their rebellion 6 years before their nation received its independence. FTP who was this group of Kikuyu militants who rebelled in Kenya?

Answer: The Mau Mau (accept early Land Freedom Army)

3. A silver crucifix peeks out from behind green floral drapes, a reminder of spiritual devotion amidst a preponderance of worldly objects. On display are traditional and polyhedral sundials, a navigational quadrant, a torquetum, celestial and earthly globes, a compass, a square, books, and musical instruments. Juxtaposed with these tools of exploration is a lute with a broken string and an anamorphic projection of a human skull, reminders of mortality. Completing the scene are Frenchmen Jean de Dinteville and Georges de Selve, eminent figures depicted in which painting by Hans Holbein, the Younger?

Answer: The Ambassadors (Accept “Jean de Dinteville and Georges de Selve” before they are mentioned)

4. Excavations at Ordzhonikidze and the Gate of Peoples yield evidence of their existence. The Caucasus Mountains were once named for one of their leaders, and Clete, another of them, founded a namesake city in Italy. In his “Aithiopis”, Arktinos of Miletos describes the exploits of one of their leaders, who supposedly brought twelve followers to Troy. Diodorus claimed they originated from Libya, but Herodotus claimed they lived near the Scythians, where interbreeding produced the Samartians. Their most important leaders were the offspring of the incestuous liaisons of Otrere and her father Ares, and their capital was Themyskira. Led by Hippolyta and Antiope, FTP who were these warrior women of Greek myth?

Answer: Amazons

5. He once did a cross-over cameo on “Roseanne” portraying the character for which he is still most famous, and among the roles in this man’s Dark Ages was a turn as a gay man in John Schlesinger’s The Next Best Thing. He played Henry McNeeley to Tony Shalhoub’s Ian Stark in a brief NBC series about his relation with an idiosyncratic writer, and pulled a memorable turn in Starship Troopers before a brief appearance as Lance in Undercover Brother. His most memorable recent appearance featured him stealing a car, after demanding that a titular quest be derailed for lapdances and poontang, but he made good by buying everybody burgers at White Castle at the movie’s end. Now portraying confirmed bachelor Barney on How I Met Your Mother, FTP, name this actor most famous for portraying Doogie Howser.

Answer: Neil Patrick Harris or N.P.H.

6. One way to solve this problem requires imposing a priority order on the resources. Dekker’s algorithm and Peterson’s algorithm are mutex-based techniques for solving it, which can also involve the use of semaphores. It can lead to deadlock or starvation if incorrect solutions break the rules of mutual exclusion. It describes a scenario where five individuals must feed themselves from a single platter of spaghetti which is served and eaten by picking up and utilizing two of five distributed forks. FTP identify this classic problem in computer science devised by Edsger Dijkstra, which involves a group of thoughtful participants trying to use chopsticks.

Answer: dining philosophers problem; prompt on “concurrency”

7. The protagonist of this work comes to his senses after seeing the sign of the Virgin on Guyon's armor. After slaying a woman in a serpent's body, the protagonist leaves his charge due to the machinations of the wizard Archimago, and succumbs to the giant Orgoglio, who makes Duessa his mistress, until Arthur frees him to reunite with Una and kill the dragon Errour. Florimell is pursued by a lustful forester, and Amoret is freed from defilement by Britomart. Calidore tames the Blatant Beast for the court of Gloriana in, FTP this incomplete 12 book epic poem by Edmund Spenser.

Answer: The Faerie Queene

8. The namesake of this nation’s capital, an explorer and nobleman from Udine [OOH-DEE-NAY], negotiated a treaty with a chief named Makoko to establish a settlement originally known as Ntamo, which became this modern nation’s capital. The large island of Bamu is contained wholly within this country, and the nation’s borders with its eastern neighbor are roughly two rivers, one of which is the Ubangi [OOH-BAHN-GHEE]. Its 2nd-largest city is the country’s largest port, located near the border with the Angolan exclave of Cabinda. Its capital gives its name to a 1944 declaration drafted by the Free French and France’s African possessions, and the aforementioned port is Pointe-Noire. Bordered on the southeast by its namesake river, this is FTP, what country with capital at Brazzaville that shares its eastern border with a noted former Belgian colony.

