Chapter 3 Quality Assurance Test

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Chapter 3 Quality Assurance Test

  1. The first commercially successful video computer system that used interchangeable cartridges was the_____

    1. Atari 2600

    2. Sega Genesis

    3. Nintendo Entertainment System

    4. Game Boy

  2. Which generation saw the introduction of 128-bit processors and DVD-ROM technology?

    1. Gen 4

    2. Gen 5

    3. Gen 6

    4. Gen 7

  3. What type of controller allows the player to swing the controller like a baseball bat when playing a baseball game?

    1. Proprietary

    2. Motion-based

    3. Joystick

    4. Emulation

  4. Which company lost money on their system for several years until they could successfully compete in the video game system market?

    1. Sony

    2. Nintendo

    3. Sega

    4. Microsoft

  5. A game designed to play only on a single manufacturer’s game console is known as a(n) ________ game.

    1. LAN party

    2. Emulation

    3. Proprietary

    4. Third-party

Extra Credit: Name the game series that only plays on Microsoft equipment.

  1. Name and explain three different ESRB content descriptors. (Worth one point each)

  2. There have been trends and advancements in the past 50 years of video game design, including graphics, displays, user interface, gameplay, story development, trends in popular games, and technological advancements. Describe three features that you believe would likely be new or improved features in the next generation of video games and systems. (Worth 2 points each)

  3. Young children are still able to play violent video games that the regulators have marked as unacceptable for young children. What steps would you take to keep these games out of their hands? (Worth 2 points)

  1. You participated in your first “design team” group work project. Write a summary of your role and each of your team members’ roles. (Worth 4 points total)

    1. My role:

    2. Name: Role:

    3. Name: Role:

    4. Name: Role:

  2. What was a good team dynamic that occurred during the project? (Worth 2 points)

  1. What would you change that would make your team and/or project better? (Worth 2 points)

QA test continues on the next page.

Complete a chronological tree for the following gaming systems. Use the tree below, and type the system name on the proper branch. The first one has been done for you.

    1. Atari 2600

    2. Wii

    3. Sega Genesis

    4. NES

    5. Game Boy

    6. Sony Play Station

    7. Arcade games

    8. Xbox

Arcade Games



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