Broad/Narrow Cognitive Processes with Link to Achievement and Subtests

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Broad/Narrow Cognitive Processes with Link to Achievement and Subtests

Broad Area of Cognitive Processing

Narrow Ability

Basic Reading

Reading Comp

Reading Fluency

Math Reasoning

Math Calc


List Comp

Oral Expression

Tests of Cognitive Ability

Tests of Achievement

Crystallized Knowledge (Gc)









Language Development (LD)









DAS Verbal Similarities

CASL Non Literal Lang

CASL Sent Comp of Syntax

CELF Sentence Assembly

WIAT III Oral Expression

Lexical Knowledge (VL)









DAS Naming Vocabulary

DAS Word Definitions

KABC Expressive Vocab

KABC Riddles

KABC Verbal Knowledge

SB Verbal Knowledge

WECH Similarities

WECH Vocabulary

WECH Word Reasoning

WJ III Verbal Comp

CASL Antonyms

CASL Synonyms

CELF Expressive Vocab

CELF Word Classes: Expressive

CELF Word Classes: Receptive

CELF Word Definitions

EOWPVT Expressive Vocab

EVT Expressive Vocab Test

PPVT Peabody Picture Voc

ROWPVT Receptive Vocab

WIAT III Listening Comp

WIAT III Oral Expression

WJ III Picture Vocab

Listening Ability (LS)









DAS Verbal Comprehension

CASL Idiomatic Lang

CASL Meaning from Context

CASL Sentence Completions

CELF Concepts & Following Dir

CELF Semantic Rel

CELF Sentence Structure

CELF Understanding Spkn Paragraph

CELF Word Structure

KTEA Listening Comp

WIAT III Listening Comp

WJ III Oral Comprehension

WJ III Understanding Directions

General Information (KO)









SB Nonverbal Knowledge

WECH Comprehension

WECH Information

WJ III General Information

CASL Inference

CASL Pragmatic Judgment

WJ III Academic Knowledge

Fluid Reasoning (Gf)









Induction (I)









DAS Nonverbal Matrices

DAS Matrices

KABC Pattern Reasoning

KABC Story Completion

WECH Matrix Reasoning

WISC Picture Concepts

WJ III Concept Formation

General Sequential Reas (RG)









SB Nonverbal Fluid Reasoning

SB Verbal Fluid Reasoning

WJ III Analysis Synthesis

Quantitative Reasoning (RQ)









DAS Seq & Quant Reasoning

SB Nonverbal Fluid Reasoning

SB Verbal Fluid Reasoning

WECH Arithmetic

WIAT III Math Problem Solving

Short-Term Memory (Gsm)









Memory Span (MS)









DAS Recall of Digits-Forward

KABC Hand Movements

KABC Number Recall

KABC Word Order

SB Nonverbal Working Mem

SB Verbal Working Memory

WECH Digit Span

WJ III Memory for Words

CELF Familiar Sequences

CELF Number Rep–Forward

CELF Recalling Sentences

CTOPP Memory for Digits

CTOPP Nonword Repetition

WIAT III Oral Expression

Working Memory (MW)









DAS Recall of Digits-Bkwrd

DAS Recall of Sequent Order

WECH Let-Num Sequencing

WISC Arithmetic

WJ III Auditory Working Mem

WJ III Numbers Reversed

CELF Num Repetition–Bckwrd

CTOPP Phoneme Reversal

Visual Processing (Gv)









Spatial Relations (SR)









DAS Pattern Construction

KABC Triangles

SB Nonverbal Vis-Spatial Proc

WECH Block Design

WJ III Spatial Relations

Visualization (Vz)









DAS Copying

KABC Block Counting

KABC Conceptual Thinking

KABC Pattern Reasoning

KABC Story Completion

SB Verbal Visual-Spatial Proc

Visual Memory (MV)









DAS Recall of Designs

KABC Face Recognition

WJ III Picture Recognition

Closure Speed (CS)









KABC Gestalt Closure

Spatial Scanning (SS)









KABC Rover

WJ III Planning

Flexibility of Closure (CF)









WECH Picture Completion

Orthographic processing









PAL Orthography Cluster

Processing Speed (Gs)









Perceptual Speed (P)









WECH Symbol Search

WISC Cancellation

WJ III Pair Cancellation

WJ III Visual Matching

Rate-of-Test-Taking (R9)









WECH Coding

Number Facility (N)









DAS Speed of Info Processing

WIAT III Math Fluency Addition

WIAT III Math Fluency Sub

WJ III Math Fluency

Speed of Reasoning (RE)









WJ III Decision Speed

Long-term Retrieval (Glr)









Learning Abilities (L1)

KABC Atlantis

KABC Atlantis Delayed

KABC Rebus

KABC Rebus Delayed

WJ III Visual-Auditory Lrng

WJ III Del Recall: Vis-Aud

Ideational Fluency (FI)









WJ III Retrieval Fluency

CELF Word Associations

Figural Fluency (FF)









Naming Facility (NA)









DAS Rapid Naming

NEPSY Speeded Naming

NEPSY Inhibition Naming

WJ III Rapid Picture Naming

CELF Rapid Automatic Naming

CTOPP Rapid Color Naming

CTOPP Rapid Digit Naming

CTOPP Letter Naming

CTOPP Rapid Object Naming

KTEA Naming Facility

Free Recall Memory (M6)









DAS Recall of Obj – Immediate

DAS Recall of Obj - Delayed

Meaningful Memory (MM)









WIAT III Listening Comp

WJ III Story Recall

WJ III Story Recall - Delayed

Associative Memory (MA)









KABC Atlantis

KABC Rebus

WJ III Visual Auditory Lrng

WJ III Del Recall: Vis Aud Lrng

Auditory Processing (Ga)









Phonetic Coding: Analysis (PC:A)









NEPSY Phonological Proc.

WJ III Incomplete Words

CTOPP Elision

CTOPP Segmenting Nonwords

CTOPP Segmenting Words

CTOPP Sound Matching

WIAT III Early Reading Skills

WJ III Sound Awareness

Phonetic Coding: Syn (PC:S)









NEPSY Phonological Proc.

WJ III Sound Blending

CELF Phonological Awareness

CTOPP Blending Nonwords

CTOPP Blending Words

KTEA Phonological Awareness

WIAT III Early Reading Skills

Speech/ Sound Discrim (US/U3)









WJ III Auditory Attention

Sound Localization (UL)









Resistance to Aud Stim Distortion (UR)









*Subtests that are in bold type are identified as strong measures of the narrow ability.

*References to WECH indicates that the subtest is found in all versions of the Wechsler tests

*Developed in part from Dawn Flanagan, Gail Cheramie, & Pasadena ISD

*Tests listed are abbreviated, however they are the most recent version available at the time the chart was revised(12/09)


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