Answer: Congo Republic or Republic of (the) Congo (prompt on Congo, do not accept any thing with “democracy”)

9. The largest city named for this man gained its name in 1916 when the local government changed it from Berlin in the interests of patriotism. During World War I, he had proposed an invasion of Alexandretta, but eventually was persuaded by the Gallipoli partisans, and he died aboard a ship that struck a mine off the Orkneys. He received a wound at Handub in his capacity as commander at Suakin, and succeeded Lord Grenfell in one of his more famous posts. In a later war, he commanded troops in the Paardeberg campaign, succeeding Lord Roberts as commander in chief of the armies fighting that war. As the sirdar, his expeditionary force was successful at Ferket, and subsequently at Atbara, building railroads all the while, and most celebratedly, at Omdurman, after which he was named a baron. Also the commanding officer in the Boer War, FTP, name this British general who finally quashed the Mahdist rebellion in the Sudan.

Answer: Lord Horatio Herbert Kitchener

10. Amartya Sen criticized it for its implicit assumption that the utility functions of different individuals were incomparable, and that therefore only ordinal preferences could be used as input. Gibbard and Satterthwaite replaced several of its axioms by one requiring nonmanipulability of the system in question, but still reached the same final conclusion. First popularized in the 1951 book “Social Choice and Individual Values”, the original version of this result had axioms including transitivity and independence of irrelevant alternatives. FTP what is this result that states that the only voting system satisfying certain axioms is a dictatorship?

Answer: Arrow's Impossibility Theorem

11. Lines by this author such as “A line of chosen females, standing in their shifts” helped stir objections to his plays, as did his depiction of loose moraled women like Nora Burke from his “The Shadow of the Glen”. That play was based on folklore he heard during his stay in the Aran Islands, a stay which also inspired his tale of Maurya, the woman who loses her husband and all five of her sons in Riders to the Sea. FTP name this Irish playwright of Playboy of the Western World?

Answer: John Millington Synge

12. It was treated as an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process by a French physicist, who also derived its root-mean-squared displacement as a function of the square-root of time. It assumes Gaussian noise and Markov dynamics, and is described by the Langevin equation. Its almost surely nowhere differentiable paths are described in terms of the Wiener measure, and Jean Perrin used it to estimate Avogadro's number using the kinetic theory's estimate for the number of collisions undergone by a given particle, and in particular the random imbalance of those collisions over short periods of time. A Fokker-Planck equation was used by Albert Einstein, who first explained it. FTP name this stochastic process describing the path of drifting pollen grains.

Answer: Brownian motion or movement

13. The first excavations at this site were administered by Pittakis in 1841, although its most famous surveyor would come some thirty years later. Like other citadels in the area, its surrounding walls were believed to have been constructed by the Cyclops, due to their massive and crude assemblage. Important finds include the Grave Circle, containing six royal shaft graves, an apotropaic Lion Gate, and the Tholos Tomb known as the Treasury of Atreus. It’s more famous excavator believed that he had discovered a site of Homeric legend, famously proclaiming upon finding a gold death mask: “Behold the face of Agamemnon!” This describes, FTP, which archeological site located near Argos on the Peloponnese, excavated by Schliemann in 1874?

Answer: Citadel of Mycenae (Accept Palace of Mycenae)

14. Along with his P.R. partner, Michal Scanlon, this man was involved in a system known internally as “Gimme Five.” Edwin A. Buckham was his pastor, who not only prayed with him at work, but introduced him to Tom Delay. Ralph Reed, former head of the Christian Coalition, was his link to anti-gambling activists and officials at the White House. David Safavian was indicted for allegedly hiding dealings with him while he worked to gain control of government-managed land. These players were all involved with, FTP, which lobbyist, who is currently under investigation for a bribery scandal involving the Coushattas Native American tribe and prominent members of Congress?

Answer: Jack Abramoff

15. At the beginning of act II of this opera, the female protagonist gets ready to extinguish the flames, but is warned about Melot by Brangane. Debussy quoted it mockingly in "Golliwog's Cakewalk" and used its namesake F natural, B natural, D sharp, G sharp chord in other works. That chord, famous for its harmonic ambiguity, reappears throughout while the female protagonist goes from trying to poison the killer of her fiance in act I to sinking into his body at the end of act III in a death by love, or liebestod [LEE-besh-tote]. King Mark is the odd man out when the two titular characters mistakenly take a love potion in, FTP this Richard Wagner opera based on Arthurian legend.

