Canadian History in the Twentieth Century

Assessment/Evaluation Techniques

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Assessment/Evaluation Techniques

  • formative assessment by peers on the accuracy and effectiveness of a political pamphlet

  • summative evaluation by the teacher of student speeches in the conference


  • Decrease the amount of reading by providing students with an abbreviated summary of events.

  • Use the Read, Stop, Write Strategy (students read a small section at a time, stop, orally explain the material, and demonstrate comprehension by writing a short note).

  • To help interpret the feelings generated by the headlines, have a series of pictures that illustrate the joy, frustration, and anger of people in response to the events.

  • Use visuals such as “CBC News In Review”.

  • Reduce the amount of content required in the pamphlet, and encourage the use of a computer to create the pamphlet.

  • Use peer editing.

  • Keeping in mind the possible sensitivity of the issue, have ESL students relate their own experiences of alienation that may exist in their former countries.

  • For ESL students prepare a short, simple timeline of events regarding French-English relations.


Approved classroom texts


“CBC News in Review.” October 1992, November 1995.

Library print resources

Canadiana Encyclopedia. CD-ROM.


Appendix 5.1.1 – Homeroom Class Scenario

Appendix 5.1.2 – Historical Headlines

Appendix 5.1.3 – Summary of Pastoral Letter of Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops

Appendix 5.1.4 – Arguments for and Against Charlottetown Accord

Appendix 5.1.5 – Peer Assessment Rubric for Pamphlets

Appendix 5.1.6 – Evaluation Rubric for Conference Speech

Appendix 5.1.1

Homeroom Class Scenario

Role card for eleven of the twelve students:

(All Members) You and the majority of your classmates have been together since the early years of elementary school. You were in the same homeroom in Grade 9 and have developed an identity that included winning the most points for a homeroom. You have achieved this distinction due to fundraising events and displaying school spirit through attendance at school events. You are looking forward to Grade 10 and hopefully you will still be in the same homeroom.

(Member A) In September you see that most of your Grade 9 homeroom is still together. You are also pleased to see that the class is only 20 students. You suggest that this class try to once again capture the top homeroom points for your grade. The rest of the class agrees and decides to plan for the years’ events at the next homeroom meeting in a weeks time.

(Members B and C) You and ten of your friends have just arrived in the school and you are all in the homeroom of Member A. You do not know many of the students in this room and you are a little uncomfortable because they have been together for so long. After a few weeks you feel more comfortable and decide you would like a say in the goals for this homeroom. You suggest that the homeroom not only work for homeroom points but should also try to get more equipment for the school such as computers and gym equipment.

(Member D) You like the idea of getting more equipment and suggest that the class cannot concentrate on both goals and should just concentrate on getting more equipment. You have the newer members of the class agreeing with your suggestion and you also see some of the original homeroom members nodding in agreement.

(Member E) You are one of the original homeroom members and you feel that these newcomers have changed the original goal of the class. After all, you feel it is up to the school and board to supply the equipment not a homeroom. You see school spirit as more important. You speak out strongly against the suggestion that the homeroom give up its goal of improving school spirit.

Appendix 5.1.2

Historical Headlines

Meech Lake Accord

-May 1/87-PM, Premiers Forge Deal to Bring Quebec into Constitution But Some Doubts Remain

-December 16/88-Quebec’s Sign Law Struck Down; “Quebec Too Trusting of Others”, ex-FLQ Terrorist

-November 9/89-Meech is Dead, Newfoundland Vows

-February 13/90-Time to Separate Leading Quebec Businessmen Say

-March 21/90-New Brunswick Premier, McKenna, Proposes New Deal on Meech; Quebec warnings Over Separatism “Reek of Blackmail”, Trudeau Says

-March 23/90-Mulroney’s Desperate Bid to Salvage Deal; PM’s Plan Useless, Manitoba Says

-April 6/90-Newfoundland Votes to Kill Meech Support

-May 9/90-Western Agreement Reported on Meech

-May 18/90-Bourassa Says No to Meech Proposal

-May 20/90-Bouchard Sparks Furor By Praising Separatists

-May 22/90-Bouchard Quits; Shaken Mulroney Pleads for Meech

-May 28/90-Wells Tells Mulroney Quebec Must Yield

-June 5/90-McKenna Bends on Meech, Filmon, Wells Won’t Budge

-June 6/90-Leaders Now Optimistic

-June 7/90-Premiers Hope For Deal as Talks Enter Day 5

-June 8/90-Bourassa’s Bombshell: Quebec Leader Won’t Discuss ‘Distinct Society’

-June 9/90-Deal in Sight to Save Meech: Wells, Filmon Give in to New Proposals

-June 10/90-Deal Signed to Save Meech

-June 11/90-Wells Issues Caution: Meech Still Not Passed

-June 15/90-Hope Slim for Meech as Native Stalls Vote

-June 16/90-Mulroney Appeals to Native Leaders

-June 17/90-Manitoba’s Chiefs Vow to Kill Meech

-June 23/90-Meech Dies As Wells Puts Off Vote

-June 26/90-160 000 Quebecers Chant “We Want a Country”

-June 27/90-Four Federal MP’s Quit Parties to Back Quebec Cause

Charlottetown Accord and Referendum

-April 2/92-Provinces Agree on Distinct Quebec

-July 8/92-Premiers Work Out Historic Unity Deal

-July 16/92-Sweeten Deal or No Talk, Quebec Says

-July 30/92-Satisfied Bourassa to Attend Meeting on Unity

-August 6/92-Unity Accord Faces Collapse, Clark Warns

-August 8/92-Mulroney Only Speaking for Quebec, Alberta Premier, Getty, Says

-August 22/92-Bourassa Rebuffed in Bid for New Powers

-August 23/92-PM Hails Unity Deal

-August 29/92-PM, Premiers Plan Blitz to Sell Constitution Deal

-October 2/92-No, Says Trudeau

-October 27/92-It’s No: Deal Narrowly Approved in Ontario, Rejected in Quebec, Five Other Provinces

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