British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies bsecs 46th Annual Conference 2017

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British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies
BSECS 46th Annual Conference 2017

Welcome Address : Wednesday 4th January 2017 12:15 - 12:30

1 - Alternative: Wednesday Welcome Address
Chair: Matthew Grenby
Maplethorpe Hall

Opening Plenary : Wednesday 4th January 2017 12:30 - 13:45

2 - Alternative: Wednesday Opening Plenary
Chair: Matthew Grenby
Maplethorpe Hall

Wednesday Session One : 4th January 2017 14:00 - 15:30

3 - Panel: Building Connections : Roads, Bridges, and Maps
Chair: tba
Ho Tim Seminar Room

Paper Title

Susan Clare Scott

The Chinese Bridge: From Ancient Structure to Global Garden Topos

Sarah Jayne Hitt

Mapping the Capitals: The “Special Relationship” between cartography, urban planning, and identity in late-18th century Washington, D.C. and London.

Tom Taylor

Roads of Discourse: Robert Southey, Thomas Telford, and the Means of Communication

4 - Panel: The Fourth Annual Swift and Pope Panel
Chair: Daniel Cook
Ho, Leung, Ho and Lee Seminar Room

Paper Title

Valerie Rumbold

How far can you go? Swift and the limits of material parody

Daniel Sperrin

“This I’m now writing is but a sketch” (Sterne). Swift’s Use of Character Sketch After Moor Park

Professor Paul Baines and Dr Julian Ferraro

Editing Pope: After Twickenham

5 - Panel: Political Alliances in Russia and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Chair: tba
Lecture Theatre 1

Paper Title

Dorota Wiśniewska

A Useful Friend: Women’s Competences in Pursuing Political Intrigues in the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth of the Latter 18th Century

Katrina O'Loughlin

‘Your friends must act for you’: Ekaterina Dashkova and the bonds of friendship.

6 - Panel: Comparative History of Theatrical Experiences
Chair: Caroline Warman
Lecture Theatre 2

Paper Title

Joseph Harris

Writing the theatrical experience in Rousseau’s Lettre à d’Alembert

Yassaman Khajehi

The audience in the 18th-century Persian performances

Alexei Evstratov

Theatrical performances in Paris and their subjects (1789-1799): towards a social history of experience

7 - Panel: Power, Politics and Form: Friendship and Enmity in the works of William Godwin
Chair: tba
Louey Seminar Room

Paper Title

Emma Povall

William Godwin’s Cursory Strictures: Exercising Sociable Liberty and Debate

Grace Harvey

Friendship, Paternity and Paternalism  in William Godwin’s St. Leon (1799) & Thoughts on Man (1831)

John-Erik Hansson

 Revenge and the Stakes of Children’s Histories: William Godwin Reviews Sarah Trimmer

8 - Panel: The Glory of Arms and Ancestry: A Practical Session on Heraldry
Chair: Peter Lindfield and Dan McCabe
Maplethorpe Hall

9 - Round Table: The Future of Digital Humanities and BSECS
Chair: Stephen Gregg
Maplethorpe Office

10 - Panel: The Ties that Bind : Fraternity, Consumption, and Shared Enemies
Chair: Matthew McCormack
Maplethorpe Seminar Room

Paper Title

Miranda Reading

“Old Friends and New Allies: networks in the membership of the Society for the Suppression of Vice”

Geraldine Porter

The ‘Noble Fraternity’: The Pitt-Grenville Brotherhood and the Role of Familial Culture in an Eighteenth-Century Parliamentary Faction

Elin Jones

Irrational Consumption, Fraternal Identity and the Eighteenth-Century Naval Seaman

Sara Caputo

Unequal Friends : The British Navy and the Two Sicilies, c.1780- c.1815

11 - Panel: Networks of Slavery, Networks of Abolition
Chair: Sean Creighton

MGA Lecture Room

Paper Title

Ryan Hanley

Slavery, Gender and Celebrity Culture: the case of Mary Prince

Olivette Otele

Trade, diplomacy and slavery: British and French tumultuous relationships (1698- 1848)

Brycchan Carey

Networking the Black Atlantic: Olaudah Equiano’s Friends, Allies, and Enemies

12 - Panel: A Spectrum of (Dis)Orientation
Chair: tba
Old Law Library

Paper Title

Dr. Anne Greenfield

The Appeal of Eunuchs on Stage: 1660-1735

Emma Newport

“Not knowing the paths we have come, we know not where we are”: Peter Pindar and Elizabeth Inchbald’s Satirical Disorientation of Monarchy and Empire

Lia Chisacof

Living melancholically while writing poems and recipes

13 - Panel: Taxonomies and ‘Civilisation’ : Animals and Feral Children
Chair: tba
Wordsworth Room (Main Building)

Paper Title

Stephanie Howard-Smith

‘The War Against Curs’: Mad Dogs, Sad Dogs and the 1760 London Rabies Outbreak

Mihaela Irimia

From Foe to Friend and Socialite

Kerstin Maria Pahl

A Cat May Look Upon a King: Animal Perspectives in Eighteenth-Century England

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