Answer: Tristan und Isolde; or Tristan and Isolde

16. He rose to power by defeating the “King of the Countries,” paving the way for his grandson to become “King of the Four Quarters.” Evidence suggests that he moved his vast army with boats, facilitating the conquest of Lagash, Ur, and Uruk. Attributing his success to patronage of the goddess Ishtar, he erected the capital city of Akkade in honor of her. Defeater of Lugal-Zaggisi and predecessor to Naram-Sin, this is, FTP, which king, who, according to legend, was found in a river-basket, became cup-bearer to the ruler of Kish, and later established Mesopotamia’s first Semitic dynasty?

Answer: Sargon of Akkad or Sargon The Great or Sargon I

17. Citrate synthase catalyzes one of the reactions named for this man. With Shadwell he discovered a process for cyclization of o-aminoarylglyoxilic acids. His namesake flasks are used in vacuum distillation, and (3,3) sigmatropic rearrangements involving one oxygen atom, including the family he co-discovered with Haase, are also named for him. He discovered a way to synthesize ethers from phenols in a reaction sometimes named for Robinson, and in another namesake reaction a sodium catalyst helps synthesize esters of cinnamic acid. If the most famous reaction named for him occurs entirely intermolecularly, it is known as Dieckmann condensation. FTP, identify this German chemist best known for a namesake condensation of esters.

Answer: Ludwig Claisen

18. He wrote in his essay "Psychology and Physical Language" that "every sentence of psychology may be formulated in physical language," thus elevating psychology above the quagmires of metaphysics. From 1954 to his death in 1970 he was associated with UCLA's department of philosophy, although he was born in Germany in 1891 and taught for many years at the University of Chicago, writing Meaning and Necessity and Logical Foundations of Probability. His distinction between direct and indirect verification served to legitimize methods of scientific investigation and discredit normative ethics. FTP, name this most famous member of the Vienna Circle who wrote The Logical Syntax of Language.

Answer: Rudolf Carnap

19. One subject of this work has the ill luck to offend a bitter and revengeful stranger, who, after a year of wandering and scheming, devises a plan to steal the subject’s most prized possession. Step one is to deliver a package to the wife of the bank cashier while she is reading the “Missionary Herald.” Contained within are gold coins weighing one hundred sixty pounds four ounces, a sealed envelope, and a note thanking an anonymous man for a great kindness. The remaining steps complete an intricate plot to destroy the integrity of the most honest and upright town in all the region. FTP, identify this short story by Mark Twain.

Answer: The Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg

20. The most famous twentieth-century figure to hold this post was Sargent Shriver, and Levi Morton missed a chance at becoming President when he accepted this post rather than the nomination to be Garfield’s vice president. Whitelaw Reid was serving in this position when he was nominated for vice president on the losing 1892 Benjamin Harrison ticket, and John Slidell held this position for the Confederacy. During the War of 1812, the position was held by William Crawford, later the Secretary of War and Treasury, and Robert Livingston met Robert Fulton in this capacity, later achieving much more fame for another act in this position. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney was appointed to this post but was refused, later becoming embroiled in a scandal involving the country to which he was appointed. FTP, name this position held by Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and the aforementioned Livingston, who negotiated the Louisiana Purchase while serving this post.

Answer: minister (or ambassador or commissioner or plenipotentiary ) to France

21. One is a fish who warns of a world-ending flood. Another is a tortoise who keeps a mountain afloat in order to save the gods. A third is a boar who retrieves stolen scriptures. A fourth is a semi-man, semi-lion who defeats a demon to save the life of a devotee. Others include the dwarf-priest Vamana, who claims the earth and the heavens by growing in size, and Parasurama, who is a defender of the Brahmans. The tenth is Kalki, the futuristic machine-man, who will come on a white horse with a blazing sword to purge the world of evil and recreate a golden age. These are all, FTP, members of which group of sacred figures, who along with Rama, Krishna, and the Buddha manifest themselves during times of evil, according to Hindu Mythology?

Answer: Avatars of Vishnu (Prompt on Vishnu or Avatars; Accept “Incarnations” or “Reincarnations” of Vishnu)

1. Name these islands of the Mediterranean, FTPE.

[10] It may have originally been called Hyknusa, after the foreign rulers of Egypt, but now is the site of such cities as Cagliari and Alghero.

Answer: Sardinia or Sardegna

[10] A major stronghold of the Ibadi sect of Islam, it is the largest island located off of the North African coast, situated in the Gulf of Gabes near the Tunisian coast. Until the nineteenth century, it was home to the Fortress of Skulls, a tribute to the failure of Spanish occupation here.

