Career Path at Saudi Aramco Company

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Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University

Professional Development and Competencies
Ahlam Abdulrahman Alharbi
My Career Path at Aramco
Spring 2012/ 2013



Introduction 1

Background of Aramco 2

Opportunities at Aramco 3

Challenges and Demands at Aramco 4

Career Path at Aramco 5

Conclusion 6


Computer science is the major that understand the computer and care about the design of it. Computer Sciences has a world wide range of disciplines and will mention four of them such as, Systems programmer, Software engineer, Database analyst, and Systems consultant .I choose Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) to live the experience and understanding of my career path in the future. In this report I will take about the background of this company, opportunities that available, challenges and demands I may meet and finally, the career path that I will go through it, if I joined it.

Background of Aramco

Saudi Aramco is the state owned oil company of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is the Saudi Arabian oil company. Saudi Aramco begins from May 29 1933 when there had been some agreements between Saudi Arabia and Standard Oil Company of California with making subsidiary company and certain business which helped to extract the oil, until January 31 1940 they changed their name to the Arabian American Oil Company (Aramco) to more exactly reflect the Kingdom's newfound importance between oil-producing nations. The main products of this company are the petroleum and chemicals and a world leader in exploration, production, refining, distribution, shipping and marketing. Saudi Aramco has the crude and condensate reserves of 259.7 billion barrels. Aramco has more than 56,066 employs from 77 countries. The headquarters of Aramco is in Dhahran in the Kingdom’s Eastern Province.

Opportunities at Aramco

Saudi Aramco proposes many benefits opportunities to the employs and the people who want to work with them. They offer many opportunities careers, world-class training, development and scholarship programs. Their plan for retirement and the plan produce a total lifetime income at retirement age from a combination of Social Insurance and contributions to the plan. Also Saudi Aramco exhibit many opportunities such as get in the saving habit, buy or build your own home, get medical coverage and dental care, get support if you suffer an injury, social Insurance.

In contrast of benefits, they also offer a lot of good compensation. They offer a housing allowance to qualified employees instead of providing company housing. Also, offer thirteenth month pay and Fourteenth month pay, and single/married employee's allowance. Saudi Aramco specified location allowance and overtime/shift premium.

They help their employees develop professionally through a variety of programs.

Challenges and Demands at Aramco

There are several challenges and demands that may face any employee during his career path. Self-development and continues learning because Aramco is always cope with the technology. Profession, Innovations and job improvement are major things during the career. Unexpected problems are to be challenged and expected to be Resolved fast and professionally.

Career Path at Aramco

Computer science is a system that contains the understanding and design of computers and calculation processes. Computer science has a variety of subjects. These include some of them which are Systems programmer, Software engineer, Database analyst, Systems consultant; they are my positions at this company.

  • Systems programmer such as device drivers and utilities is the designs and writes programs that interface with a computer's low-level operating system. The skills that this position needs are resourcefulness, meticulousness, logical thinking, good analytical skills and problem solving skills. This position might take 3-4 years to pass it.

  • Software engineer applies values of computer science to solve practical problems. And it is the designs and writes complex computer programs as part of a software development team. The skills that software engineers needs are team working skills, numerical and analytical skills, ability to work to another’s design, commercial awareness, good communication skills and a thorough approach. Software engineer do not need experience. This position might take 1-2 years to pass it.

  • Database analyst adapts programs to changing business needs. So database analyst is designs and produces programs used to collect, maintain, and analyze data needed by business, government, or other organizations. These are the skills which are Database analyst need, Database Performance Tuning, Database Management, Requirements Analysis, Software Development Fundamentals, Problem Solving, Documentation Skills, Verbal Communication, Data Maintenance, Database Security, Promoting Process Improvement, and System Administration. This position might take 5-6 years to pass it.

  • Systems consultant, Works under agreement to install or organize hardware or software, write or adapt programs, or otherwise help solve information processing problems for an organization. The skills for system consultants must have good interpersonal skills and the ability to perform tasks with slight administration. Also must have effective communication skills. This position accepts a bachelor's degree in computer science is required for a system consultant role, but the experience is more important. This position might take 2-3 years to pass it.


In conclusion, during my research I have the full knowing about my major. Also, I have a chance to search more about Aramco and I relived my future. I mention the background of Aramco and the opportunities that they provide. Also the challenges that may I faced during the work. Four positions I talked about them and mention the certificates that they needed skills, training and the number of years that must each position take.


  1. Saudi Aramco web site

  2. Resource Person – Abdulrahman Al-Harbi (my dad) he is retired from Aramco

  3. Resource Person – Ali Al-Harbi (my uncial) - contact number: 0503898988 – Communication department

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Assessment Rubric for Individual Written report



Contains thesis statement, states why assignment is important, a reference to justify assignment, major, outlines the body topics.

10 %

Background of Company

History of the company, location, its founding year, its main products, its markets, number of employees.

10 %


Opportunities you will have available to you when you join the company such as further training, accommodation, promotions, working overseas, and salary increases.

10 %

Challenges and Demands

Challenges and demands that you may encounter in the workplace during a career at the company such as extra study, learning new skills, and shift work.

10 %

Career Path

Four job positions in you may pass through on a career path at the company. For each job position give the name of the position, special certificates needed, particular skills or training you will need, and the number of years you should work in the position before you can advance up to the next position. Explain any tables you use and their contents.

30 %


Restate the thesis statement, include a summary of the key points from the body paragraphs, and say how these key points answer the assignment

10 %


Punctuation and spelling and capitalization are correct, words are well chosen, writer uses own words, use of headings, topic sentences, full sentences, no bullet points, follows guidelines

10 %


Contains at least 3 relevant references, references in text of report, correct referencing rules

10 %


100 %

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Total: ___________________________________

Professional Development and Competencies 2012

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