Battles of wwii: Project 100 points

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BATTLES of WWII: Project 100 points

Below is a list of some of the most significant battles of WWII that led to turning points in the War. Your assignment is to choose one of these battles and create a News Journal account /report of the event/battle. You may use power point, video, internet etc. for use in your presentation. You are encouraged to be CREATIVE in your news presentation. Your presentation should be 2 – 5 minutes in length. Some will be longer than others based on the type of event and amount of activity.

This should be an informative presentation for the class that gives them an in depth account of the event.
Think of breaking your group up into the following:

Anchor: reporting on the lead story, the battle

Co-anchor: reporting on the secondary story (story of homefront or impact)

On Scene Reporter; writes and reports on human interest story:

On the scene interview:
Your news reporting should include all of the following in some way:

    1. Name and date of Battle

    2. What was the overall allied strategy during the battle?

    3. Was it a turning point why or why not?

    4. Did resources and geography impact the battle?

    5. Description of the Battle; any unusual circumstances or events

    6. Events leading up to the battle/goals and objectives of countries involved

    7. The losses sustained by the countries involved

    8. The outcome (who won ) and its impact on the War effort for the winning and losing side.

    9. Any other interesting facts you find.

  1. You may work with 2 other people creating groups of 3. All members must be a part of the project.

  2. Create 2 test/quiz questions from your information.


  1. Battle of the Atlantic 15. D-Day

  2. Battle of Britain

  3. Dunkirk

  4. Battle of El Alamein

  5. Battle of Moscow

  6. Battle of Stalingrad

  7. Battle of Guadalcanal

  8. Battle of Leningrad

  9. Battle of the Bulge

  10. Battle of Iwo Jima

  11. Battle of Midway

  12. Battle of the Coral Sea

  13. Battle of Okinawa

  14. Battle of Pearl Harbor


RUBRIC: Possible Pts Your Pts.
The Battle is clearly described/ details given 20 ______

Strategy outlined and clear objectives of battle

Dates and Locations given/ geography/resources 15 ______

Map/visual used

Events leading up to the battle given and explained 10 _______
Outcome of the battle clear/ successes and failures 20 _______

Objectives of battle obtained / why or why not

Impact on the war effort of this battle/ was it a turning 15 _______

Point why or why not?

Creativity/ entertaining and interesting 10 _______
Clearly understood/ presentation was professional 10 ________

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