Answer: Djerba

[10] Though this island’s capital is called Lefkosia by both of the major ethnic groups on this island, the capital is still known by its Italian name. Other major cities include Kyrenia and Famagusta in the north and Paphos and Lemessos in the south.

Answer: Cyprus or Kibris or Kypros

2. No tournament would be complete without a healthy dose of Eugene O'Neill. FTPE.

[10] Made into the musical New Girl in Town, the title character of this O’Neill play was sent by Swedish captain Chris Christopherson to St. Paul, but returns shamefully to sailor Mat Burke.

Answer: Anna Christie

[10] Made into an opera by Louis Gruenberg, the title character is shot by a silver bullet when his autocratic rule of a West Indie island turns the natives against him.

Answer: The Emperor Jones

[10] Hating her father when her fiancee dies before she could sleep with him, the neurotic Nina Leeds has a child with Dr. Darrell, pretending it was her husband Sam Evans’. Interior monologues abound.

Answer: Strange Interlude

3. Identify the following concerning taxes in the United States FTP each:

[10] Residents of this state revolted against a federal tax on liquor in 1794. The resulting rebellion had to be put down by a militia of 13,000 soldiers organized by President Washington.

Answer: Pennsylvania

[10] This 1895 Supreme Court case outlawed some provisions of the Wilson-Gormal tariff act and necessitated the passage of a consitutional amendment before further taxes were levied.

Answer: Pollock v. Farmer's Loan and Trust

[10] Passed in 1987 and upheld by the US Supreme Court in Nordlinger v. Hahn, this proposition put a cap on property tax rates in California. It is considered a forerunner to a more general “taxpayer revolt” throughout the country.

Answer: Proposition 13
4. Identify the following structures on the Athenian Acropolis that are not the Parthenon, FTPE:

[10] A year after completing the Parthenon, Pericles commissioned this structure which serves as the entryway to the Acropolis:

Answer: Propylaea

[10] Built five or six years after the Propylaia was a smaller temple of Athena, which shares a name with this Greek goddess of victory in honor of the victories to which Athena guided her people.

Answer: Temple of Athena Nike

[10] Begun circa 421 BCE, this temple was constructed over a portion of the site of the Old Temple of Athena, complete with a karyatid porch:

Answer: Erechtheion
5. It can be regulated by two components, a sensor coupled to a protein kinase transmitter and a response regulator coupled to a receiver. FTPE:

[10] More familiar is the action of inducers which allow gene transcription and repressors which forbid it. Name this structure postulated by Jacob and Monod.

Answer: operon

[10] In the lac operon of E. coli, the repressor binds to this fragment, inhibiting the binding of sigma-70 RNA polymerase to the promoter. Lactose facilitates transcription by releasing the repressor from here.

Answer: operator

[10] In another type of operon in E. coli, the product amino acid binds to a repressor, inhibiting transcription when product levels are high. Name this product aromatic amino acid responsible, symbolized W.

Answer: tryptophan
6. Its Norwegian publisher was shot, its Italian translator stabbed, and its Japanese translator murdered. FTPE name:

[10] This work, which opens with two actors out of a hijacked airplane.

Answer: The Satanic Verses

[10] The author of “The Satanic Verses”, who unsurprisingly has spent a good deal of time in hiding since the fatwa issued on him in 1989

Answer: Salman Rushdie

[10] The protagonist of “The Satanic Verses” whose halo is representative of his role in the symbolic battle between good and evil.

Answer: Gibreel Farishta (accept either)
7. Identify these early Gnostic teachers and theologians, FTPE:

[10] Considered by many early Christian authors to be the first heretic, he is said to have attempted to purchase spiritual power from the Apostles of Jesus.

Answer: Simon Magus; accept “Simon the Sorceror” or “Simon of Gitta”

[10] Unlike Simon Magus, this theologian wasn’t declared heretical until after his death in 153 CE, before which he was a candidate for Bishop of Rome. According to accounts by Irenaeus, the Coptic Gospel of Truth found at Nag Hammadi was probably written by him:

Answer: Valentinius; accept “Valeninus”

[10] Both the Christian Church and his native Persia ultimately rejected this prophet and founder of a namesake Gnostic tradition, that incorporated Christian, Zoroastrian, and Buddhist theologies. He served many missions to India and throughout the middle East until his execution by Bahram I in 276 CE.

Answer: Mani or Manichaeus
8. Identify these things from the interface between ACF and Trash FTP each

[10] Elvis Presley and UB40 both neared the top of the Billboard charts with this adaptation of the 1785 Jean Martini hit “Plaisir d'Amour”

Answer: Can't Help Falling in Love

[10] This offspring of Loki and Angerboda gave his name to a werewolf in the Harry Potter Series

Answer: Fenrir, or the Fenris wolf

[10] This Fine Young Cannibals Album took its name from volume one of the “Mythologiques”

Answer: The Raw and the Cooked
9. Stuff about a Napoleonic War commander, FTPE:

[10] This man originally served in the Swedish Army, but was captured in the Seven Years War by the nation in whose service he gained his most fame. He was made a field marshal of the Prussian Army after the Battle of Möckern.

Answer: Gerhard von Blücher

[10] Blücher is most celebrated for commanding the Prussian Army in this decisive 1815 battle in present-day Belgium.

Answer: Battle of Waterloo

[10] Another of Blücher’s victories came at Katzbach, where he defeated this French commander who had led the decisive attack at Wagram. His last name is an indication of his family’s roots in the Hebrides.

Answer: Marshal Étienne-Jacques-Joseph-Alexandre MacDonald
10. The impurities at boundary walls of domain structures cause the persistence of magnetization upon application and removal of a magnetic field. FTPE.

[10] Name this effect also stated as the lag of the magnetic induction in a ferromagnet behind the applied magnetic field.

Answer: hysteresis

[10] Antiparallel spin orientations in this type of magnetism cause the magnetization to become zero. Paramagnetism is exhibited above the Neel point.

Answer: antiferromagnetism

[10] Materials with this type of magnetism are used for high frequency transmission due to their small conductivity. It occurs when two types of ions allow antiparallel interactions to occur, but the two magnetic dipoles create a net magnetization.

Answer: ferrimagnetism
11. Answer the following questions about an Indiana town and the architects who have worked there FTPE.

[10] Columbus, Indiana, has a rich collection of modern architecture thanks to business owner J. Irwin Miller, whose company paid for several famous architects, including this designer of the Gateway Arch and the TWA Terminal at JFK to design building in Columbus. This man designed Miller’s house and the North Christian Church, dying before its 1964 completion.

Answer: Eero Saarinen (prompt on Saarinen)

[10] Best known for his designs of the Wells Fargo Tower in Minneapolis and the Petronas Towers, this Illinois-educated architect designed Columbus’ Commons-Courthouse Center.

Answer: Cesar Pelli

[10] Among his early works was the Mile High Center, and this architect completed the Cleo Rogers Memorial Library in 1969. He may be better known for his Bank of China Building.

ANSWER: I(eoh) M(ing) Pei
12. Name these novels by Charles Dickens FTPE.

[10] A rose is named for the heroine Dolly Varden in this book about an innocent participant in the Gordon riots who just wants to carry a flag and wear a blue bow.

Answer: Barnaby Rudge

[10] After Daniel Quilp takes over the titular edifice, Nell Trent and her grandpa meet Thomas Codlin's puppet show and work for Mrs. Jarley's Wax. Little Nell tends the graves near Mr. Marton's house, but dies before Kit Nubbles could find her.

Answer: The Old Curiosity Shop

[10] The umbrella wielding Sarah Gamp is in this novel about an architect for Eden Land Corp helped by Mark Tapley who returns from America to marry Mary Graham, who rejects Seth Pecksniff, while Jonas shuts up Montague Tigg and commits suicide.

Answer: The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit
13. Questions about a famous smith, FTPE:

[10] This man created a famous forge in an attempt to win the daughter of Louhi of Pohjola (POE-YO-LUH), the Maiden of Pohjola, but she was none too impressed and dissed this man despite the forge crapping out a lot of nifty metal shit.

Answer: Seppo Ilmarinen

[10] This was the forge that Ilmarinen created, which popped out a metal cow, ship, and a golden plow, among other things.

Answer: The Sampo

[10] This particular version of the story of the Sampo comes from this Elias Lönnrot compilation, the presumptive national epic of Finland.

Answer: Kalevala
14. Identify the following concerning the recently completed Winter Olympic Games in Torino, FTPE:

[10] This country topped the United States in both Gold and Overall medal counts:

Answer: Germany

[10] This woman defeated American hopeful Sasha Cohen for the gold medal in Women’s Free Skate Figure Skating, the first ever for Japan:

Answer: Shizuka Arakawa

[10] It wasn’t all bad news for the Americans. This 19-year-old snowboarding prodigy, nicknamed the “Flying Tomato,” earned Gold in the Men’s Snowboard Half-Pipe:

Answer: Shaun White
15. Answer the following questions about a certain group of people being in charge of states, FTPE:

[10] According to John of Ephesus, Dhu Nawas, the last king of Himyar, went around killing Christians, while professing to be of this faith. Christians have been reciprocating before and since.

Answer: Judaism or Jewish

[10] These rulers of the steppe converted to Judaism in either the 8th or 9th century and rulers bore names such as Obadiah, converting to Judaism for speculated reasons ranging from desires of a neutral religion to Islam’s distasteful prohibition on alcohol. It declined amongst threates from Pechenegs, Kievan Rus, and Vikings.

Answer: Khazars or Cosri or Gazari or Kuzarim

[10] The rule of the Hasmonean dynasty, which had founded by a ruler of Judas Maccabaeus, was extinguished when this man from Idumenea won against Antigonus, the last Hasmonean ruler.

Answer: Herod I or the Great or Hordos
16. Name these visual effects in perceptual psychology. FTPE.

[10] Two flashing objects appear to the brain as a moving object, creating apparent motion, in this effect first documented by Max Wertheimer.

Answer: phi phenomenon

[10] This effect can be induced by presenting the viewer with color-name words printed in non-matching colors, thereby causing interference between lexical and visual processing.

Answer: Stroop effect

[10] This effect is a phenomenon whereby if a large area is suddenly illuminated, the light seems to appear first in the center of the patch, before spreading out toward the edges. The process reverses when the light is extinguished.

Answer: Abney Effect
17. Identify the British poet from lines, FTPE, or for 5 points if you need the name of the poem:

[10] “When all at once I saw a crowd,/A host, of golden daffodils;/Beside the lake, beneath the trees,/Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.”

[5] “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”

Answer: William Wordsworth

[10] “The invisible worm/That flies in the night/In the howling storm/Has found out thy bed/Of crimson joy,/And his dark secret love/Does thy life destroy.”

[5] “The Sick Rose”

Answer: William Blake

[10] “If I were a dead leaf thou mightest bear;/If I were a swift cloud to fly with thee;/A wave to pant beneath thy power, and share/The impulse of thy strength”

[5] “Ode to the West Wind”

Answer: Percy Bysshe Shelley

18. His recently discovered Dormition of the Virgin is in the Byzantine iconic style emblematic of his childhood, but he is much better known for a different style of painting. FTPE:

[10] Name this Spanish painter who sometimes added the word Kres, meaning “Cretan”, to his signatures.

Answer: El Greco or Domenikos Theotokopoulos

[10] In 1597 El Greco painted a famous view of this city, where he lived from 1577 until his death.

Answer: Toledo

[10] This altarpiece for the Toledo Cathedral depicts a mob supposedly relieving Christ of his red robe.

Answer: El Espolio de las Vestiduras or The Spoilation or The Despoiling of Christ or The Disrobing of Christ or Christ Stripped of His Garments
19. Name these figures in the cabinet of James Buchanan, FTPE.

[10] This man served as Secretary of Sate from 1857-1860, but is better known for losing an election to Zachary Taylor and championing the concept of popular sovereignty.

Answer: Lewis Cass

[10] Buchanan’s second attorney general, he went on to serve in the Lincoln cabinet as Secretary of War. His being replaced by John Schofield violated the Tenure of Office Act and got President Andrew Johnson impeached.

Answer: Edwin McMasters Stanton

[10] He was Secretary of Treasury during the Panic of 1857, having earlier served as Georgia’s governor. He would go on to become the President of the Confederate congress at Montgomery, though he became a major general during the war.

Answer: Howell Cobb
20. Answer the following questions about the recent Finnish elections, FTPE:

[10] This president of Finland, once referred to as a lesbian by a member of the Finnish Parliament, won re-election recently. Still not much is known about or cared about her politics.

Answer: Tarja Halonen

[10] This man gained media attention as he kept on bringing up the fact that he resembled the Finnish president during the campaign. He has a famous late night show.

Answer: Conan O’Brien

[10] The mentions of the names of these two closest challengers to Halonen apparently cause fish to commit suicide. Name either, FTP.

Answer: Matti Vanhanen or Sauli Niinistö
21. Given a property of chemical elements, give the two directions of the periodic table for which the property increases FTP all or nothing. For example, the property of atomic weight increases as one goes right and downward.

[10] Atomic Radius

Answer: Left and Down

[10] Electronegativity

Answer: Right and Up

[10] Ionization Energy

Answer: Left and Down

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